11 Best Quotes From 'Orange is the New Black'

If you're going through "Orange is the New Black" withdrawal, take a nostalgic walk down memory lane and look at these great quotes and GIFs from the show.

5 Common Reasons Why People Hate Woody Allen, But Really Shouldn't

You thought everyone loved Woody Allen? Think again. There seems to be a festering population of Woody Allen haters out there, and to those people I say, here's why he deserves another chance.

Shark Week: 5 Species Of Shark it's Safe to Swim With

Out of all the over 470 species of shark only a handful attack humans with any kind of regularity, and here are five of the many hundreds that don't.

Avicii's New Album Mixes Country and Electronic Dance Music for First Time Ever

Avicii's debut studio album "True" hits shelves September 17. It incorporates country music into mainstream electronic dance music for the first time ever.

"True Blood" Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: "Dead Meat"

Every character basically returns to form this episode: Alcide is good again. Eric is bad. Sam is back at Merlotte’s. Sookie is needy. All is right.

Shocking Videos Show Texas Cops Performing Illegal Body Cavity Searches On Women

As if Texas doesn't already have a bad rep for marginalizing women, illegal body cavity searches are performed on women for illegitimate reasons. These humiliating procedures must cease in Texas.

4 Myths About Libertarians, Debunked

A young libertarian debunks liberal talking points, and shows why liberty is good for everyone — except those in power.

Who Does Desiree Hartstock Pick? The Sad Reality Of 'The Bachelorette' Season Finale

Seriously, this show still exists. Monday marks the ninth season finale of 'The Bachelorette.'

MLB Suspensions List: 13 Baseball Players Busted For PEDs

Curious if any of your favorite players made the naughty list? Check it out.

"2 Guns" Movie Review: A Few Bullets Short Of a Full Clip

This popcorn film, starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, may deliver a few laughs and some cheap thrills, but it lacks a whole lot more: like a coherent plot, for example.

The Lindsay Lohan Effect: Why Child Stars Always Fall From Grace

Fame and fortune at a young age isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

Dr. Sam Parnia Believes He Can Bring People Back From the Dead

Be prepared to completely redefine death. Dr. Sam Parnia resuscitates twice as many patients as the U.S./UK average and claims that in the near future, we can bring back those dead for a day.

Marijuana Legalization: Why Proponents Want a Showdown With the Feds

The case of United States v. State of Washington will be appealed and appealed until it reaches the Supreme Court. And that's the point.

10 Surprising Facts About Young Robert Mugabe

It seems hard to believe, but Robert Mugabe was once one of Africa's most promising young leaders. Here are 10 facts about his youth that you probably didn't know.

Gay Rights in Palestine? It Could Happen Sooner Than You Think

Arabs are fighting for LGBT rights. Today let's look at one great group — Al-Qaws in Jerusalem.

Mumford & Sons Just Dropped the Funniest Music Video Of the Year

Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, Will Forte, and Ed Helms take "Hopeless Wanderer," an already great rock song, and make it considerably better.

Burka Avenger: Can This Superhero Save Pakistan?

The first animated series produced in Pakistan, Burka Avenger, proves to be a promising way to address social injustices in the country. So why is the superhero's costume such a hot topic?

The DEA is Using NSA Surveillance and Covering It Up

Edward Snowden's recent leaks have shined light on the NSA's extensive, opaque surveillance techniques. The DEA is likely making use of this intelligence and then officially covering it up.

The NSA is Snitching On You to the Cops

Reuters has revealed that the NSA, DEA, and other agencies are collaborating on intelligence overreach and obstructing the judicial system. Fantastic.

The Latest Insane Overreactions to Guns

Over the past eight months, schools have been irrationally sensitive to any gun-related matters. Some of these instances might shock you.

Will This Teetering Northeastern City Be the Next Detroit?

A once vibrant New England industrial city is on the verge of bankruptcy. Can measures taken by its state-appointed budget commission save it from the brink?

Shark Week: 6 Biggest Lies We've All Been Made to Believe About Sharks

26 seasons of "Shark Week" later, and humans STILL can't get their facts straight about these fascinating creatures.

11 Things You Didn't Know About Hassan Rouhani

The mysterious new president of Iran has all sorts of tricks up his sleeves. Questions ebb around the moderate political figure: will he turn the tide in Iran? Will he bring reform?

Does Nostalgia Change the Way We Feel About the Past?

Nostalgia isn't the beast it was once thought to be. It turns out that nostalgia can both make our pasts rosier, and our futures more bright.

Lady Gaga and Madonna Are Under Threat in Russia. Their Crime? Standing up for Gay People

Russia's serious anti-gay crusade is far from over.

Will Saturday Night Live Survive Their All-Star Exodus?

With the departures of Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Fred Armisen and Seth Meyers, can SNL continue? Of course it can.

Russian Olympics Could Pose a Danger to Gay Athletes and Tourists

A claim by a co-sponsor of Russia's anti-gay law casts doubt on the International Olympic Committee's claim that the law will not affect the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

GOP to NBC and CNN: Drop the Hillary Clinton Documentary, Or We'll Drop You

Will CNN live up to its name as the "Clinton News Network" and choose to air their documentaries about Hillary Clinton prior to the 2016 presidential campaign?

Police Kill 95-Year-Old Veteran

Family members are questioning the death of a 95-year-old WWII U.S. Air Corps Sergeant John Wrana who was killed at an assisted living center last month after resisting medical treatment.

Can FC Barcelona Seriously Bring Peace to the Middle East?

Renowned Spanish soccer club FC Barcelona headed to Israel and Palestine on a "Sport & Peace Tour."

'Magic Mike' Can't Save Broadway

In the latest of a series of musicals based on movies, 'Magic Mike' is coming to Broadway. We should worry.

How Republicans Won the Student Loan Debate, and Screwed Students

Republican dominance in the House, controversial Senate rules and procedures, and legislative unaccountability most likely contributed to the passage of a new student loan bill in both houses.

My Generation Is Clueless About Government Oppression

And I am clueless about resistance.

The Definitive Reasons Why the U.S. Can't Get Into Soccer

In the U.S., our best athletes do not play it, the best competition is not here, and other sports allow for more individual statistical categories.

South Sudan is in a State of Emergency, But Its President Doesn't Seem to Care

President Salva Kiir seems more preoccupied with reinforcing his political position than with addressing the dire challenges that face his young country.

Johnny Manziel Investigation is the Last Straw: NCAA Needs to Pay its Student-Athletes

Regardless of what comes up in the investigation of Johnny Manziel, it's time for the NCAA to start paying its student-athletes.

Here's What I Learned From 25 Years Fighting For LGBT Equality

In the Reagan era, the U.S. Navy investigated me for my sexual orientation, making me an avowed activist for LGBT rights.

Obama Campaign Mastermind Jim Messina Now Working For Conservatives

Moneyball tactics worked for Obama, but can they save the British Conservative Party's Prime Minister David Cameron?

3 Myths About Global Warming

Many people claim that there is a catastrophic global warming going on and that humans are responsible for it. Is it really true?

Fox Reporter Instructs Fans How to "Get Away With" Asking Female Athletes About Their Sex Lives

Fox Sports reporter Jack Kuhlenschmidt thinks fans should be able to ask female athletes about their sex lives.

7 Terrifying College Administration Responses to Allegations of Sexual Assault

As sexual assault survivors file Title IX and Clery Act complaints against their colleges, horrifying actions by university administrators are being brought to light.

How to Survive a D.C. Summer If You're Not Interested in Politics

There's more the nation's capital than khakis and cubicles. Ditch your business casual and explore the side of Washington that has nothing to do with Congress.

7 TV Characters That Created New Archetypes

Rarely do we get treated to a totally new character archetype. When we do, those moments are worth celebrating.

Forget About Anthony Weiner — Here Comes Bill DeBlasio

Anthony Weiner has collapsed in the polls, and Bill de Blasio — the city's public advocate and an unabashed critic of Bloomberg's policies — looks poised to fill the void.

Ireland Admits it Was Wrong on Abortion

A major victory for global women’s rights comes too late to save one Irish woman’s life.

What Happens When a Bunch Of Wannabe Presidents Get Together in One Place

When lots of governors meet, policy isn't the result. Rather, the 2016 presidential election begins.

Department of Defense Could Save Billions With This Hidden Program

Mandated consolidation of military medicine will cut billions of dollars from the cost of providing medical care to military members and their families.

There's a Simple Reason Why the U.S. Doesn't Know What to Do About Egypt

The U.S.-Israel relationship and America’s devotion to the protection of Israel above all else inhibits the Obama administration's ability to adapt to the political upheaval in Egypt.

Ben Bernanke is in a Battle With AIG and Taxpayers Should Be Up in Arms

Though AIG shareholders' suit against the U.S. government is the height of ingratitude, a federal judge was right to rule that Bernanke should be deposed.

White Florida Rep. Feels Burned By Obamacare's "Racist" Tanning Bed Tax

According to Rep. Ted Yoho, only white people use tanning beds, and therefore the 10% tanning bed tax imposed by Obamacare is racist. His citation? He asked an Indian person.

The One Thing Egypt, Turkey, and Occupy Wall Street Protests Have in Common

Mass-mobilizations have become more rapid, but have proven inadept at constructing novel political intuitions capable of effecting long-term change.

The Real Problem With Student Loans Is the Organization Giving Them Out

Congress scrambled to restore low Stafford student loan rates, which ironically accelerate tuition increases. Why don't people realize Obamacare will do the same thing to health care costs?

NYC Summer Concerts: 5 Best Shows Happening This Week (8/5-8/11)

Here are five of the best options this week including four nights of Galactic, two nights of Robert Randolph and even a festival highlight this week.

Mainstream Media Finally Waking Up to the Reality Of American Foreign Policy

The mainstream media in the United States has a tendency to gloss over the darker parts of American foreign policy since the Cold War. But the tide is turning thanks to Web 2.0 journalism.

Immigration Reform 2013: 5 Representatives Who Are Blocking It

Immigration reform lies in the hands of the 135 House Representatives whose votes remain unpredicted. But these five congressmen are among the most staunch opponents of the bill.

Sarah Thomas: One Woman is About to Change NFL History

Sarah Thomas, a 39-year-old Mississippi native, is one of the finalists in consideration for a permanent referee spot for the NFL.

5 Things I Learned During My Gap Year

My blissful year away from academia turned out to be different from what I ever could have imagined. Still, it provided me with significant insight on life that I won't soon forget.

5 'Orange is the New Black' Stars Who Got Their Start in Theater

If these five actors hadn't performed on the stage, they may never have been sent to prison.

Online Classes are Risky — And That's a Good Thing

Slate writer Jonathan Rees criticizes the Massive Online Open Courses in his recent article, but ignores the positive side of the trend.

Is Turkey Really Supporting an Al-Qaeda-Linked Group?

The Turkish "deep state" might be sending aid to an Al-Qaeda-linked group that is fighting Kurds. If true, this is bad news for us all.

Everything You Need to Know About Biking in NYC

Because nothing screams "fun with transportation!" more than people trying to kill you.

5 Things the Pope Can Do to Prove He Cares About Gay Rights

Short of upending Catholic doctrine by declaring homosexuality and gay marriage to be OK, what can Pope Francis do to support gays of good will who seek God?

Hassan Rouhani: Iran Has a New President But That Doesn't Mean Anything Will Change

The election of President Hassan Rouhani signals a significant shift from the conservative ideals of Ahmadinejad, but he will have little ability to influence Iran's international stance.

What the Egyptian Army Can Learn From South Africa

In its decades long struggle against the apartheid system, South Africa's African National Congress gives us some indication of the dangers of Mohammad Morsi's removal.

The New Source Of Dirty Corporate Money is Facebook, Twitter, and Google

The formation of Mark Zuckerberg's 501c4 group is only the most recent example of the increasing political maturity of internet companies.

Mic Check: What You Need to Know About the Terror Threat Closing U.S. Embassies

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