Media Tells Us That Syria Used Chemical Weapons, But Look What the UN Says

It looks like Western media and governments don't need UN investigation to blame Assad in the use of chemical weapons, but have a look at an alternative point of view.

Meet the Judge Who Just Gave a 30-Day Sentence to a Teacher Who Repeatedly Raped His 14-Year-Old Student

The rape victim, who later committed suicide, was targeted by her teacher while she was still a freshman. Since Cherice Morales cannot speak for herself, who will speak for her?

Smile Surgery Is the Cure For Bitchy Resting Face

This new procedure will give you a permanent "smiling impression." As with all plastic surgeries, internal happiness not guaranteed.

Joe Biden Wanted Bush Impeached For the Very Thing Obama is About to Do

Obama and Biden threatened to impeach Bush if he took action on Iran without congressional approval. Now they're hypocritically about to launch their second war without congressional approval.

Medical Weed Is Just the First Step, Are You Ready For THC Patches?

You won't believe the latest technologies in the medical marijuana industry.

50 Incredible Facts — and Photos — From the March On Washington

A photo essay commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

6 Insidious Ways Social Media Can Be Used to Silence Women

Being a female writer in an online space is an exhausting battleground.

Obama Has Turned MLK's Dream Into a Nightmare

There are two critical elements of freedom: civil liberties and economic independence. While King led the fight for the former 50 years ago, Obama is miserably failing to lead either fight today.

20 Of the Oxford Dictionaries Online's Weirdest New Words

Today, "derp" is in the dictionary. It may seem like a joke, but in reality, our language is beginning to evolve just as fast as our tech, business and industry.

Florence Welch and the 7 Most Memorable Female Voices Of the Past 10 Years

Here's a rundown of the most memorable female voices of the last decade, in celebration of Florence + the Machine frontwoman Florence Welch's 27th birthday.

The Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Buy Windows Blue

Microsoft's newest operating system attempts to push users away from Apple and Google towards Windows multi-platform products - and it just might succeed.

Why Are Straight Women the Icons For Gay Men?

Though they may be strong allies, straight female celebrities can't truly represent the gay male community, or gay sexuality. It's time for a king of the gays.

The One Video That Shows Why We Need To Care About What's About To Happen in Syria

Try not cry watching this emotional video captured in Syria showing a father's reunion with his son after a massive chemical attack.

Striking Fast Food Workers Don't Deserve Any More, or Less

Fast food workers' calls to raise the minimum wage are shortsighted, and will ultimately harm low-wage workers more than help them.

Why TV Is Better Naked

Groundbreaking content is not afraid to offend. So if you want a simple way to gauge compelling content, look to the shows that are taking some clothes off.

4 Huge Risks Involved in Going to War With Syria

As the drumbeats for war get louder, we must consider the impacts which military action will have on all of us.

Millennials Have Been At War For Their Entire Adult Lives — When is Enough Enough?

America has been at war far too long. Going to war yet again in Syria won't solve the Syria problem.

Would You Bang This Robot?

What makes Roxxxy notable is that the real goal is to provide robotic companionship. "The life experience with a partner goes beyond" sex, says its creator.

Teach For America: Let's Stop Encouraging Teachers to Leave After Two Years, Maybe?

Charter schools and programs like Teach For America that promote short teaching careers have a classic case of "the cure is worse than the disease."

What Goethe Can Teach You About Managing Your Money

The famous German writer's advice about earning and saving is shockingly relevant today.

The Scary Way War With Syria Might Turn Into Iraq 2.0

A letter from far-right conservatives urging Obama to intervene in Syria is a sign that neoconservative agendas for the Middle East did not end with the Bush administration.

MLK Jr.'s I Have A Dream Speech, YouTube Video and Full Text From 1963

In 1963, at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered one of the most iconic speeches of the Civil Rights Movement. Where are we today?

U.S. Bombing Syria: A Decision That Defies Logic

Military action with Syria is the worst idea we've had since Iraq.

Jordan Elections 2013: The Middle Eastern Election No One's Talking About

Why Tuesday's municipal elections in Jordan are the most important testing ground for the recent events shaping the region.

Utah Pays $30k to Nab 12 Welfare Applicants For Drug Use

Many states are trying to save money on welfare by testing its users for drugs. Is it an efficient way to save money? Would there be other places where money could be saved instead?

March On Washington 2013: The Fight Continues Online For One Group

While hundreds of advocacy groups relived Dr. Martin Luther King's march this week, one group introduced the movement to the 21st century with a Virtual March on Washington.

If Millennials Dislike Politics So Much, Will They Actually Be Able to Change Anything?

New data suggests growing political pessimism among millenials is turning young Americans away from careers in public service. But this may perpetuate the problem of failed policy in Washington.

MLK March: How Millennials Can Honor MLK, By Being Enemies of the State

50 years later, the U.S. remains a violent nation with an entrenched political class. Millennials can build on MLK's dream and the March on Washington, to create a new, better America.

The Egypt Riots Look Bad — But They've Got More Support Than You Think

As Muslim Brotherhood supporters voice their outrage over the recent massacre, a widespread portion of Egyptians support the military crackdown, deepening the polarization of society.

50 Years Later After MLK's 'Dream,' Equality Remains Elusive

PolicyMic's Erin Robertson interviewed several attendees of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington about America's progress since MLK Jr. delivered his iconic "I Have a Dream" speech.

Should We Attack Syria? Britain Debates Question in Parliament, While Obama Avoids U.S. Congress

Legally British PM David Cameron has even more leeway than President Obama to intervene in Syria without approval from the legislature, but he cannot risk losing parliamentary support.

NSA Spying: How Cellphones Could Become Our Worst Enemies

The Obama administration has issued a petition to the Supreme Court that the Fourth Amendment sanctions cellphone inspections without a warrant. Will this hinder crime or cause disaster?

Baby Names Are Still Black and White

What's in a name? A lot of assumptions about race, and proof that we're not living in a post-racial world.

Kerry Assad Photo: 4 Other Dictators the U.S. Used to Support

A photo of John Kerry dining with the Assads in 2009 has gone viral. Here are 4 other U.S. relationships with former dictators that took a downward turn.

BGM-109 Tomahawk: Meet the Missile That is About to Spearhead Our War With Syria

The United States military has NAVY Seals, main battle tanks, state-of-the-art fighters, and heck, even lasers and microwave beams. But none of these will be leading the charge into Syria.

Goethe’s Writing Made People Kill Themselves. Literally.

We are wishing Goethe a very happy birthday by looking at his life, from his suicide-inspiring prose, to his disastrous romances.

Facebook is Willingly in Bed With the NSA

Facebook's revelation of information concerning compliance with government requests for user data should not convince users that the social networking giant will protect privacy.

The Journalism Revolution Will Be Blogged, By Men

Independent bloggers have become journalism's brightest stars, but there few women among their ranks. Why are these female bloggers reluctant to talk about journalism's new gender divide?

Civil Rights March: The One Part Of It That No One Remembers

Fifty years after the 1963 March on Washington, we still have not accomplished half of the goals of the original march.

Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Sabotaged By IDF Raid

A raid at the Qalandia refugee camp that resulted in the death of three Palestinians demonstrates Israel's lack of commitment to peace talks.

The Way This South Carolina Cafe Treated Its Black Customers Will Shock You

Wild Wings Cafe in Charleston reportedly turned away a party of 25 black people after they had waited two hours. The reason? Another white customer felt "threatened" by their presence.

10 Things You Didn't Know About the March On Washington

Did you know that Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a Dream" speech didn't originally include the line "I have a dream"?

Syria Intervention: Candidate Obama Wouldn't Have Skipped Congress, But President Obama Will

Does the president have the constitutional authority to launch a strike on Syria without consulting Congress?

Franz Ferdinand Right Album Review: These Jangly Tracks Will Win You Back

Franz Ferdinand's bubbly new album, 'Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action,' is their first in four years.

Geronimo Hotshots Battle Yosemite Rim Fire While Their Reservation Battles Poverty

The Geronimo Hotshots, an elite Native American wildfire fighting team, is currently on the front lines of Yosemite's Rim fire, while reservation conditions remain deplorable.

Obama's Higher Education Plan Looks A Lot Like No Child Left Behind

Do we really need to bring failed K-12 band-aid fixes to college?

NYPD Designates All Mosques As Terrorist Sites: Further Proof It Discriminates

Recent revelations of the NYPD's systemic Islamophobia expose deeper societal problems.

Why Every Millennial Needs to Read John Locke

There is room for both conservative and liberal interpretations of Locke's famous political ideas.

Nidal Hasan Trial: Death Penalty Verdict For Fort Hood Shooter

A military jury has sentenced Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan to death on Wednesday.

This Could Be Jeff Bezos' Greatest Legacy At the Washington Post

Bezos is a libertarian, and despite its reputation from the Nixon years, the Post has now become an apologist for state power in all its forms. Could Bezos bring back the old paper?

Syrian Electronic Army: Why its Hacking Should Make Us More Worried Than Ever

The Syrian Electronic Army's attacks the New York Times raises significant questions and concerns: What is the reason behind these cyber assaults? What, if anything, do they accomplish?

What is Tommy John Surgery? The Story Behind the Revolutionary Procedure

The Mets' Matt Harvey has a partially torn UCL and may need Tommy John surgery. What exactly is this procedure and what's the story behind it?

MLK Jr.'s Vision Still Not Achieved

The Federal Government was at the root of MLK's March on Washington. 50 years after the day, just how far do we still need to go to get equal representation in government?

Kenneth Bae: Can the U.S. Save this Missionary Trapped in North Korea?

The impending negotiations for the release of Kenneth Bae from a North Korean prison camp will prove to be a litmus test for U.S.-North Korean relations.

5 Amazing Goethe Works That Aren't 'Faust'

If you liked 'Faust,' you'll definitely appreciate these five other works by the prolific German author, whose birthday is today.

March in Washington: These Are the Hidden Threats To Our Freedom in 2013

Affording people the right to choose the way they express themselves, free from judgement or dismissal, is a crucial step towards achieving social equality.

Does This New Study Explain Why Politicians Don't Listen?

New scientific findings show that the wealthy tend to be narcissistic and self-centered. Does this explain why politicians and constituents fail to see eye-to-eye?

Don't Forget the Women Who Marched On Washington

They were pushed to the margins of history then. Let's not leave them there today.