Cliteracy: 21 Things Millennials Should Know About the Clitoris

In 2013, nothing should be revolutionary or subversive about discussing ladies' lady parts. Improve your cliteracy with these 21 things you didn't know about the (amazing) female sex organ!

Watch These Union Workers Give Walmart Bosses a Powerful Lesson They'll Never Forget

A campaign group storms a North Carolina Walmart to deliver a 170,000 signature petition. What happens next will make anyone who believes in worker's rights proud.

In Surprisingly Bold Move, Sweden Offers a Home to All Syrian Refugees

If you needed another reason to love Sweden, here it is.

10 Chemical Weapons Attacks Washington Doesn't Want You to Talk About

A list of 10 chemical weapons attacks carried out by the U.S. government or its allies against civilians.

5 Party Schools That Are Just As Good As the Ivy Leagues

Who says you can't work hard and play hard?

5 Reasons Jenny McCarthy Is Even More Dangerous Than You Thought

McCarthy is giving medical advice to vulnerable parents based on pseudoscience. It's like yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater, when there's no fire – and it's the kids who are getting trampled.

The One Thing White Writers Get Away With, But Authors of Color Don't

Critics are dumbfounded by the fact that Bill Cheng, a Chinese American from Queens, New York, wrote his debut novel about rural Mississippi. Would a white writer have received the same response?

How Long Did the Government Shutdown Last in 1995? Depends on Which Time

As we approach a 2013 governmnet shutdown, let's take a look back at 1995, the last time such an event occurred. If history is any indication, things could get weird, fast.

6 Things You Need to Know So Your Private YouTube Videos Don't End Up On Google

These are the YouTube privacy settings that will keep you safe while using this vast resource of entertainment and information.

How Much Does Obamacare Cost? This Graph Tells You

This is your complete, no BS guide to how much you'll be paying for health care under the new Obamacare law.

How Much Meth Does Your State Cook? These Maps Show the Drug's Foothold In America

We're all pretty familiar with what meth is and what it does, especially after five seasons of 'Breaking Bad.' But which states most resemble the TV show?

Sex Tape Celebrity Videos Fund the Entire Porn Industry, Apparently

The porn industry claims to be based off celebrity-sex tapes. If so, it's really based off America's obsession with celebrity.

iOS 7 Release: The Home Screen Still Looks Ugly As Ever

This Wednesday, iPhone users worldwide are likely to be disappointed by iOS 7's mediocre app icons.

6 Bands Who Hate the Songs That Made Them Famous

From "Creep" to "Harlem Shake," there are some songs that artists just can't live down.

You Think Obama Wants to Strike Syria? You're Wrong

President Barack Obama has no intention of military action in Syria. He's faking it, and throwing the game. We're all just playing along.

Breaking Season 6 Finale: The End Of TV's Greatest Drama

'Breaking Bad' is over — the show aired its series finale, "Felina," last night. Did it meet expectations? Thoughts — and many, many spoilers — after the jump.

An Inside Look At the Creepiest $5 Billion Industry in America

France is banning beauty pageants for minors. Will America follow suit?

How Did Syria Get Chemical Weapons? Did They Come From Our Old Friend Saddam?

Has anyone bothered to find out where the chemical weapons being used in Syria came from? For years, various sources insisted that Saddam Hussein hid his WMDs across the border in Syria.

Marijuana Legalization: The Republican Argument For Doing It

I'm a former GOP aide and I changed my mind. You should, too.

Why I Only Feel Gratitude After Being Attacked in a Hate Crime

People keep asking me what it feels like to have been assaulted in a hate crime. Honestly, I can’t come up with a better response than simply “gratitude.”

Officials Claim Tunisian Women are Waging a 'Sexual Jihad' in Syria, But What's the Real Story?

Is the viral story about Tunisian holy-sex warriors heading to Syria to satisfy rebels actually true? Or is this another case of misinformation in the propaganda front of the Syrian civil war?

New iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2: Rumor Roundup For Tuesday's Relase

A rumored new iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 may be released today by Apple at 1pm ET. Check here for all the latest updates.

'Breaking Bad' Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: "To'hajiilee" Goes To 11

Last night, Breaking Bad aired "To'hajiilee," the fifth of its final eight episodes, and ramped the action up to almost unwatchable levels. Thoughts — and spoilers — ahead.

The 15 Most Murderous Cities in the United States

Chicago and New York top the list the FBI released ranking the most murderous cities in America.

New Never Before Seen Footage Of 9/11 Will Give You Chills

A video is currently ciculating the internet claiming to contain "never before seen" footage of the streets of New York City immediately following the 2001 WTC attacks.

iPhone 5S vs Galaxy Note 3: Which Will Be the Better Phone?

Samsung will release its newest phone, the Galaxy Note 3, today. How will it stack up to the upcoming release of the iPhone 5s?

Your Simple Guide to What Happens If the Government Shuts Down Next Month

A U.S. government shutdown is likely to happen next month. U.S. default is less likely. Here's what we can expect and why.

Why Aaron Hernandez Will Be Acquitted and Play For Another NFL Team

On Friday, Aaron Hernandez was arraigned for first-degree murder. Here's why he'll probably beat the charges and walk free to whichever NFL team will have him.

As the Husband of a Rape Survivor, Here's What I Say to Other Men

How to be a better ally in five steps.

'Friends' and 'How I Met Your Mother': A Side-By-Side Analysis

In advance of the final season of 'How I Met Your Mother,' here's a look at the uncanny parallels between these two long-running sitcoms about young friends living in New York City.

'Breaking Bad' Season 6 Episode 7 Recap: "Granite State" Shows the End is Nigh

'Breaking Bad' aired its penultimate episode, "Granite State," on Sunday night. With one episode to go, where does everyone stand? Thoughts, and spoilers, after the jump.

'Breaking Bad' Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: "Rabid Dog" Turns the Tides

"Breaking Bad" aired the fourth of its final eight episodes, "Rabid Dog," Sunday night. Did it sustain the frantic pace of the previous three episodes? Thoughts, and spoilers, ahead.

If This Model is "Plus-Sized," Then the Fashion World Has Lost Its Mind

Meet Robyn Lawley, a supermodel you probably haven't heard about. She's changing the fashion world.

What is Molly? And How It Became Millennials' Drug Of Choice

Do you know molly? Those bouncy, happy, sweaty people at the Swedish House Mafia show you went to certainly do. Every generation has it's drug of choice, but how do they choose it?

The 10 Best Jack Nicholson Movies Ever

One of Hollywood's greatest actors is retiring. Which of these movies were your favorite?

10 Foreign Words We Wish We Had in English

If you've ever realized that there's just no English word to describe what you are trying to say, you might be interested in these words from other languages around the world.

'Breaking Bad' Season 6 Episode 6 Recap: "Ozymandias" Brings A Colossal Wreck

'Breaking Bad' aired its third-to-last episode, "Ozymandias," Sunday night. Did it maintain the momentum of last week's instant classic? Thoughts (and tons of spoilers) ahead.

Immigration Reform 2013: This is the Biggest Immigration Issue You Haven't Heard About

If Congress does not pass visa reform it would be disastrous for the basic fabric of the U.S. economy, causing economic growth, education, and innovation to all stagnate.

Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Price and Release Date: Everything You Need to Know About Samsung's New Device

Check here for the price and release date for Samsung's newest gadget, the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch, at the "Unpacked Live" event being held before "IFA 2013" in Berlin.

7 Invaluable Writing Tips From Stephen King

What the author of The Shining, Carrie, and The Green Mile can teach us about writing.

5 Stunning Poems That Remind You Why Fall is the Best Season

There’s something ineffable about the fleeting transition from summer to winter, making this time of year strange, sacred, and irresistible to poets.

5 Lies About Muslims Fox News Told You

Here's what Fox News has said about Muslims before and why they are wrong.

5 Online Tools To Get Classified Government Information

These five internet resources will help you find classified documents and information about lobbying.

Samsung Announcement LIVE: New Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Released

Samsung will be releasing its newest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3, and you can get all the latest updates here.

15 Top Foreign Colleges Just As Great As America's Universities

Five out of the world's 20 best universities are in the United States. Here are the 15 other institutes which produce the best graduates the world has to offer.

Famous Films You Never Knew Were Based on Shakespeare Plays

These seven adaptations of Shakespeare are still worth checking out. Ads Made This Food App a Buttload Of Money

Eat24's mobile delivery app was given the stink-eye by skeptics when they started advertising their services on porn sites. Turn out to be the best decision they ever made.

Apple Livestream: Watch Tim Cook Unveil New iPhone Here

Watch Tim Cook unveil the new iPhone here during live stream coverage of Tuesday's release event at 1pm ET.

What I Say to Miss America, And Anyone Who Still Thinks Women’s Beauty Is Only Bikini-Deep

Should we care that the largest benefactor of women’s scholarships ranks women based on what they look like in a bathing suit? Hum, yes.

Obama Will Not Get Away With a Syria Strike On My Watch

President Obama made the mistake of setting a "red line" and calling for Assad's ouster. We shouldn't put America through another endless war because of his huge blunder.

What '40 Days of Dating' Got Right About Millennial Relationships

Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh's artificial dating experiment had an important message about our 21st-century relationships, but it wasn't the one the couple intended.

This Former TFA Corps Member Thinks You Should Join City Year Instead

But first: ask yourself one really important question.

5 People Who Used An AR-15 to Defend Themselves, and It Probably Saved Their Lives

What does Dianne Feinstein say to this 15-year-old Houston boy, Rochester college student, Philadelphia couple, Detroit small business, and LA grocery store?

Building 7: Why Conspiracy Theorists Get It Wrong

9/11 conspiracy theorists believe the U.S. orchestrated the attacks and cite the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 as proof. Here's why they are wrong.

Top 11 Liberal Arts Colleges Just As Great as the Ivy League

Students don't have to drown in debt after attending an Ivy League. They can still get a great education at a liberal arts college.

5 Most Offensive Asian Characters in TV History

Seth MacFarlane's latest comedy, Dads, is met with negative reviews, especially regarding the portrayal of its Asian characters. Here's a look at some of TV's worst Asian characters.

15 Stunning Photos That Show How Bad New York City Used to Be

NYC didn't always mean Jay-Z, Queen Bey, and pork buns at Momofuku. Check out these 15 photos from the city's low point in the 1970s and 1980s.

A Human Moment From the Most Isolated Place in the World

During my recent trip to North Korea, I spoke with a North Korean military officer. This is what happened.

A "Halo" Developer Called This Female Avatar "Disgusting"

343 Industries designer David Ellis expressed disdain for Hideo Kojima's scantily clad female character design for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Why Joining a Frat is the Best Thing You Can Do in College

It's not just about popped collars and keg stands.

Latest on Syria: 10 Ways Bombing Syria Would Be Bad For the U.S., and Syrians

Obama is ready to engage in a U.S. bombing of Syria, but the latest news suggests this would be a terrible idea. For starters, it would be illegal and make the situation worse for Syrians.

New Evidence Sheds Light On Chris McCandless Death, But it Doesn't Matter

Twenty years after Jon Krakauer published his first article about the life and death of Christopher McCandless, he advanced a new theory this week about Chris' death in Alaska in 1992.

Syrian Execution Video: So-Called Moderate Rebels Also Committing War Crimes

Although underreported in the media, Free Syrian Army and its affiliates are complicit in several of their own war crimes. As such, it is flawed to label them as "moderates."

Obamacare Explained in 7 Easy Steps By Its Original Creator, Mitt Romney

As governor, Mitt Romney created the Republican-despised Affordable Care Act in its original form. How far we've come, huh?

The U.S. Economy From the Eyes Of an Unemployed 20-Something

What is my generation supposed to do?

10 Things About College Every Freshman Should Prepare For

Take it from someone who had their Facebook permanently deleted within the first month of college.

Typhoon Usagi: Storm Tracker Shows Hong Kong is Right in Superstorm's Path

The strongest storm on Earth this year is headed for Hong Kong. It's a super typhoon that's now equivalent to a category 5 hurricane.

A 14-Year-Old Girl's Analysis Of 'Animal Farm' Everyone Should Read

This 14-year-old home schooled girl's analysis of George Orwell's classic novel nails it on every single level.

FEMEN Told Me to "Take Off My Headscarf" Before Standing Up For Women

Sometimes the saviors need saving.

The Complete History Of Syria in 21 Photos

As the United States prepares to possibly launch a military operation against Syria, here's a brief history lesson on the country everyone is talking about.

You Should Be Drinking Bourbon, and Here's Why

As a member of the most open-minded and curious generation ever, it's time you give bourbon a try.

Meet the "Health Ranger" Who's Using Pseudoscience to Sell His Lies

A peddler of pseudoscience is making money off of the ignorance of consumers while claiming to help them.

There's a New Cocaine Capital in the World, and It's Upending South America

The numbers are in: Peru is again the world's largest cocaine producer. What is behind the rise?

UC Berkeley Explosion: All Students Ordered to Evacuate

An explosion has rocked the campus of the University of California at Berkeley.

5 Anais Nin Quotes That Will Change How You See the World

Author Anais Nin compulsively recorded and analyzed her every experience, leading to these transformative observations.

An Inside Look at the Textbook Scam Sweeping College Campuses

The only thing more mindblowing than increasing costs for higher education is the increasing costs for textbooks despite the numerous cheaper alternatives the internet provides.

These 2 Songs From the New MGMT Album Are Incredible

In their new album MGMT has embraced their psychedlic vibe, and the results are pure magic.

Ole Miss Football: Playing "Dixie" At SEC Games Isn't Racist — It's Southern Culture

Should the playing of the Confederacy's unofficial national anthem and other songs associated with the Confederacy be dropped at college football games?

Immigration Reform 2013 Will Create New Jobs, Increase Wages, and Lower the Deficit

Immigration reform in 2013 could be a huge boost to the economy, and one answer to our rising deficit.

9/11 Rescue: Some Of the Biggest Heroes Were Not Human

Rescue dogs may not have known about what was happening on 9/11, but they put their lives on the line to save numerous victims of circumstance on that tragic day.

Meet the 4-Year-Old Boy Who Stood Up to Al-Qaeda and Saved His Family

After Elliot saw his mother get shot in the thigh, he looked up to the terrorist and said, "You’re a bad man, let us leave." As it turns out, the terrorist did just that.

This Bigoted CEO Just Gave Millions Of Americans a Reason to Boycott Italian Pasta

What happens when the largest producer of pasta tells gay people not to buy their pasta? Everyone pretty much decides not to buy their pasta.

This Weed Farmer Thought He'd Set a Deadly Trap, What Happens Next is Expected

Daniel Ricketts was found dead earlier this week when after a seemly drunken ATV ride. He nearly decapitated himself on his own booby traps used to protect his marijuana plants.

Futurama Finale: Goodbye to Television's Most Heartfelt Comedy

The titular sci-fi cartoon, "Futurama" aired its last episode Wednesday night. The finale represented the cultural landmark that the show is.

Apple iWatch: You're Laughing Now, But Soon You'll Be Wearing One

The tech world is buzzing over rumors of an Apple "iWatch" coming sometime in the next year or two. Watches may seem like a tough sell, but Apple has done it before.

What It's Like to Be a White Woman of Color

No matter what you decide you are, others will disagree.

Why Are Mass Shootings Increasing Even While Gun Violence is Decreasing?

Deadly mass shootings have been on the rise since 2007, even though gun violence on the whole has declined. Are we ushering in a new decade of the "mass shooting"?

7 Eerie Ways That H.G. Wells Predicted the Future

H.G. Wells isn't only one of the fathers of science fiction. He might just be the father of the future too.

'New Girl' Schmidt: Why He Should Choose Elizabeth Over Cece

On 'New Girl,' Schmidt is struggling to choose between two women. It's time for the plus-size girl to get the guy.

Gay Man in Russia Beaten and Raped On Camera in Horrific Viral Video

Russia is getting a lot of good press for its diplomatic approach to Syria, but don't let that distract you from the gross treatment of Russia's own LGBT citizens.

If You Hate Islamophobia, You'll Love Seeing This Soldier's Powerful Response To a Bigot

If most Americans did this, we'd live in a much better world.

Dear Men: Your Balls Are Not That Big

Men take up too much space in public spaces, and it's not because their balls are that big.

In 2 Minutes, This Man Dismantled Decades Of Racism and Homophobia in Comedy

Instead of taking down other people, he decided to take down the system that makes gay and racist jokes still acceptable in our society.

5 Biggest Myths Hollywood Taught Us About the Middle Ages

Productions like 'Game of Thrones', 'Pillars of the Earth', 'Braveheart', and various Robin Hood interpretations all perpetuate many myths about the misunderstood Medieval era.

Don’t Let Pope Francis Fool You – It’s the Same Old Catholic Church

Pope Francis has been widely hailed for shifting the Catholic Church's tone on social issues, but fundamentally he hasn't changed anything. And won't.

This Woman Thinks Your Teenage Daughter is a Slut

Kim Hall thinks the world has to protect her sons from seeing young women as sex objects.

What This Artist Gained After Losing 110 Pounds

Jen Davis became famous for capturing striking portraits of the struggles of being overweight. Now, 110 pounds lighter, she still employs the vulnerability that captivated us all along.

5 Dinner Party Rules For Discussing the Syria Crisis

Over the last two weeks, Syria has become a hot topic of conversation as a possible U.S. military intervention looms. Here are some tips to manage the issue in a social setting.

What Would It Look Like If We Turned the Daily Mail's Sexism Around On Men?

News outlets must stop objectifying female celebrities. This is what it looks like, fellas.

Micro-Porn On Vine, Tumblr, and Reddit Beats Out Mainstream Amateur Porn

Micro-porn, part of the subculture amateur porn, is now easily accessible on social media platforms like Vine, Reddit, and Tumblr. Should this new wave of porn be regulated on social media sites?

5 Powerful Reasons I'm a (Male) Feminist

Rape culture, much?