News Search Data Shows Us Just Who Likes What in Each Of the 50 States

A recent report reveals porn viewing habits across the U.S. are very, erm, different.

Bastille Frontman Dan Smith on Success, Wild Hair, and Meeting David Lynch

Meet Dan Smith, the creative force behind the chart-topping UK band Bastille.

Syria Facts: The Complete Guide to All the Global Players Involved in the Syrian Conflict

This is not just a battle among Syrians. This is a battle between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Iran and the U.S., Turkey and Iran, and Russia and the U.S. with each player pursuing different interests.

Porn and Football Share a Dangerous Obsession

The bodily risks taken by both athletes and porn actors are the consequence of viewers’ demands for entertainment in the form of bigger hits, harder tackles, and raunchier sex scenes.

Marijuana Legalization: Obama Gives Green Light to Green Leaves

Obama's Department of Justice is officially going to leave states that have legalized recreational marijuana alone. Congratulations, Colorado and Washington: it's time to toke up.

All 5 First Amendment Freedoms Are Threatened On Your Campus — Here's How

The First Amendment enumerates freedoms Americans enjoy in five specific areas, including freedom of religion and freedom of speech. All of them face challenges on today's college campuses.

If You Knew This Unbelievable Fact About McDonald's CEO, You Would Go On Strike Too

Wondering why the fast-food strike today matters? A quick look at the numbers is enough to show you just how bad the situation actually is.

Passion Movie Proves Hollywood Still Thinks Strong Women Are the Bad Guys

This summer's latest release, 'Passion,' starring Rachel McAdams, proves that Hollywood is still deeply afraid of strong female characters.

Syria Should Not Be Like Another Iraq — America, Please Don't Bomb This Country

After officials announced their intent to attack Syria, it's only left a bad taste in the mouth for those remembering the Iraq War.

Chemical Weapons Attack: Inside America's Dirty Secret

New details about Syria force us to confront our own history with chemical weapons as the international community grapples with the dire situation in Syria.

5 Things to Put On Your Senior Year Bucket List

Here's how to take the stress out of your last year of college, and make the most of it.

The Fox News Clip That Will Outrage Anyone Who Thinks Transphobia Is Wrong

Just when you thought Fox News could not get any worse, they went the extra mile to be as offensive as possible to anyone who is transgender, including Chelsea Manning.

George Zimmerman's White Privilege

Although he is half-Hispanic, the audacity of his request to have his defense fees covered reveals the extent of his white privilege.

11 Devastating Photos Of the Yosemite Rim Fire

The Yosemite Rim fire is one of the terrible disasters striking the U.S. with increasing frequency. Here are 11 intense photos that demonstrate what's really going on in the West.

What the French Could Learn From These 2,000 Swedish Women

Swedish women of various faiths posted photos of themselves wearing headscarves in solidarity with a Muslim woman who was attacked for wearing a hijab. The French could learn something from them.

Scientists Grow Human Brain in a Lab — and There Are Terrifying Implications

Scientists have managed to grow, well, more or less a human brain in a jar. This is a massive breakthrough, but there are equally massive ethical questions that come with such awesome power.

Why States Should Push Back On Gun Control

Missouri state representatives will soon try to override their governor's veto over a nullification bill about guns. Are they right to do it?

Inside the System: How We're Failing the Mentally Ill

The behind-the-scenes story of the Red House, one of the last surviving day treatment centers in Boston

4 Classic Movies With Incredible Remakes

The announcement of the 'Ben Hur' remake has critics rolling their eyes and declaring Hollywood bereft of creativity. But we forget that some remakes actually transcend their source material.

North Carolina Sharia Ban is Unconstitutional

A ban on Shari'ah law is an infringement on religious freedoms of American Muslims in the United States.

America Doesn't Care What the United Nations Has to Say About Syria

Nothing has changed in U.S./UN relations since the WMD inspections in the run-up to the Iraq War. The dismissal of a UN investigation in Syria

Revenge Porn Might Soon Be Illegal, But Should It Be?

New legislature in California could send revenge porn perpetrators to jail for up to a year. Is this a necessary step to prevent emotional harm or a hindrance to freedom of expression?

3 Damn Good Reasons the U.S. Shouldn't Attack Syria

A U.S. attack on Syria would be unlawful and impractical.

School Not Going So Great? These Liberian Students Can Sympathize

There may be no freshmen at the University of Liberia this academic year after all 25,000 students who took the university entrance examination failed the test.

Syria Strike: Will Hitting Assad Help Al-Qaeda?

It seems clear that the U.S. is going to attack the al-Assad regime and many are astutely asking how al-Qaeda will benefit. The larger and longer the operation, the more Al-Qaeda gains.

The One Thing Gov. Bobby Jindal Doesn't Get About Race in the U.S.

Let's take a closer look at the word "American" and consider the importance of cultural differences and traditions before we act on the governor's advice.

Why a Hospital Was Sued For Saving a Sick Amish Girl's Life

Sarah Hershenberger, a 10-year-old Amish girl with leukemia, became the centerpiece of a healthcare debate. Who should have the final say when treating a patient: the doctors or the family?

UN Climate Change Report: 5 Big Takeaways For Skeptics

The UN is set to release a report stating that human activity is almost certainly responsible for global warming. They're wrong — the problem may be even worse than they think.

Why the Syrian Electronic Army is Attacking the U.S.

Online hackers believed to be supporters of the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad are targeting U.S. outlets like the New York Times. What is behind these attacks, and how much do they matter?

Meet Erin Lahman: Foodie, Moped Junkie, & Pundit Of the Week

As part of a weekly column, one awesome pundit shares personal experiences with the PolicyMic community.

Fast Food Strike: Imagine A Day Without Low-Wage Workers

It would not be pretty.

These Bans on the Homeless Aren't Just Offensive, They Don't Work

A ban on the homeless in South Carolina isn't just morally reprehensible, it's impractical and pointless.

Syria Crisis: Why Obama's Cruise Missiles Won't Change Anything

The best option for the U.S. is to take no military action in Syria. Instead, it should make efforts to alleviate the suffering of people in the refugee camps.

Wisconsin is About to Change How It Deals with Religion — and It's About Time

When an individual’s right of religious liberty clashes with the state’s interest, is the individual still afforded his or her right of conscience?

Black Budget: The $52 Billion Security Budget You Know Nothing About

What's inside the government's classified $52.6 billion budget that spans over 12 agencies devoted to intelligence? We just found out for the first time.

March On Washington 2013: Why Didn't Any Republican Leaders Speak?

During Wednesday's events commemorating the half-century since the March on Washington and MLK's famous speech, no Republicans spoke. Why not?

Modern Day Slavery, Now Available At Your Local Hamptons 7-11

Undocumented immigrants working in 7-Eleven under poor working conditions in America.

7 Heartbreaking Scenes from Syria

As the figures of destruction become mind-numbing and Americans continue to debate the best response, it is important not to forget the human suffering at hand. These images depict just that.

Gun Control Will Be Moving Forward Under Obama Executive Orders

In response to Congress's stagnant progress, the Obama's administration has finally decided to take gun control matters into its own hands by having the president enact independent policy.

The Simple Reason Why Wendy Davis Shouldn't Run in Texas

Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis is considering making a run for governor in Texas, but she could make more of a difference if she stays put in the State Senate.

U.S. Bombing Syria: Will It End Up Putting Us On Al-Qaeda's Side?

How much should we worry that the U.S. is helping Islamist militants by bombing Syria's military?

Gas Prices: How War With Syria Will Slam You At the Pump

It looks like the U.S. and her allies are about to attack Syria. But they should think twice about the dire consequences of such an aggression.

March in Washington: Why Today's Protesters Are Doing It Wrong

Civil disobedience was central to Martin Luther King's success as a civil rights leader. Where has it gone?

Egypt Ambassador's Parting Letter Shows You Don't Mess With 'Murica

In a scathing letter to the editor, U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson accuses Egypt's Al Ahram newspaper of "outrageous, fictitious, & thoroughly unprofessional" journalism ahead of her Friday exit

Iran Wants Payback Against the CIA For the '53 Coup, But They're Not Gonna Get It

60 years after the Iranian coup that ousted Mossadegh, the CIA has released documents revealing their step by step control of the entire operation. Today, Iran is looking for legal payback.

Even Donald Rumsfeld Thinks Obama's Case For Syria Intervention is Weak

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld criticized the Obama administration's stance on Syria in an interview, and questioned whether it is in America's interests to intervene.

The Most Influential Black Thinkers History Has Forgotten

Albert Murray — an oft-overlooked but very powerful black writer and critc — passed away a little over a week ago. Here's a who's who of other important black thinkers you need to know.

This Kentucky Man Killed His Wife to End Her Pain — Should He Go to Jail?

If America seriously considered the virtues of euthanasia, Earnest Chumbley would not be faced with wasting away in jail for honoring his wife's wishes.

3 Types Of People Who Still Labor On Labor Day

While many of us enjoy our day off from work and school on Labor Day, there are those who do not. Ironically, the holiday was created mostly for those people. Who are they and why does it matter?

Would MLK Be Proud Of Us Today?

Dr. King, the one who cared about all truth and justice, would still find lots of work ahead.

Texting a Driver Just Became a Crime in New Jersey

Should senders of text messages be held responsible if the recipient causes an accident? New Jersey's appeals court seems to believe so.

Israel Should Not Worry About a Syria Attack

As the west ponders a strike against Syria, Israel is becoming increasingly concerned about a potential retaliation from the Assad regine.

Syria Conflict: Obama Must Deliver Plan to Congress Immediately

Congressmen John Boehner and Rand Paul demand strong leadership and a clear plan from Obama concerning the impending war with Syria.

David Cameron's Call For Military Action in Syria Rejected By Parliament

The Prime Minister's plans for intervention in Syria endure a dramatic defeat.

4 Ways Technology Transformed the March on Washington — But Not Necessarily for the Better

Even the most optimistic studies show that online activism efforts like petitions, "likes," and e-sharing require offline follow-up action to have real value.