Putin's War On Gays: A Timeline of Homophobia

The chronology of the anti "homosexual propaganda" movement.

Oprah and Beyonce Are Wrong: Trayvon Martin is Not Emmett Till

Looking at the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Emmett Till, it's clear that they are nowhere near the same.

Why Do Cosmopolitan White People Love Wishing Me Eid Mubarak?

Are people honoring a major religious holiday or merely bragging about their worldliness?

The Pope Condemns Marijuana Legalization, But the People Have Smoken

Even Catholic nations are starting to support the legalization of marijuana, despite the disapproval of Pope "who am I to judge?" Francis.

Why Abstinence-Only Sex Education Is Dangerous

The federal government is still funding abstinence-only sex education, even though it doesn't give young people the tools they need to protect themselves.

This Black Student's Encounter With Racism Wasn't Unique, But His Reaction Was

Racist students attacked this college student, but look at the unusual way he's fighting back.

The Vine Video Compilation That Everyone Is Talking About

Warning: once you start watching this, you won't be able to stop.

Marijuana Legalization: Sanjay Gupta Approves, Showing Opinions Changing

Sanjay Gupta's recent reversal on marijuana policy signals a bigger shift in American society concerning the drug's role.

Elite Universities Are Just Corporations, Failing America’s Poor Students

Little has changed after generations of glossy college brochures overflowing with rhetoric about diversity. Elite colleges run like corporations are as bad as ever at recruiting poor students.

Two Companies Shut Down Rather Than Give the Government What It Demands

Lavabit, Edward Snowden's email provider, has shut down, refusing to cooperate with the government in the leaker investigation.

What We're All Secretly Trying to Say When We Take a Selfie

The proliferation of selfies goes beyond the gratification of one’s physical attributes and instead is about our desire to control our personal brand as the big brother society emerges.

The New Research Driving the Pro-Life Movement

Americans are coming to view unborn children as part of humanity and a piece of themselves. Fetal-pain research, though instrumental in pro-life advocacy, is simply a piece of a bigger equation.

These Gun Control Proposals are Irrational — and Unconstitutional

Why does Congress keep coming up with these ideas?

Rapists Are Blaming Their Underage Victims — and Judges Are Taking Them Seriously

Even young girls aren't immune to accusations they're responsible for their own rapes.

Olympic Sponsors Must Speak Out Against Russia's War On Gays

Russia won't listen to the international comunity, but it will definitely listen to money.

How Israel's Changing Demographics Could Disrupt the World

The latest report on demographic change in Israel suggests that soon this country will cease to exist as a Jewish state.

How to Scrap a U.S. Submarine, In 2 Easy Steps

A fire on a nuclear submarine started by a contractor with ex-girlfriend problems has forced the submarine to be scrapped, because due to sequestration, the government can't afford repairs.

"I Love Guns And Coffee" is Bringing Firearms to a Starbucks Near You

Gun owners will go armed to Starbucks Friday when getting coffee, as part of a campaign to show appreciation for letting customers pack heat when it accords with state law.

Reddit Has Set the Tone For Sloppy Journalism

Though Reddit and Twitter have allowed for the rapid dissemination of information across the world, sometimes, the ability for a name or information to spread quickly can come back to bite.

Gloria Steinem and Feminism Get Presidential Seal of Approval

Gloria Steinem, the most prominent feminist activist in modern American history, will be honored with the Presidental Medal of Freedom, and with her, so will feminism.

Shocking Video Shows Police Brutally Beating Female Shoplifter and Getting Away With It

The recent unpunished beating of an Iowa shoplifting suspect by police has brought light to a chilling truth: American police departments don't track and actively cover up incidents of brutality.

The Stories About Abortion That You Need to Hear

NARAL Pro-Choice America has created the Choice Out Loud writing contest to showcase millennials' voices and experiences, and create a forum for discussing abortion.

The Government's War on Millennials

Millennials have been at the eye of the economic storm, and it could get worse. But there is hope for us. Here's why.

Jason Collins, Sochi, and the Path Toward Progress

In Russia, LGBT athletes can now legally be arrested just for being themselves. But the best way to protest is not a boycott, but by showing up and standing up.

This Little Boy Might Not Live Until the Age of 5 – But Watch Him Get the Adventure Of a Lifetime

Watching the little boy knock off items on his bucket list will make you smile, laugh and cry all at the same time.

7 Links You Need to Check Out Before "Breaking Bad" Starts

"Breaking Bad" starts its last season this weekend. Here's a list of everything you need to see before then.

Want to Boycott the Olympics? Then You Should Boycott Russia

LGBT activists who want to boycott the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics need to take things a step further if they want to be effective. They should boycott Russia.

Don’t Boycott Russia, Ban Them From Participating in Their Own Olympics

The calls for an Olympic boycott over Russia’s anti-gay laws are dead in the water. But we should demand that Russia be banned from competing in its own Winter Games.

Why This Swimmer Feels the U.S. Must Participate in the 2014 Olympics

The U.S. has had a tremendous summer for gay rights. But what does it say if we back out of the Olympics and back down from the latest challenge for equal rights?

Prescott, Arizona, is Lowballing the Families Of 19 Dead Firefighters

Despite fighting one of Arizona's deadliest fires, Andrew Ashcraft's spouse and children will not receive the same benefits that firefighters designated as "full-time" will recieve.

6 Brilliant Writers On the Importance Of Keeping a Journal

These six writers found that keeping a journal was essential to their work, and to their lives. You will, too.

Republicans Would Rather Kamikaze America Than Work With Democrats On Obamacare

Republicans have found real problems with the Affordable Care Act. Democrats have proposed real solutions. But Republicans don't to fix things.

A Record Number Of Millennials Are Living at Home, But It’s Not What It Looks Like

Try as they might, our parents just can't get rid of us.

What Bob Filner and Ariel Castro Have in Common

Their actions could not be more different — but their flimsy justifications are strikingly similar.

Even Eric Holder Thinks It's Time to Reform Our Bloated, Horrible Prison System

The government pours countless amounts of dollars into our prisons every year, but we could easily cut that spending tremendously by convicting fewer felons on petty charges.

Here's How Having a Huge National Debt Increases the National Debt

Interest rates are currently at the lowest they've been in years, but at some point they'll have to go up — and then the interest on the national debt will give us all a rude awakening.

Is This What the End Of Freedom Of the Press Looks Like?

As the culture of corporate ownership of major media publications continues, it brings up interesting questions of what press freedom will look like in the future.

Israel's Settlement Expansions Show It's Not Interested in Peace

Despite the resumption of negotiations between Israel and Palestine, Israel's Civil Administration has given preliminary approval of the construction of 1,100 new settlement homes.

Meet Pierce Willans: Politics Junkie, Campaign Fellow, & Pundit Of the Week

As part of a weekly column, we spotlight one member of the PolicyMic community to share their story.

Your Heart is in the Right Place, But Boycotting the Olympics Won't Work

Boycotting the Olympics won't do anything to further your cause. It just hurts the athletes who have dedicated their entire lives at a chance for glory.

President Obama Tells Americans to Chill

In a press conference, President Obama promised to work to improve government transparency.

Millennial Actors Rock the Stage in New York's Fringe Festival

Two actors play a total of six roles in 'Half,' a theatrical farce that's part of the New York International Fringe Festival.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Owes Us a Better Apology

Despite the 13 women who have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment, the mayor of San Diego refuses to step down. Instead, he's going to rehab to "kick his habit."

Rehteah Parsons Bullies Will Go to Trial, But It Wasn't Just the Courts That Failed Her

The road to justice is being led only after years of Rehtaeh Parsons' suicide. Here is how it happened and here is how another situation like this can be prevented.

Mitch McConnell's Campaign Manager Stands With Rand, and Lands in Hot Water

A secretly recorded phone conversation provided a rare moment of candor for the campaign manager of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's reelection bid.

This Hardcore Birther Congressman Admits "We Lost That Argument"

Rep. Markwayne Mullin told a town hall meeting that he was a birther, but it was time to let the issue go. The birther movement may finally be fading into the sunset.

Malaria Vaccine Breakthrough Paves the Way For Future Cure

Researchers have shown that they were successfully able to prevent a small group of volunteers from contracting malaria.

Please Tell Me It's Not True That 69% of All New York Students Cannot Read Well

Recent test scores in New York show that many students would have trouble reading this article.

What This Children's Shirt Has to Do With the Next Chairman Of the Fed

The Children's Place recently pulled a t-shirt from its stores which suggested that girls love dance and hate math. What does this have to do with the larger debate on gender in politics?

New York Test Scores Plummet, But Here's Why You Shouldn't Panic

The Common Core has caused a debate between educators and American families, and New York State test scores are finally giving the two sides some data to fight about.

Happiness and Age are Related, But How?

Researchers want to know makes you happy, but the answers don't seem to match up.

PolicyMic's Culture Round-Up: Introducing Our Exciting Arts Fellows Program

The Culture section's must-reads of the week. Plus, information on our brand spankin' new arts fellows program.

Did You Actually Like That Article or Did You Just "Like" It Because Other People Did?

Facebook "likes" are contagious and harming independent thought.

Obama Press Conference LIVE: Watch President Address Drones, Putin, Al-Qaeda

The President is holding a formal press conference to address government surveillance programs and the cancellation of his meeting with Russian President Putin.

We're Sending Syrians Food — But It's Just An Excuse to Send Them Guns

The Obama administration has approved of a $125 million aid package set to help those affected by the ongoing civil war. Behind it, however, is the approval to send arms to the Syrian rebels.

That Plastic Bag You're Carrying Could Save a Newborn's Life. Here's How

But please, please don't start donating grocery bags to sub-Saharan Africa.

6 Posthumous Discoveries Of Art, Literature, and Music

The rediscovery of an early Orson Welles film calls for reflection on other works of art recovered and recognized after the artist's death.

4 Great Movie Scores You Didn't Know Were By Famous Musicians

Explosions in the Sky wrote the score for one of this summer's blockbusters, but they're not the only ones who have written the score for a movie you might not have expected.

Childhood Obesity is Declining, But Don't Break Out the Donuts Yet

19 of 43 states and territories examined from 2008-2011 showed small but significant declines in the childhood obesity rate. But it's no time to celebrate.

Scandal-Ridden Congressman Scott DesJarlais Still Wants Your Vote

Scott DesJarlais, a Tennessee Tea Partier, is running for reelection, but he may find he's got too much scandal and not enough money to fix a toxic past.

4 Things America Can Learn From Europe

While America still offers its residents a great deal of economic opportunity, Europe is beating the U.S. in a number of key quality of life indicators. Here's why.

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