Russia's Anti-Gay Law, Spelled Out in Plain English

A close look at what's actually written in President Vladimir Putin's draconian anti-gay law reveals just how heinous this law really is for Russia's LGBT community.

I'm An Openly Gay Gold Medalist and I Reject the Sochi Olympics Boycott

Russia's anti-gay laws are heinous, but an Olympics boycott will do more to harm athletes than the country itself. I know from personal experience.

5 New Countries That Might Exist By 2025

There's no shortage of secessionists conflict in the world today, but two high-profile referendums in 2014 means there could be some new kids on the international block in the near future.

Lady Gaga's 'Burqa' is Supposed to Empower Muslim Women, But Does the Opposite

Sorry, Lady Gaga. You're doing it wrong.

Why Are Chinese Workers At Apple Suppliers Foxconn and Pegatron Trying to Commit Suicide?

Apple tries to deflect the blame for worker's rights abuses onto its suppliers, but the rigid contracts that only allow manufacturers to turn a narrow project actively encourage worker abuse.

Women Without Children Aren't Selfish — They're Smart

The choice not to have children isn't "unnatural," and instead can have a positive impact on human life and the planet.

One Direction Fans Are Fuming Over This Harry Styles Cover — Here's Why

British GQ's headline about Harry Styles' sexuality has One Direction fans furious, and the magazine's outrageous response to their complaints has only made matters worse.

8 Coming-of-Age Films Every Millennial Needs to Watch

Coming-of-age happens in different ways for different people. Here are eight films that show the beauty, hilarity, and lessons that come with growing up.

7 Invaluable Love Lessons We Learned From the Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys' latest album, In A World Like This, just dropped. Let's take a moment to appreciate what the Boys taught our impressionable tween selves.

How Many Terror Threats Does the U.S. Get Every Day?

What makes the threats that led to the weekend's embassy closings so significant?

Vigilante Justice and Gender-Based Violence: The Gulabi Gang

The success of the Gulabi Gang's vigilante justice should highlight both the victimization of Indian women, and the failure of the country's law enforcement.

Want to Stand With Gay Athletes? Then Don’t Boycott the Sochi Olympics

To boycott or not to boycott? That is the question that's on everybody's lips.

Boycotting the 2014 Olympics is Pointless For Gay Athletes Like Me

Even as a gay woman and four-time Olympian, I do not support boycotting the Sochi Olympics.

Joe Scarborough Says MSNBC is Just As Biased As Fox News — and He's Right

And it turns out it's hurting the network. Badly.

The MPAA's Movie Rating System Is Useless and Needs to Go

Films are getting darker, dirtier, and more violent, but the Motion Picture Association of America's rating system hasn't changed. Here's why it needs to catch up.

End of Ramadan is Scarred By These 6 Major Conflicts in the Muslim World

As Eid El Fitr begins in the Middle East, many Muslim countries are finding themselves either stuck in a chaotic status quo or struggling through a new phase of political instability.

Breaking Bad Conveys the Reality of the Drug Trade Better Than U.S. Drug Policy

The Breaking Bad Effect: three simple words that show why law enforcement is losing the war on drugs.

10 Memes to Help You Celebrate Eid

Eid is here! We know you're happy, but here are 10 memes that'll widen that smile on your face even more.

Mike Huckabee Goes All-in On Islamophobia, Calls Muslims "Animals"

To absolutely no one's surprise, the former governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee called Muslims "uncorked animals" on his radio show.

Guantanamo Bay Warden Claims Revealing Abuses is Like Arming Al-Qaeda

Guantanamo Bay warden Colonel John Bogdan appealed to fears about Al-Qaeda's latest threat to attack the facility in order to excuse ongoing near-sexual abuse of inmates. Shameful.

Jay Bilas Twitter Rampage Proves the NCAA Shamelessly Exploits Student Athletes

The NCAA doesn't have its head on straight. They are investigating a Heisman trophy winner for accepting payments for signing autographs but at the same time using player's names to make profits.

You're Not a Grown-Up Until You Stop Texting Your Mom

Your mom deserves an old-fashioned phone call.

Gun-Toting Libertarian Exercises His Right to Be a Complete Jackass

A libertarian with a camera attempted to goad police and make them look bad, failed miserably, and then complained about tyranny anyway.

An Army of Allies to Fight Bigotry in Russia

What better way to stand up to anti-gay bigotry in Russia than building a huge movement of vocal athletes and sports fans committed to the cause of equal rights.

U.S. Sanctions On Iran Are So Bad, Women Have Run Out of Birth Control

It's gotten to the point where innocent citizens who need vital medicines are turning to expensive and sketchy black market drugs.

Note to Justin Bieber: You're Not As Cool As You Think You Are

Bieber thinks he is a mix of Rambo and Ryan Gosling: tuff and suave. Talk about false advertising.

Two Males Arrested in Rehtaeh Parsons Case

The teenager took her life after being cyberbullied for an alleged sexual assault. Justice is just starting to get served.

Walmart Gets Anxious Over Demands For Living Wages in Washington D.C.

Walmart has adamantly opposed a new piece of legislation that would hinder its efforts to build stores in Washington, D.C., and this fight has brought them face to face with an unlikely opponent.

Disliking U.S. Foreign Policy Now Makes You a "High Threat"

A new DOD test makes disliking U.S. foreign policy an indicator for being an "insider threat." Average Americans are now facing similar woes to journalists.

Remember the Protests in Bahrain? No? That's Just Fine With Their Government

Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa's lack of accountability and abuse of power continue to fuel turmoil in Bahrain as protesters advocate for reform.

Ebony Magazine Cover Shows We Can't Give Up On Young Black Men

Ebony Magazine releases a Trayvon Martin-themed issue designed to keep the focus on conditions plaguing African-American boys.

Inside America's Second Guantanamo: Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan's "Black Jail"

We never talk about all the prisoners being unjustly held in this jail, and yet every day that they are there, America loses part of who we are.

This Gaping Google Chrome Security Hole Could Give Anyone All Of Your Passwords

A major security hole in Google's most popular web browser was discovered this Tuesday that indicates that the program's password saving features have been putting users at risk.

This Female Veteran Knows How the U.S. Military Can End Sexual Assault

If the U.S. military (and every other institution) wants to combat sexual assault, empowering, rather than blaming, women is the key to success.

Transphobia Is Alive and Well at Fox News

Erick Erickson of Fox News tweets transphobic nonsense, gets blocked on Twitter.

If You've Communicated With Someone Outside Of the U.S., the NSA Has Spied On You

The media has recently revealed that the NSA likely collects and monitors all of Americans' international communications without a warrant, reading it if it contains a reference to a "target."

Them's Fightin' Words: The Case For Bringing Back the Duel

Dueling is a very American activity and is worth bringing back.

Did Ron Paul's Campaign Pay to Win Supporters in 2012?

An Iowa state senator allegedly offered his support for Paul's campaign in exchange for a nice sum of cash, totally countering Paul's highly publicized libertarian beliefs.

Detroit's Bankruptcy Could Spread Nationwide if We Don't Control Pensions

There are many reasons for Detroit's bankruptcy, but one of the largest is its failure to control the cost of pensions for public employees. Unfortunately, this problem isn't unique to that city.

Latin America's Most Successful Politician? It's Pope Francis

Pope Francis isn't just a religious leader. His views will have a huge influence on Latin American elections this year, and here's why.

How to Get Over Your Ex in the Facebook Era

Because Facebook and other social media platforms make "out of sight, out of mind" nearly impossible, here's a pep talk that can help you move on for good in an age of sharing.

Athletes Are On the Losing End Of a 2014 Winter Olympics Boycott

Athletes have been training their entire lives in a sport they love in order to compete in a competition they have always dreamed of partaking in.

Will Mexico's New Energy Plan Make It the Next Kuwait?

Mexico's new energy plan could spark an oil boom. But in a country known for corruption, it's going to be a battle.

What One Year At PolicyMic Has Taught Me About Growth

In this week's Feminist Weekly, PolicyMic writers take on the 'b-word' in Russia, a superhero who could save Pakistan, racist policies in Ohio, and the new suburban sprawl.

Issa Rae's "Awkward Black Girl" is the First Big Move Of a Future Black Star

Issa Rae, creator of "The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl," just won a production deal with HBO. Her career is taking off, and she is one to watch.

New Mexico Goes Apesh*t Over Plan to Start Producing Horse Meat

Mighty steeds are under threat of slaughter for human consumption. But there is an ever larger concern looming.

Recognize This City Council Candidate? He's a PolicyMic Pundit

Daniel Herrera is running for city council in Bayonne, New Jersey. He, like many other millennials, espouses Ron Paul Republicanism. Could this represent a larger change in the GOP?

The Real Reason 8 Million Americans Can't Find Real Jobs

America's swelling number of part-time jobs is still mainly about the aftermath of the Great Recession, and not about Obamacare or a fanciful cultural paradigm shift.

Why I'm Proud to Be a Part of Know Your IX

Everyone should take notice of the anti-sexual-violence movement's newest digital resource

Gay Couple Forced to Back Of the Bus Gets An Apology, But It's Not Enough

The recent discrimination against a gay couple in Albuquerque demonstrates that the cultural debate over homosexuality is not over, but the response also demonstrates progress and hope.

National Zoo Tiger Cubs Are a Reminder Of How Much We Need Zoos

Two Sumatran tigers were born at the Washington National Zoo earlier this week. Without zoos, it is probable they never would have been.

Does Waywire Get in the Way Of Cory Booker Doing His Job?

Cory Booker recently disclosed he has a $1 million stake in a new social video startup called Waywire, putting the start-up on the map and boosting criticism against the mayor's priorities.

French Farmers Protest EU By Destroying 100,000 Eggs a Day

5% of France's daily egg supply is being destroyed by farmers who are demanding that the government regulate egg production. It won't be effective.

Not Even Promising 50 Years Of Secrecy Can Get Congress to Cooperate

The new pitch by Max Baucus and Orrin Hatch is just the latest example of a useless legislature run amok, and a media too cowardly to call it out.

How a 7% Cut to a U.S. Agency's Budget Can Take Down the World's Economy

U.S. trade representatives are fighting back against budget cuts, saying their setbacks in travel capabilities can affect U.S. global trade competitiveness in the long run.

5 NFL Teams That Could Definitely Use New Jerseys

It seems like everyone's had their uniforms tweaked in recent years. A few teams need new threads as football season creeps closer.

Polyphonic Spree Review: 'Yes It's True' Is the Happiest Album of the Year

With their new album, "Yes, It's True," this symphonic, white-robed rock group has managed to keep their head in the clouds, but their feet on the ground

Mic Check: This Photo Perfectly Sums Up Obama’s Relationship With Putin

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring my take on the world's top news and some of the best links from around the web.

The Birthplace of the Arab Spring is Falling Apart

Tunisia, the country where the Arab Spring was born, has seen two political assassinations in the last six months. Now there are mass protests demanding the national legislature be dissolved.

Slate Magazine's Stand Against "Redskins" is Notable, But Pointless

Slate recently announced that it will no longer address the Washington Redskins by name because it insults American Indians. The effort won't change much, but is worth noting.

PolicyMic is Debating the "B" Word This Week – Where Do You Stand?

Join PolicyMic as we fire up a heated discussion on whether to boycott the 2014 Sochi Olympics as a way of protesting Russia's heinous anti-gay laws.

Happy Anniversary, Myanmar

Reform in Burma (now widely called Myanmar) came at a great cost and it is too fragile to play host to retribution just yet.