25 Disney Characters Who Taught Us Life Lessons

There's more than just pretty princesses in Disney movies — there's wisdom for every walk of life.

15 Cartoon Characters You Didn't Know Were Voiced by Famous Actors

Because when an actor is truly an actor, the voice is all you need.

The Internet is Making Mormons Turn on Their Faith

The more some Mormons learn about the church's history, the less confident they feel in the church's moral authority. Church leaders, to their credit, are confronting these doubts head-on.

The World's Biggest Human-Rights Crisis? 150 Million Children Without Parents

An estimated 150,000,000 orphaned children around the world live day-to-day without any parental influence. This is arguably the worst human rights issue in our generation.

The McDonald's Wage War is a Question Of Human Rights

Unable to live on their hourly pay, fast-food workers around the country are picketing for an increase of the minimum wage. McDonald's, in particular, can afford to pay its workers more.

Gays in Russia Are Under Attack — Here's How You Can Help Them

Vladimir Putin is trying to erase gays from Russian society. Too often in history we see oppressed groups and are shocked by the inaction of others. Let’s not be those people who stand by.

Shea Allen's Blog Post is Stupidity, Not "Transparency"

A CBS reporter was fired after making a less-than-professional entry on her personal site.

3 Easy Ways Anyone Can Learn to Code

Technology isn't magic, and to remain technologically illiterate is irresponsible. If you suffer from technological illiteracy, here is how you can overcome that.

Could LeBron James Have Been a Star in the NFL?

LeBron's already assumed his role as the king of basketball, but could the all-star have made an impact in the NFL if he wanted?

Dear Celebrities: You Don't Need Our Money, So Get Off Kickstarter

Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites are meant to kickstart new careers, not meant as a last-ditch effort to restart existing ones.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why Obama Won't Come Out a Winner

No matter what happens with the Gang of Eight bill, President Obama won't get a significant victory.

Immigration Reform 2013: Dream 9 Put It All On the Line For Reform

Why it is important to stand in solidarity with the Dream 9 and other DREAMers who put themselves on the line for a cause that is much much bigger than themselves.

9 Things Palestinians Must Do to Gain Their Independence

It’s the PA’s turn to make some quite reasonable concessions. Without these nine simple agreements, an independent Palestinian should not be created.

This Couple Was Ordered to Ride in the Back Of a Bus For Holding Hands in Public

"Okay, if you’re going to do that, you’re going to the back of the bus."

McDonald's Pays Minimum Wage Because That's What Its Employees Are Worth

Nearly doubling the wages McDonald's pays might provide a living wage for people who work at McDonald's, but it would put far more people out of work.

7 Famous Books That Were Passed Over by Publishers

Imagine if the Harry Potter series did not make it past publishers. In honor of J.K. Rowling's birthday on Wednesday, we are paying homage to 7 other famous books that just barely made it.

Picasso Baby Video: Watch Jay Z's New Art Film

Jay-Z spent hours at New York City's Pace Gallery rapping for a video shoot. Watch the result.

'To Kill a Mockingbird''s Copyright Fight is An Important Lesson For All Writers

Harper Lee's slimy agent represents a new wave of publishing professionals.

Stop Banning "Offensive" Words — We're Starting to Run Out!

If we keep banning words, will we have enough left to allow for meaningful discourse?

The Cuckoo's Calling: Rowling Donates Her Royalties to Charity

Rather than relish in the success of her new novel, J.K Rowling has pledged to donate the global revenue to The Soldiers' Charity.

The GOP Backlash to Climate-Change Deniers Begins Now

The heads of the EPA under Reagan, Nixon, and both Bush administrations call for action on climate change, and they're not alone.

Tech N9nes's Rap About Sexual Assault Opens Door for Honesty

The underground MC confesses to being a victim of sexual assault, starting a constructive dialogue about a sensitive issue.

Time Warner Drops CBS: Another Bad Move For NYC's Most Hated Company

Facing differences at the negotiating table, Time Warner Cable has officially dropped CBS. It's an inconvenience to CBS and its viewers, but this decision will pose a greater harm to TWC overall.

'Only God Forgives' Needs To Be Forgiven

It was 30 minutes too long, the characters were one-dimensional, there was a lot of gore, and a lot of quiet, but if anything those are the things that made it great.

Who We Leave Out When We Talk About Domestic Violence

LGBT couples experience domestic abuse at a similar rate as heterosexual couples, so we can't forget about them when we talk about sexual violence.

BART Strike Will Be About — What Else? — Health Care Costs

Increasing health care costs continue to cause disturbances, the latest of which is another potential transit strike for commuters to deal with — the San Francisco Bay Area's second this summer.

This Bill Would Have Stopped the NSA, So Why Haven't You Heard Of It?

Rep. Rush Holt (D-N.J.) has offered America an answer to its surveillance state. So why have you never heard of it?

Want to Feel Insulted, Ladies? The "Hey Fattie" App is For You

Have you found all the traditional weight-loss methods unsuccessful? Try the new app, "Hey Fattie," and let these "hot" anime men insult you until you shed the pounds.

Women in Politics Just Can't Catch a Break — Even in Made-For-TV Movies

Underlying the debate over the four hour NBC mini-series on Hillary Clinton is a pesky media trend in politics — treating women differently, with greater focus on physical attributes.

Worried About Spying? It's Not Just the NSA Anymore

The FBI can now listen to your phone conversations.

U.S. Travel Alert: We're Never Going to Stop Droning Pakistan

John Kerry told Pakistani officials that America promised to stop drone strikes in their country "very, very soon." But he's lying. Go figure, Amurica.

U.S. Embassies Close, Proving the Government Has Learned From Benghazi

Provoked by a recent uptick in terrorist threats, the State Department has shut down U.S. embassies and stationed Marines in the Red Sea, precautions that were all too absent in Benghazi.

Climate Change is So Real, It’s Making Us Angry

Notice yourself having more bad moods than usual lately? According to the latest edition of Science magazine, global warming is causing humans to be more hostile.

Twitter Threats Force the Network to Get Real About Bullying

Twitter joins the ranks of social media venues that make cyberbullying easier. The site has been forced to react after a rise in threatening tweets.

Is the Music Industry Really a Sexist, Coke-Filled Dystopia?

We're quick to view the music industry in this dim, shady light. Are our perceptions mistaken or have we been right all along?