The Awkward Photo John Kerry Doesn't Want You to See

An awkward photo is going viral showing Kerry and his wife having a cozy dinner with the Assads in 2009.

The 9 Most Racist Miley Cyrus Moments

Miley Cyrus' VMAs performance was blatantly offensive and racist, but judging from what she's been saying in the past few months, we should have all seen it coming.

Syria Facts: 11 Things to Know About the Country We're Going to Bomb

It's becoming increasingly clear that the United States is going to engage in military action against Syria. But how much do you know about the country and its brutal rulers?

Each Dot On This Map Shows Something Very Wrong With America

This interactive demographics map based on 2010 Census data may not be shocking at first glance. Look closer.

The Verdict On Syria Has Already Been Decided — We're Going to War

A number of reports indicate that the Obama administration is close to launching some form of military operation against Syria.

'Game of Thrones' Season 4: An Inside Look At the European Paradise That Looks Like King's Landing

Filming for Season Four of HBO's hit series 'Game of Thrones' just began in these cities in Croatia.

The Hardest Thing About Being Beautiful in Asia

The features that women in the east change through plastic surgery are considered beautiful and exotic in the west.

This Fake Taxi is Just One Of the Many Tools the NYPD Uses to Spy On You

The NYPD uses this sophisticated surveillance toolset disguised as a taxi cab to illegally spy on New York's Muslims. But it's just the tip of the iceberg.

The Horrifying Reality Of What's Happening to Canada's First Nation Tribes

Women, teens, and children of the First Nation tribe in Canada are being sold into slavery on U.S. ships in some cases, for barely more than a place to live or alcohol.

Asma al-Assad: Meet the Woman Behind Syria's Brutal Dictator

Who is Asma al-Assad? Is she complicit in her husband's crimes, or is she just another one of his victims?

The Genocide Happening Right Now That Nobody Is Talking About

As violence in Myanmar creeps closer to the capitol, the genocide taboo creeps closer to the consciousness of the west.

4 Stories the Mainstream Media Passed Over For Miley Cyrus

Here are a few worthy stories from the last couple weeks that remain missing amid all the coverage of Miley Cyrus.

Laura Ingraham Cuts Off Civil Rights Leader Celebrating MLK With Gunshot

No stranger to controversy, radio talk show host Laura Ingraham just pushed the envelope too far.

A Brief History Of Teenage Drinking in Hollywood Movies

Underage drinking is a bigger problem than ever, but you wouldn't know that from looking at today's movies and TV shows.

George Zimmerman's Victory Tour Needs to End. Now.

George Zimmerman is asking the state of Florida to pay for his legal fees and getting photographed at gun factories. His victory lap needs to end before his name becomes synonymous with murder.

New Gold iPhone 5S Is Proof Apple Has Finally Run Out Of Ideas

With the Droid platform gaining ground and Google branching out into exciting new territory, Apple is spinning its wheels with minor changes to its model. An additional color isn't innovation.

4 Books That Every Young Writer Should Read

In these four books, incredible authors give their advice and share their knowledge on the writer's life.

The One Chart That Shows Just How Much It Costs to Raise a Kid

A recent government study indicates the cost of child-rearing is skyrocketing. But do these rising expenditures indicate comprehensive in our children?

Fast Food Workers Deserve a Living Wage, So Let's Give It to Them

Some people think asking for $15 an hour is too much for fast food employees. But let's see them try to live off of that salary.

'Very Recent History' Review: A Time Capsule Of Gay Culture in 2009

Choire Sicha (of Gawker and The Awl) looks back at gay life in 2009 from a very distant future. You will not finish this book unmoved.

Bobby Jindal is Right — On This One Issue, At Least

Before liberals take out their pitchforks and blast the Louisiana governor's recent op-ed on "hyphenated Americans," it might do us some good to consider the ways he may be right

Egypt's Experts Propose a Constitution — and It's Not a Good Start

The interim government selected 10 constitutional experts to draft proposed changes to Egypt's constitution. The committee, however, failed to provide any positive proposals.

468 Easy Steps To Becoming a Full-Fledged Grown Up

Is it OK to charge $2 at CVS? How about wearing jeans that you already threw in the hamper? I chatted with Kelly Williams Brown about her new book that answers all of these grown up questions.

Dr. King’s Lessons Inspire A Bahraini Activist

Dr. King’s dream resonates beyond the U.S. with countless activists around the world, human rights defenders who deserve America’s vocal support and action.

This Tiny Island Just Became a Police State

New Zealand expanded the state's domestic surveillance powers, yet it is the third most peaceful country in the world. What if these powers were being used to combat domestic issues?

These Anonymous Facebook Messages From Pakistan Will Fill You With Hope

"You're not a mistake of nature, you have the same rights as others and no one has the right to judge you."

Next Microsoft CEO: 5 People Who Can Replace Steve Ballmer and Make Microsoft a Tech Giant Again

CEO Steve Ballmer will retire in a year. Now, the tech world awaits white smoke from Microsoft.

Armed Guards is the Worst Possible Solution to Ending School Shootings

The principal of a threatened school is considering placing armed officers at his school, but this is a poor use of police resources and may actually frighten students.

What's a Guy Gotta Do to Get Health Care? Rob a Bank? Well, Yes

Tim Alsip's robbery of a Clackamas, Oregon Bank of America is an unfortunate indictment of the healthcare system and legislation in America.

Most People Missed the Point Of Steven Pinker's New Republic Essay

Pinker's recent essay may have agitated just about everyone, but it deserves more then a gut response.

James Turrell's Guggenheim Exhibit Makes Frank Lloyd Wright Irrelevant

James Turrell's 'Aten Reign' doesn't just recast Frank Lloyd Wright's classic architecture — it ignores it.

6 Pundits On How to Use PolicyMic Overseas

Want feedback on using PolicyMic to get ahead? Join us on Twitter every Wednesday at noon (#TalkPM) for a community discussion.

5 Next Generation Video Games That Will Change the Way We Play

Some of the best innovations in the next generation of video games won't be from the consoles themselves, but from the new games that come with them.

How Health Insurance Costs Can Make Women Broke

While some may think having women pay more for more health care is fair, creating equal premiums between men and women does more for everyone than you may think.

Meet the Republican Who Helped Launch Al Jazeera America

As the foreign news station made its debut in the U.S. with criticism from the right, there are also those on the right who worked hard to make the debut a reality.

Unemployment is Lower Than It's Been in Years — Here's Why That Might Not Be a Good Thing

The unemployment rate is one way to look at the health of the economy, but it's not the only one. Here's why a low unemployment rate can be deceptive.

Why Sexually Harassed Interns Can't Fight Back

Often unpaid and unprotected, interns don't even have the law on their side.

Robert Bales' Story is a Microcosm Of the Afghan War

Robert Bales was sentenced to life in prison without parole for murdering 16 Afghan civilians in cold blood. But this is one among many other incidents that have made locals hate foreign troops.

Facebook Just Acknowledged How Much the Government Spies On Users

Taking a rare political tone, Facebook has entered the debate about privacy and security by releasing some telling new information about the extent to which it receives government requests.

Data Shows That Americans Overwhelmingly Trust Teachers

A recent Gallup poll indicates that perceptions of teachers are improving, but many believe that there are still lots of institutional changes to be made.

Artist to Watch: Michael Bernard Fitzgerald's Debut Is Refreshingly Unaffected

'Yes," the new album from Canadian artist Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, is catchy, upbeat, and worth a listen.