Hyon Song-Wol Sex Tape Execution Could Have Meant Many Things in Kim Jong-Un's Korea

Hyon Song-Wol was executed for participating in a sex tape. She was also a former lover of Kim Jong-Un, rumored to having an affair with him. Was this execution a means of saving Kim's image?

11 Awkward Photos That Prove What We All Knew About U.S. Foreign Policy

John McCain posing for a picture with a Syrian terrorist. Ronald Reagan meeting with Taliban leaders. Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein. Yeah, these are awkward.

Chris Christie Could Beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, But Will the GOP Let Him?

PolicyMic predicted that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie would be the GOP frontrunner for the 2016 presidential election and that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic favorite.

U.S. Debt Ceiling Clock Almost at Midnight, Here's One Proposal That Could Save Us

Interest burden is the cost that you paid for things that past voters wanted enough to have, but not enough to pay for. What is it costing you?

Syria 2013 Isn’t Iraq 2003, and Obama Isn’t Bush

Attempts to equate Obama's actions regarding Syria and Bush's war in Iraq are lazy snd just plain wrong.

Lemons For Loans: How to Pay Your Student Loans and Get a Car in One Easy Step

Think of it as Cash for Clunkers, Version 2.0. The plan tackles two problems at once — millennials low rates of car ownership, and high rate of student-loan debt.

Why Iran Won't Back Down If We Go to War With Syria and Assad

Given Iran's strategic and ideological priorities, it will not stand down if the U.S. decides to intervene in Syria.

Everything You Need to Know About Russia’s Anti-Gay “Propaganda” Laws

No matter how many news pieces you’ve read or seen on TV in the past week, there isn’t a simple way of assessing the new law.

Why USPS Outbox is Doomed

A new mail service has arrived to help you get rid of all the paper you don't need. It seems likely that Outbox will reach the same inglorious end as the American Letter Mail Company.

SEC Football Preview: An Inside Guide to the Greatest Football Conference in America

The nation's top conference — the SEC — goes for its eighth consecutive national championship. Here's everything you need to know about the 2013 season.

College Football Week 1 Schedule: Georgia vs. Clemson Will Set Tone For the 2013 Season

We're weeks away from the first BCS ranking, but the first week of college football is sure to have season-long implications.

"Not Anymore," a Documentary About Syria You Should Watch

To understand what is happening in Syria, we need to hear the stories of those who are suffering and also surviving . We must see their willingness to fight.

'I Declare War' Review: For These Children, War is No Game

Sundance favorite 'I Declare War' is coming to theaters today, and it may forever change the way that you think about war movies.

The Case of Kolton Houston Shows Everything That's Wrong With the NCAA

University of Georgia's Kolton Houston sat out for years because of an honest mistake, but Texas A&M Johnny Manziel was given a half game suspension, raising questions about NCAA enforcement.

Who's to Blame For the Surveillance State? Here's the Hard Truth

The recent revelations of the NSA's activities show that Americans must demand a revolution in citizen privacy and government transparency.

Vancouver's "Disappearing Palestine" Ads Are Protected Freedom Of Speech

Vancouver's transit system's decision to run an ad campaign titled "Disappearing Palestine" as freedom of speech was the right decision.

Violent Colombia Protests Overshadowed By Pending U.S. Action Against Syria

Violent farmers' protests are rocking Colombia. But with the world's eyes turned elsewhere, President Manuel Dos Santos may be left on his own.

The Two Maps That Show How Badly American Health Care is Trailing The Rest of The World

Two maps published by Huffington Post, based on data interpreted by Bloomberg, suggest that the United States health care system is among the least efficient of developed countries.

Cory Booker Gay is the Title Of Steve Lonegan's New Playbook

While Steve Lonegan has decided to attack Cory Booker's sexuality to support his own flondering election bid, Lonegan's comments are not likely to help him win the Senate seat.

4 Quirky Bookstores Every Book Lover Must Visit Before They Die

Explore these elegant, thoughtful spaces before dishing out your next twenty to see yet another arrangement of Kandinsky paintings at the Guggenheim.

40% Of Highest-Paid CEOs Suck at Their Jobs, But You Already Knew That

A new study by the Institute for Policy Studies confirms a rising suspicion that the nation's biggest CEOs don't just take home too much pay – they also run their companies into the ground.

The One Thing Even the Smartest Man In the World Can't Get Enough Of

Stephen Hawking is in the process of making an eponymous documentary, which makes us wonder: are noble pursuits really just part of our need for fame and recognition?

Latest News Syria: UN Chemical Inspection Team Departure Opens Door For U.S. Strike

Watch this space for live updates and analysis on Syria's war, and the possibility of US involvement.