Jimmy Fallon and The Roots's "Blurred Lines" Cover Still Sucks

Robin Thicke's smash single got remixed for late-night. It still sounds pretty bad.

EA Sports Can't Use College Athletes in Video Games Without Paying Them Anymore

A federal court ruled it unlawful to use the likeness of college athletes in video games without compensation, leaving the future of gaming cloudy.

Iran's Nuclear Weapons Don't Exist, No Matter What Benjamin Netanyahu Says

Israeli leaders are again hysterically telling us that Iran is on the brink of wiping Israel off the planet. The only problem? The nukes don't exist.

What It's Like to Attend Ansan Valley Rock Festival As An American in Korea

The Ansan Valley Rock Festival lumped me in, for one weekend, as the Korea in "Thank you Korea."

Miley Cyrus Isn't a Good Role Model For Your Kids, Nor Should She Have to Be

Why do we expect people who work to entertain us to model perfect behavior for our youth?

Armpits4August is No-Shave November For Feminists

Armpits4August is a global charity event in which participants grow armpit hair for charity, while encouraging discussion on beauty archetypes, body image issues, and questioning what is natural.

Zimbabwe Election Results Are a Fraud, So What Comes Next?

A treasure trove of leaked intelligence documents laid bare the shocking extent to which Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF party rigged the elections.

Stop Hillary PAC is Pre-Emptively Attacking Clinton's Unannounced Campaign

Not only do we have to deal with special-interest money and corporate money, now we have to deal with money designed to destroy political opponents before they ever run ... or even decide to.

5 People Definitely Not Invited to Obama's 52nd Birthday Party

It's an exclusive celebration. Doubtless, the president's list was very short — and some people were definitely blacklisted.

Man Saves $65,000 On Hip Replacement — By Getting It Done in Belgium

The difference between health care costs and the U.S., disregarding all government and insurance subsidies, are staggering and reveal why our system is failing.

Hassan Rouhani Continues Israel-Bashing Tradition

Iran's new President, Hassan Rouhani, has made his first overtly anti-Israel comments, joining his predecessor and confirming his fears of Israel and its allies.

5 Ways To Make Shark Week Watchable

The Discovery Channel's infamous week of shark programming kicks off Sunday. Seriously, why do people care about this thing?

GMO Ingredients Could Be In Everything Following Major U.S. EU Trade Deal

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is hitting roadblocks due to Europe's concerns overGMO food. But science should win out over fear-mongering.

Your 7-Point Intersectional Feminist Guide to Hook Ups

A small guide on feminist and activist wisdom for millenials tired of being told what they're doing in bed.

Hispanic Media Could Spell Big Trouble For the Republican Party

Hispanic media outlets are growing in numbers and viewership. Recent articles depict the Hispanic media as one-sided — what's this mean for the GOP?

Game Of Drones: How the United States Targets Terrorists but Kills Civilians

A recently-leaked Pakistani report on U.S. drone attacks against terrorists shows a sensational surge in civilian casualties. It's largely gone unnoticed.

Al Qaeda is Again a Growing Threat, But Obama is Turning a Blind Eye

Obama claims that the War on Terror is over, yet the recent closure of our embassies in the Middle East and North Africa says the exact opposite.

Shark Week: 4 Reasons Life On Earth Would Suck Without Sharks

In honor of Shark Week, here comes a series of articles about sharks, beginning with a handful of reasons that sharks are important to the world and why it would suck to lose them.

The Top 75 Companies Millennials Want to Work For Are Pretty Surprising

Top top 75 companies today's young people want to work for aren't the ones you expect. In fact, the results are surprisingly traditional.

Snowden News: How Will His Saga End?

With multiple layers of protection and a year of temporary asylum in Russia, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden increasingly looks like he's going to find a way to evade U.S. custody.

8 Months After the New Delhi Gang Rape, Very Little Has Changed

In the eight months after a gang rape led to mass protests in India, small changes and efforts have been made by big names — but is it really enough?

John Kerry's Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Doomed to Fail

Conducted under the scrutiny of the public, negotiators will be unable to make the compromises necessary to reach peace.

In Defense of Teaching English Abroad

The world's youth don't need protection from the English language.

4 Pieces Of Career Advice You Should Never Listen to

Some people mean well, but just give us bad career advice. Here are a few pieces of bad career advice we would suggest you ignore.

3 Steps to An Unguessable Password

Strong passwords are not that difficult to create. It just takes a process.

Turkish Media is Biased, and Not Just Towards Erdogan

In Turkey, the vast majority of media and news reporting is biased. But it's not just biased towards the ruling government.

3 Reasons John Kerry's New Peace Talks Won't Go Well For the Palestinians

The so-called peace process is inherently biased towards Israel and spells nothing but disaster for Palestine. Here's the top three reasons why.

Ellen DeGeneres is a Safe Pick to Host the 2014 Oscars

DeGeneres is a natural fit after Seth MacFarlane offended much of Hollywood as this year's host.

Cheryl Boone Isaacs is the Academy Award's First African-American Female President

On Tuesday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences elected Cheryl Boone Isaacs as its president. So far, signs have been strong she's looking to diversify the Academy.

"Foreign Affairs" Forgets to Mention Douglas Feith Was Investigated For Bush-Era Torture

Foreign Affairs recently featured a story co-written by former Bush official Douglas Feith, arguing against far-reaching international law. They forgot to mention Spain wants him for war crimes.

Ben Bernanke: Why Some Distrust This Academic With An Economics PhD

Few people have been as key, or as controversial, in this financial crisis as Ben Bernanke. Read on, and decide for yourself if the criticisms are well-founded.