What Gun Control? Obama is the Biggest Arms Dealer in the World

Obama has made it very clear that he doesn't want guns to get into the hands of violent people at home. So why is he selling arms to them abroad?

The 8 Funniest Peyton Manning Commercials. Ever.

Take a look back at the commercials that have made Peyton Manning one of the most notable professional athletes on commercial TV.

The Most Epically Beautiful Craigslist Missed Connection Of All Time

This listing in Brooklyn missed connections will be the best thing you read all day.

This Kenyan Lawyer Wants to Sue Italy and Israel For Killing Jesus

On shaky legal, historical, and theological grounds, Kenyan lawyer Dola Indidis wants to sue Italy and Israel to exonerate Jesus in the International Court of Justice.

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Still Leaking 300 Tons Of Waste a Day

300 tons of radioactive material is leaked from Japan's Fukushima power plant into the Pacific Ocean every day. Untold damage is being done to the environment.

How the Ariel Castro Trial Exposes America's Rape Culture

At his sentencing, Ariel Castro placed the blame for his heinous crimes on porn, law enforcement, his victims, and the status quo. His inability to accept guilt is part of a larger problem.

Why Are Soldiers Committing Suicide? Not Because Of the War

A new study suggests that the rising number of military suicides is not due to the effects of warfare.

90% Of Women Feel Relieved After Abortion, 0% Feel Relieved By Erick Erickson

A new UCSF study finds that women feel more relieved after receiving an abortion. But Erick Erickson still thinks it's funny to joke about black market and self-administered abortions.

Study Says Night Owls More Likely to Be Psychopaths

According to a study done by the psychology journal Personality and Individual Differences, night owls are more likely to be narcissists, Machiavellians, and psychopaths.

China is Forcing 250 Million Rural Dwellers to Relocate

The Chinese government's massive relocation of rural residents to urban areas will greatly exacerbate the country’s existing problems.

Veteran Suicide Rate Skyrocketing At Same Time As VA Budget

Although the suicide rate among veterans has been skyrocketing, funding for the federal Veterans Administration has also been on the rise, suggesting that program funding may not be to blame

TSA "VIPR Teams" Will Soon Be Patting You Down Outside the Airport

The Transportation Security Administration will soon be adding many more members to its so-called VIPR teams in pursuit of terrorists. But they're expanding their search outside the airport.

PolicyMic's Picks For Best Songs Of the Summer

PolicyMic staff members share their absolute favorite songs of summer 2013.

How Capitalism Made Shark Week Suck

In the 1980s, cable channels proliferated thanks to deregulation. What has the competition between networks wrought? Network decay, as good channels go bad in search of dollars.

5 Things Religious Fundamentalists Don't Get

Right-wing Evangelical Fundamentalism claims to “go back to roots of Christianity.” In fact, it ignores tradition, in favor of politics.

Here's What Obama Had to Say on Jay Leno Last Night

President Obama looked cool and collected as he discussed issues ranging from Edward Snowden to developments with the Affordable Care Act.

Chris Murphy Challenges the "God-Given" Right To Bear Arms

Senator Chris Murphy argues that gun rights are not "God-given." But despite America's recent slew of mass gun violence, it's unlikely he'll do anything to repeal the Second Amendment.

What I Learned at PolicyMic That J-School Never Taught Me

As my internship comes to a close, I've come to realize the power and importance of crowd-sourcing journalistic debate.

Democrats and Republicans Agree: Reform Our Racist, Wasteful Drug Laws

Everyone knows that mandatory minimum drug sentencing laws are ineffective and hurt minorities. In a rare moment of bipartisanship, Congress has a chance to reform these laws.

The Moral Case for A Higher Minimum Wage

The minimum wage debate is a shining example of the left’s vigour and academic prowess. Here's the moral argument that's been missing.

Obama Leno YouTube Video: The President Says He Has "No Patience" For Russia

President Obama addressed a wide array of issues on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' on Tuesday night.

Sydney Leathers Will Teach You How to Bag a Weiner

Anthony Weiner's sexting buddy has released a guide to the art of hooking up with politicians — but does it really teach us anything?

Adorable Gay Couple Pushed to Back Of the Bus Just Got a Well-Deserved Apology

Can you believe these men were actually asked to sit at the back of bus because they were holding hands?

Guess Which Continent is Home to 14 of the 15 Most Optimistic Countries?

And it's not because "life can't get any worse."

Ironically, Riley Cooper and Michael Vick Show the Very Best Of the NFL

Though Cooper, the Eagles receiver, landed himeslf in hot water for using a racial slur, he also happens to be part of one of the only black quarterback / white receiver tandems in the NFL

Does a 'Hunger Games' Summer Camp Go Too Far?

Would you let your child be chosen as tribute?

This Ohio Town Will Discriminate Against Minority Commuters Even If It Costs Them Millions

The Beavercreek City Council in Ohio is fighting a federal order that it approve bus stops into its community that carry minority riders, or face a loss of federal funds.

Elizabeth Warren: A 2016 Candidate to Truly Consider

Warren has been a singular voice of lucidity in the Senate, diligently attempting to hold overt complacency and corruption to task.

The Cold War Between Obama and Putin Just Heated Up Big Time

In a rare diplomatic snub, Obama canceled a scheduled meeting with Russian President Putin. This may be a missed opportunity to move forward in a moment of diplomatic stalemate.

FEC Official Don McGahn Admits IRS Scandal Might Be Open Again

After three months of investigation, new findings suggest that undisclosed emails were sent between the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), indicating potent

Guns in School Could Be the Answer — But Just For a While

Beyond all the political rhetoric and arguments on gun control, there actually is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. And it has nothing to do with guns.

10 Awesome Tweets from the PolicyMic Community

Want feedback on using PolicyMic to get ahead? Join us on Twitter every Wednesday for a community discussion.

Don't Like Hillary? Slap Her Around, Say Republicans

The growing air of inevitably that Hillary Clinton will run for--and win--the White House in 2016 has Republicans feeling so desperate, they're now touting a game in which you can slap her.

Trolls Are the Price We Pay For a Free Internet

There's a great deal of drama surrounding internet anonymity, due to an outbreak of trolling on Twitter. But internet anonymity has its upsides, and trolling is a necessary price to pay.

Manhattan: The New Suburban Sprawl

Gentrifiers have to take responsibility for gentrifying, and until they can acknowledge that truth and harness its power for good, big business will keep replacing your bars with Starbucks.

Women Buy Designer Products to Keep Their Men

The University of Minnesota has published a new study that claims that female consumers buy designer items to shield their significant other from female rivals.

Nothing Can Prepare You For This Bizarre Egyptian Music Video

With music videos like this going viral in Egypt, it'll take more than McCain and Graham to fix the political impasse — a symptom of much deeper political and ideological divisions.

Obama is Using NSA Surveillance to Bust Your Weed Dealer

The DEA has been using information gathered from intelligence agencies to arrest drug offenders, and then covering up where they got the information.

Congress Might Actually Fix a Billion-Dollar Problem

After 16 years, Congress is poised to permanently resolve DocFix.

Wait Until You Read How Republicans Just Wasted Everyone's Good Time

Republican House members are voting to shut down ACORN, a community organizing group that doesn't even exist anymore. And what's worse is that this isn't the first time.

Why Cory Booker is Going to Be New Jersey's Next Senator

Of the four Democratic candidates for the special Senate election in New Jersey held on August 13, Mayor Cory Booker of Newark is leading by huge margins in the polls.

Corporations Are People, But Can They Go to Church?

Courts are undecided as to whether for-profit secular corporations can practice a religion. The Supreme Court will weigh in soon, and legal history makes it clear which way they should rule.

Wish the Internet Was Just Porn? There's a Filter For That

One hacker had a creative response to his country's crack down on on-line porn. And, like all great responses, it involves penis firewalls.

The One Thing Congress Forgot to Do Before Leaving D.C. For the Summer

Congress forgot to do one thing before the recess, affecting all Americans.

How Abuse Survivors Can Protect Themselves On Facebook

In a step in the right direction, Facebook recently partnered with the National Network to End Domestic Violence and created a helpful guide for users to bolster their online privacy and safety.

Meet the Makers of Pentobarbital, the Drug Responsible For Lethal Injections in Texas

Is this Danish pharmaceutical company pursuing the eugenics agenda? You be the judge.

Seth Meyers On "Late Night" Just More Of the Same

Seth Meyers is the new host of Late Night, to the delight of current host Jimmy Fallon, but NBC’s revamped late night lineup fails to offer anything new beyond the absence of Jay Leno.

What McDonald's and Buckingham Palace Have In Common

Zero-hour contracts are being heavily criticized by left-wingers in the U.K. as "21st century serfdom." In reality, they benefit both businesses and society's most vulnerable.

Will We Ever Trust Baseball Again?

Remaining loyal to Major League Baseball became even tougher after Monday's lengthy list of suspensions.

The Debt is Too Damn High — Can We Fix It?

Despite so-called austerity measures, the U.S. government is still sunk deep in debts. What can be done about it?

Here's How to Grow New Farmers

Monterey, California-based cooperative ALBA Organics is teaching migratory workers how to start, develop, and operate their own organic farms.

Australia is Making Its Money Worth Less — Here's Why

What's the fundamental economic logic surrounding the Reserve Bank of Australia's decision to lower interest rates to a record low of 2.5%?

Justice Department Finally Gets Around to Suing Bank Of America For Helping Wreck the Economy

The Justice Department alleges that BoA intentionally sold $850 million in toxic securities, all the while suppressing any information about their true nature. Where have they been since 2008?

Whitey Bulger and FBI Go Head-to-Head in Trial, But Whitey Gets the Last Laugh

With murderers and felons given reduced sentences in exchange for cooperation with law enforcement, police methods are on trial in the Whitey Bulger case.

Mic Check: Find Out What Really Happened in Benghazi

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3 New Yorkers Who Are Asking Forgiveness — And Doing It Wrong

Anthony Weiner, Alex Rodriguez, Eliot Spitzer and others are publicly seeking forgiveness. But are they doing it in the right way, or in the way that suits them?