What is Molly? And How It Became Millennials' Drug Of Choice

Do you know molly? Those bouncy, happy, sweaty people at the Swedish House Mafia show you went to certainly do. Every generation has it's drug of choice, but how do they choose it?

Latest on Syria: 10 Ways Bombing Syria Would Be Bad For the U.S., and Syrians

Obama is ready to engage in a U.S. bombing of Syria, but the latest news suggests this would be a terrible idea. For starters, it would be illegal and make the situation worse for Syrians.

Latest On Syria: That Awkward Moment When Saudi Arabia and Israel Are Sort Of On The Same Side

As Syria’s complex story continues to unfold, PolicyMic will be keeping you updated with analysis, reporting, and background information.

Richard Schmidt: Ohio White Supremacist Arrested, But Neo-Nazism is On the Rise

A white supremacist in Ohio was caught with heavy ammunition, neo-Nazi paraphernalia, and a list of black and Jewish leaders. What's more? That may just be the tip of the iceberg.

Obama and Syria: President's Rose Garden Speech is One of His Best

Obama's speech in the Rose Garden calling for Congress' approval before military action in Syria could go down as one of the great moments of his presidency.

Kosovo is the Model For U.S. War With Syria, Forget About What Happened in Iraq

No one wants a repeat of Iraq, but it would be a bigger mistake to let these scars keep us out of Syria. We shouldn't forget that there are virtues to humanitarian intervention.

Labor Day 2013: Don't Celebrate Unions, Celebrate Capitalism

Labor Day is meant to celebrate workers, but we should really be honoring the great system of capitalism.

“Made in America” 2013: Jay Z's Festival is Best of the Summer

This year, Jay-Z put together an all-star lineup that shows what a music festival should truly be.

ICYMI, Not ONE Republican Leader Showed Up to Honor MLK This Week

The absence of Republicans at the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington indicates that this is a party that has forgotten its past.