4 Huge Reasons Walmart's Still a Horrendous Company to Work For

WalMart is planning to extend its health care benefits to same-sex couples. While it is undoubtedly a good thing, let's not forget Walmart's unfortunate employment practices that do need work.

Where is Syria? Map of Syria Shows Where the U.S. Might Attack

This map of Syria shows the areas in the Middle Eastern state that the U.S. may attack, as Secretary of State John Kerry reaffirmed on Friday America's intention to strike.

Bashar al-Assad's Son Hafez Assad Just Wrote This Facebook Post, and It's Insane

This Facebook post allegedly written by the oldest child of Bashar al-Assad provides a glimpse into a mindset of Syria's ruling elite on the eve of possible Western strikes.

Shocking Footage From Syria Captures Innocent Children With Napalm-Like Burns

Syria's civil war just got a whole lot messier. A video shot by BBC reporters raises serious suspicions that napalm bombs are being dropped on innocent civilians.

5 Reasons War With Syria Would Be a Disaster

The Obama administration seems likely to embark upon a relatively fruitless campaign to punish Bashar al-Assad. It won't work, and here's why

Obama Officially Pins the Blame Of Chemical Weapons Attack On Assad

The U.S. has released it's proof that the Assad regime used chemical weapons against its own people. This is the clearest sign yet that the U.S. is preparing for war.

This is Why You Can't Wear White After Labor Day

What do a fashion no-no and the deadly Homestead strike have in common? The answer might surprise you.

This Surprising Chart Shows the World's New Hottest Tourism Spots

After years of developing their infrastructure and encouraging investment, emerging economies are the next biggest tourist destination.

The Argument to Increase Minimum Wage You Haven't Heard

Economists don't understand the labor market as well as they think. Studies show higher minimum wage leads to an increase in employment, not a decrease. Its time to rethink economics.

What Your Library Playlist Says About You

From the classical fiend, to the Motown groover, to the tearful hipster, a student's playlist says a lot about who they are.

200 Years After 'Frankenstein,' Science Fiction Is No Longer a Boys Club

From the success of authors like Suzanne Collins and Veronica Roth, to the proliferation of strong female roles in movies, women are becoming increasingly prominent in science fiction.

The Sexual Organ That Everyone Talks About, But No One Really Understands

"The clitoris is not a button, it's an iceberg."

New J.D. Salinger Novels: The Books American Teenagers Won't Read, But Should

Five new J.D. Salinger novels are allegedly being published in 2015. Exactly who will and who should be reading them?

In Syria, Facts Are Manipulated As We Get Lost in the Fog Of War

As international tensions over an intervention in Syria grows and WMDs enter the scene, we are entering a high stakes phase in the Mideast - the risk is a world war.

Gun Control Debate Misses a Key Fact: Hammers and Clubs Are the Real Threat

America has a long cultural history of violence with hammers. The only way to stop and keep our children safe is to ban sledgehammers and end the idolization of those who use them violently.

8 Things Every Teacher Does Before the First Day Of School

Whether or not we're ready to admit it, summer is coming to an end. Here's what keeping teachers busy before the start of the new school year.

Syria War: Why Cruise Missiles Won't End Assad's Regime

The United States is set for a cruise missile attack on Syria. Here's what it will look like and why it will not have the desired effects.

PolicyMic's Culture Round-Up: 5 Things We’re Looking Forward to in September

So long August. Hello to the most exciting arts and entertainment month of all: September.

Playboy Magazine: Not Even Double Ds Can Save It From a Triple C Credit Rating

Playboy's credit rating downgrade to a CCC+ highlights that the future of the iconic company may be at risk.

Marissa Mayer's Dirty Wal-Mart Connection

A lot has been said about Marissa Mayer... but not enough on her dealings as member of the board at Walmart. Read up on the controversial and complex Yahoo CEO.

This Taboo Topic Is Comedy's Final Frontier

Amy Schumer had a sketch thrown out because of its sensitive subject matter, raising the question of whether there's a right way to joke about suicide.

5 Horror Classics That Will Still Keep You Up At Night

Horror movies are good for a quick and easy scare, but you just can't beat the slow, building fear of a scary novel.

It's Time to Unplug Your Headphones

In today's cities, we ignore the noises around us and use headphones to cultivate our own sound worlds. But in doing so, we're missing out on something important.

3 Charts That Prove Prison Reform is the Most Important Economic Issue in America

Fifty years after the March on Washington for jobs and freedom, mass incarceration continues to stifle job opportunities for minorities.

Why 60% Of Americans Don't Support War With Syria and Bashar Al-Assad

Without a clearer explanation of American policy and strategy in Syria, 60% of Americans are right to doubt an American intervention in Syria

Rand Paul Doesn't Want U.S. Attacking Christians in Syria

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) speaks against U.S. intervention in Syria by saying he would not his sone or anyone else's to fight for a stalemate.

Turkey's Erdogan Cries On TV During Reading Of a Muslim Brotherhood Poem

The dramatic poem was writen by Mohamed Al-Beltag, one of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's leaders, for his deceased daughter.

Sex Offenders On Campus Are Being Found Guilty — So Where's the Punishment?

Although Yale has made much progress in adjudicating episodes of sexual violence since a federal investigation in 2011, the practice of these reforms still lags behind the policy.

Maybe Obama Should Read the Interview He Gave the Boston Globe in 2007

Obama's interpretation of the presidential right to authorize the use of force in a foreign country has become increasing broad over the past six years.

War With Syria: Latest News Suggests U.S. Will Strike

Secretary Kerry spoke from the White House on Thursday to confirm assertions that the Assad regime has used chemical weapons against Syrians, and reaffirmed America's commitment to respond.

Mad About Alex Rodriguez's Steroid Use? You're Probably a Hypocrite

Most fans who express anger towards steroid users for cheating in reality care only about those steroid users who directly affect the way they personally absorb sports.

Hillary Clinton is Talking About Race in America, Why Won't Anyone Else?

Discriminatory laws are a reality and more politicians are needed to stop it.

Syria News: U.S. Chemical Weapons Report Could Reveal That Bashar Al-Assad Is Seriously Screwed

Watch this space for live updates and analysis on Syria's war, and the possibility of US involvement.

The Ultimate Vegetarian Guide to American Barbecues

Here's how to survive the summer's most meat-filled weekend, and do so on a relatively full stomach.

Pesticides Are Lowering Your IQ and Giving You Neurological Disorders

Long term studies on the effects of pesticides on brain development have turned up troubling results and surprising populations to be concerned about.

Outrageous Fear Mongering Takes Hold Of D.C. As Debt Ceiling Deadline Approaches

D.C.'s threats about Social Security are meant to terrorize the weakest element of our society. The threat is comically stupid, but the fear that is created is quite real.

This Heartbreaking Video Shows How Far Syrians Have to Travel to Find Life-Saving Care

In a rare scene of humanity, Syrian patients are spilling over to receive care in Israeli hospitals. But the patients fear returning as tensions between the neighboring states mount.

IRS Gay Marriage Decision Makes Economic Sense, Too

Good news for LGBT taxpayers: the IRS now recognizes your rights to file jointly regardless of their marriage's orientation. This isn't just good for gay people, it's good for the economy, too.

Israel a "Key Target" in U.S. Spying Efforts

A new document leaked by The Washington Post reveals the U.S. considers Israel the country's biggest spy threat. Despite being closely allied, the countries share a history of espionage.

An Al Jazeera Journalist Was Arrested in Egypt While Everyone Was Watching Syria

Over two years have passed since President Hosni Mubarak was overthrown by his own people. The situation isn't getting any better.

Fast Food Strike: 9 Photos From Thursday's Day Of Action

Fast food workers are staging a nationwide strike demanding a $15 per hour wage and the right to form a union. Here are 8 photos from the industry's largest strike to date.

The IRS Gay Marriage Decision Suddenly Means Paying Taxes is Awesome

The announcement by the Treasury Department and IRS to treat gay couples the same under tax law is great news for equality and the economy.

The 5 People You Should Be Thanking On Labor Day

While we enjoy the sweet sounds of summer jams by the pool this Monday, let us remember those who made this day a reality.

France Has a New Plan to Get Rid of Sexism in Schools: Ignore It

The French Education Ministry has accused schools across the country of treating boys and girls differently. Their solution? Removing gender theory from schools.

Next Labor Day Our Economy Will Still Be in Serious Trouble

Where will the economy be next Labor Day? Hard to say, but America will still be in trouble. Not only will it take seven years to close the job gap, but inflation may finally rear its ugly head.

When Do We Hit the Debt Ceiling? Everyone's Favorite Guessing Game is Back

Yet again, a fiscal showdown on Capitol Hill threatens the economy and financial markets. This time it could be too late to avoid falling off the edge.

Peter King Thinks Obama Should Be Able To Do Whatever He Wants

Obama's decision to unilaterally authorize a millitary attack against Syria could set a frightening precedent for future presidents and the U.S. government.

Bob Filner Resignation: Why This is His Last Day in Politics

With Bob Filner's resignation as mayor of San Diego, a cursory overview of his tumultuous, scandal-ridden political tenure reveals his political demise was only a matter of time.

Rollback on Muslim Brotherhood Ban a Hopeful Sign Of Progress in Egypt

Egypt's interim Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi takes back policy discussions on banning the Muslim Brotherhood, saying that "dissolving the movement is not the solution."

NFL Settles in $765 Million Lawsuit So Everyone Will Forget About Concussions

The NFL made out like bandits in their settlement to 4,500 former players. Athletes lost big time.

Osama Bin Laden Doctor Set For Retrial in Pakistan

Dr. Shakeel Afridi, who helped the CIA locate bin Laden, is being given a retrial in Pakistan. However, the influence of the Pakistani security agencies means that there is little hope for him.