For the Simple Crime of Smoking Marijuana, the Government Ruined This Man’s Family Forever

This shocking video is definitive proof of government gone wrong.

4 Ways Your Boss Will Set You Up For Failure

It's easy to take advantage of interns who are new to the working world. Here are 4 things you should watch out for if you see them happening around you.

Monsanto Spends Trillions to Control What You Eat, But This 14-Year Old Girl Will Take Them Down

Many have been speaking out against Monsanto, but very few do it while only being 14 years old. Meet Rachel Parent. If she gets her way, she'll change the world.

6 Amazing Things to Do and See in Iran

Iran and the West have a strained relationship. But visit, and you'll see it's an amazingly cultured and beautiful place.

Need a Care Package For Your Period? Do It, and Don't Feel Guilty

Think a monthly period package subscription would be totally amazing? Don't worry — your desire for convenience is in no way contributing to the shame you do or don't feel about your period.

5 Reasons Conservatives Don't Believe Climate Change is Our Fault

Despite scientific evidence and research, many Republicans refuse to believe that climate change is human-driven. But this may just be in the way conservative media attacks the subject.

Here's How You Know We're Not Living in a Post-Racial Society

In quick succession, a case about affirmative action at the University of Texas and a verdict in the Trayvon Martin case remind us we've got a long way to go.

The EPA Tried to Cover Up This Fracking Report

The EPA tried to suppress a PowerPoint about about groundwater contamination from fracking in Dimock, Pennsylvania, a town featured prominently in the films 'Gasland' and 'Gasland 2.'

5 Netflix Features That We Desperately Need

Netflix recently allowed users to create multiple profiles per account, saving countless relationships. Here are some more ways that the company could improve our lives.

Al-Qaeda Joins the Jihadist Movement on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Extremist groups around the world are increasingly depending on digitally-savvy members to broadcast their messages around the internet and recruit the next generation of terrorists.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why Did the Media Ignore Yesterday's Rallies?

The media gave the Tea Party ample demonstration during its various protests. Why aren't liberal grassroots movements being treated similarly?

Marijuana Legalization: New Poll Shows Americans Want Legal Weed, Even If They Don't Smoke It

Marijuana has become increasingly well-supported despite the fact that it is no more widely used than in the haze of a decade we call the 1970s.

Name Which Democrat Said This: "We’re Not Broke, There’s Plenty Of Money"

No need to worry about out-of-control spending causing Washington to bleed red ink. According to leftists like Rep. Keith Ellison, the problem is government just doesn't have all of your money.

What a Free Market Approach to Education Would Look Like

We might be "the land of the free," but we could take some notes from South Korea on privatized education.

Thought Republicans Were Done With the War On Women? Watch This Sexist Atttack On Hillary Clinton

If you thought Republicans were anti-woman, wait until you see the sophomoric, offensive new video game they've created to ruin Hilary Clinton.

Riley Cooper Can't Use the N-Word — But Can Anybody?

Some of the present day controversies simply around words and outbursts are distractions from other, more challenging and substantive fights for racial justice.

Open Mic With Eliot Spitzer, Candidate For New York City Comptroller

Eliot Spitzer is running to become NYC comptroller, and he's taking your questions and comments. Join the discussion!

5 Characters Who Prove the Manic Pixie Dream Girl Just Won't Die

Although she may be widely reviled, the manic pixie dream girl is still alive and well, and probably hanging out at your nearest indie record store.

5 Tips to Help You Land An Interview

Want feedback on using PolicyMic to get ahead? Join us on Twitter every Wednesday for a community discussion.

Amy Schumer Proves That Girls Can Handle Gross Out Humor Just Fine

As well as any female comic out there, Amy Schumer destroys the old adage that girls aren't funny. Her humor is deeply observational, but she dishes out bathroom jokes with the best of them.

3 Women’s Issue Stories I’m Tired Of Reading

The stories about women that we need to stop writing.

Can Shinzo Abe Make Japan a Superpower Again?

Shinzo Abe's victory in the upper house last month marks an opportunity to reinvigorate Japan's economy, but the PM must curb his nationalistic rhetoric and enact structural reforms to do it.

PolicyMic is Seeking 5 Arts Fellows

PolicyMic is looking for five writing fellows, passionate about the arts, to participate in an exciting one-month program.

Bahrain's Government Has Declared War On Twitter

The Bahraini government continues its effort to suppress the Arab Spring by threatening Twitter users if they criticize the king or the government.

Is the Yemen Terror Threat Routine, Or Something Else Entirely?

The reasons being cited for a vast security lockdown in the Middle East seem largely unexceptional. Are the details of the threat confidential, or are political motivations to blame?

76 U.S. Senators Are Pushing War With Iran — And That's Shameful

Senators from both sides of the aisle are pressuring Obama to "stress its military option" when it comes to Iran's nuclear program while Rouhani calls for diplomatic talks.

Troy University Plans On Violating Its Students' First Amendment Rights This Fall

Troy University in Alabama will be opening faith-based housing this fall in which "spiritual" students are privileged over non-religious ones.

Is Jay-Z Right About the Middle Class?

Asked about race and police abuses of power, Jay-Z said that we need to focus on the middle class. Is he right? Or is the left's focus on income inequality a way to avoid controversial issues?

You Won't Believe What Just Happened On Reddit

Would you upvote one of the most unique proposals ever?

Republican Threat to Shut Down Government Over Obamacare is a Bluff They Can’t Win

The GOP threat to "shut down the government" if they can’t defund Obamacare doesn't have teeth because they don't have the votes, it wouldn't go anywhere, and would backfire on them.

Smoking Is Not a Right

You don't have a right to impinge on my right to clean air.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Right-Wing Extremist?

A BBC report found that the mastermind behind the Boston Marathon bombings subscribed to all sorts of right-wing extremist literature. But really, should that come as much of a surprise?

The 7 Habits of Highly Healthy People

There's more to staying healthy than "eat less, exercise more." Here are 7 tips that will have you feeling healthier in no time.

The Fast Food Strikes Are Really About Civil Rights

Last week's fast food strikes recall the labor activism of the Civil Rights Era. The demonstrations should remind us that dignity and a living wage are rights, not privileges.

Is It Wrong to Love This Summer’s Music, Even If It’s All Sexist?

It's pretty obvious that some of this summer's music is more than a little misogynistic. But is it really all that bad to snap along to the beat, all the same? Let's find out.

Libertarian Democrats? There Ain't No Such Thing As a Libertarian Democrat!

Is the libertarian wing of the Democratic Party looking for leaders, or are "libertarian Democrats" just liberals who haven't caved to President Obama?

How Hollywood Helped Hitler — and How It's Helping China

In the 1930s, profit-seeking Hollywood execs modified American movies to satisfy Nazi censors, a practice that is now reemerging as U.S. filmmakers work to appease Chinese regulators.

Bloodhound Gang Bandmate Wipes Crotch With Russian Flag

After bass player Jared Hasselhoff wiped his crotch with the Russian flag at a Ukraine concert July 31, Russian officials once again took the bait by giving them massive attention.

TSA Patdowns Coming to a Concert Near You

No longer confined to airport security, the TSA has expanded its role to other forms of transportation ... and basically anywhere it wants.

NYC Comptroller Race: What to Know About Spitzer vs. Stringer 2013

The NYC comptroller race is a David vs. Goliath match between Eliot Spitzer and Scott Stringer. Where do they stand on the big issues?

This is the New Technology That is About to Revolutionize Business As We Know It

A new company is harnessing technologies similar to those used in Google Earth to develop low-cost satellites for the mass market. Their technologies may transform the future of modern business.

Why Bad TV Succeeds But Good TV Fails

It has always been mind- boggling and disheartening to see good art fail.

Kristin Davis is Out Of Comptrol As NYC Race Gets a Snort Of Something Weird

She once ran a high-end prostitution ring, she is a candidate for NYC comptroller, and now she has been arrested for selling prescription pills.

Congress' Iran Policy: Short Sighted and Irrational

Congress has let short-term priorities and easy political points cloud its judgment. Voting in favor of more sanctions on Iran, despite experts' calls for patience, is a bad move.

The TSA Is Turning Us Into a Stop-And-Frisk Nation

A special unit of the TSA has moved out of airport and into communities all around the country. Will they turn us into a stop-and-frisk nation?

RNC Chairman is Insane to Threaten NBC and CNN Over Alleged Hillary Support

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus' toothless ultimatum to CNN and NBC reveals that he still does not have what it takes to lead a national party.

Want to Insult the President Of Egypt? Here's What It Will Cost You

Removing draconian laws punishing insulting the president of Egypt with jail time, the interim government has decided that it will suppress free speech with a $4.300 fine instead. Progress?

A Lab-Grown Burger Might Sound Gross, But You're Probably Eating Grosser Stuff Already

The lab-grown hamburger produced from cow muscle cells might sound gross, but we eat genetically modified foods all the time, and you'll be shocked to find out what they are.

Can Billionaires Like Jeff Bezos and John Henry Save Newspapers?

Two news giants, the Washington Post and the Boston Globe, were bought by billionaires. Panicked speculation concluded they were buying political influence, but they're actually saving print news

No, John Kerry — U.S. Drone Strikes Aren't Stopping Anytime Soon

Secretary of State John Kerry says the drone attacks could stop "very soon." But is he oversimplifying an extremely complicated situation?

The Asia-Pacific Region is the New Middle East

The Obama administration has been rebalancing its resources and energy towards the Asia-Pacific region, which it sees as an essential foreign policy move.

4 Real World Skills Learned Working in the Theater

While interning can provide valuable career experience, so can privately working on a project you love.

Is the Government to Blame in Recent Malware Attacks?

New reports over the weekend suggest the FBI has been using malicious software to spy on some online networks, putting further into question the line between online privacy and safety.

Yemen Terror Threats Actually Come On Tail Of Huge Terrorism Decline

While recent embassy lock-downs across the Middle East been cause for some alarm, it turns out that global terror threats are actually on the downturn, particularly since 2008.

McDonald's Big Mac Study is a Prime Example of What Happens When Bad Ideas Go Viral

A recent "study" of what a 68 cent Big Mac price increase could mean for workers was total bunk, but that didn't prevent it from almost going viral in the media.

Maxwell's Hoboken Closing: The End Of An Era

Maxwell's celebrated its last night of business with a free block party and two live performances, but what does the closing of the venue say about the local music scene of Hoboken?

5 Ways to Save Money On Health Care Costs

With a little bit of knowledge and a few tips and tricks, you can cut back and save money on important aspects of your family's medical care.

Mic Check: Learn About the Surveillance Program That’s Scarier Than the NSA

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring my take on the world's top news and some of the best links from around the web.

The 113th Congress Takes "Dysfunctional" to a Whole New Level, Here's the Proof

Congress is where the people's representatives has out America's biggest problems. It's usually not an easy thing to do, and compromise is required. So where'd the compromise go?

Jeff Bezos Buys Washington Post: Can He Turn the Paper Around?

The market has reacted favorably to the decision, especially since Bezos is known as a CEO who is not obsessed with short-term profits over all else.

Why Al Sharpton's Race-Baiting Circus Should've Ended 25 Years Ago

The ultimate hype-man Al Sharpton originally gained notoriety by bringing a falsified rape case to national prominence. 25 years later, the accuser owes $400,000 in defamation. Sharpton? None.