New iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2: Rumor Roundup For Tuesday's Relase

A rumored new iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 may be released today by Apple at 1pm ET. Check here for all the latest updates.

10 Foreign Words We Wish We Had in English

If you've ever realized that there's just no English word to describe what you are trying to say, you might be interested in these words from other languages around the world.

Samsung Announcement LIVE: New Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Released

Samsung will be releasing its newest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3, and you can get all the latest updates here.

Why Joining a Frat is the Best Thing You Can Do in College

It's not just about popped collars and keg stands.

10 Things About College Every Freshman Should Prepare For

Take it from someone who had their Facebook permanently deleted within the first month of college.

An Inside Look at the Textbook Scam Sweeping College Campuses

The only thing more mindblowing than increasing costs for higher education is the increasing costs for textbooks despite the numerous cheaper alternatives the internet provides.

What It's Like to Be a White Woman of Color

No matter what you decide you are, others will disagree.

Apple iPhone Announcement LIVE: New iPhone Released

Follow this blog for live footage of Apple's release event expected to unveil the iPhone 5s and iOS7 on Tuesday at 1pm ET, as well as all the latest updates on Apple's newest technology.

Is Ryan O'Connell the Real First Voice Of Our Generation?

Q&A with Ryan O'Connell, Thought Catalog's first staff writer and author of the site's early viral successes like 'How to Be a 20-Something' and 'What It Feels Like to Get F***ed in the Ass.'

Ashley Dupre: Where is She Now?

As Eliot Spitzer makes his political comeback, let's take a look at how the former escort linked to his downfall found success and legitimacy in the wake of the "Luv Guv" scandal.

The Outrageous Truth About Being Transgender in the U.S. Military

A critical look at how "T" is left out of LGBT benefits following the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

5 Life Lessons From J.D. Salinger's 'Franny and Zooey'

Here's what the classic can tell you about art, life, and getting over your ego.

Things That Only Kids of Lebanese Immigrants Understand

Did you know that some of the most successful immigrants are of Lebanese descent?

The Only Anthony Weiner Interview You Will Actually Enjoy Watching

The interview every media personality was dying to do and that Anthony Weiner never expected to get.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why Syria Means It's the Wrong Time

Shortened congressional schedules and an overcrowding of issues may spell doom for immigration reform's once promising future.

Watch Russell Brand Blow the Lid on the Company That's Been Hiding a Huge Dirty Secret From Men

This may change the way you buy pants forever.

New Apple Release Roundup: Fingerprint Sensor, Budget iPhone and Free Software

Here's all you need to know about iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c "budget" model, and iOS 7, released today in Cupertino.

D.C. Minimum Wage Law: Walmart Has Spoken, But is Mayor Gray Listening?

At a time when unemployment in the nation's capital far exceeds the national average, the D.C. City Council has a scheme to further eliminate jobs.

A Short History Of Syria's Brutal First Family

With the Syrian civil war apparently reaching its climax, nobody cares to have a look at the al-Assad family itself, but it could, however, give you some food for thought.

5 Recent Big Wins For Gender-Neutral Toys

Who needs blue and pink?

Words Of Wisdom From the Guy Who Didn't Hire Me

Wise words from someone who rejected my job application. Hint: Never give up, and write for PolicyMic.

3 Businesses Caught Discriminating Against Their Employees Based On Race

Careful where you buy those jeans.

This 18-Year-Old Pulled a Prank — and Got Shot and Killed For It

This lighthearted prank ended in a tragic accidental killing. In these circumstances, the killer's actions were justifiable.

5 Works of Art That Completely Scandalized Your Grandparents

Just when the line is crossed, it becomes blurred again. Is it a vicious cycle of scandal or a natural evolution of art?

iPhone 5S Price and Release Date: Everything You Need To Know About Apple's New iPhone

Apple is expected to release its new iPhones, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C. Check here for all the latest updates about the new iPhone 5s, including price and release date.

Syria War 2013: Unveiling Obama's New "Axis of Evil"

President Obama hasn't articulated a clear foreign policy. If he's going to rally the drums of war, then he better explain the reasons to the American people.

NYC Polls: Latest Numbers in the Mayoral and Comptroller Elections

Bill de Blasio is hoping to avoid a run-off by gaining 40%, and Eliot Spitzer looks to return to politics.

No One Knows Obama's Plan To Strike Syria Because He Doesn't Have One

Obama never wanted to strike Syria. He wanted to look tough and stall for a way out.

Anthony Banks Execution: Is There a Moral Justification for Killing a Killer?

Another man will be executed tonight. However horrific was his crime, is there a moral justification for such a state-sanctionned act?

Fall 2013 Movie Preview: 11 Movies You Can't Miss

With the arrival of fall, it's time to count down the movies everyone - including the Academy - will be buzzing about this season.

Transcript of Charlie Rose Interview With Bashar al-Assad Speaks Volumes

The full interview between Charlie Rose and President Bashar al-Assad aired on September 9 and the transcript shows just how calculated it was.

5 Reasons 'Deferred Action' On Immigration is Exactly As Useless As It Sounds

Politicians can not keep pretending that half-actions are worthy of praise.

Dear Mayor Bloomberg: Thanks For Being NYC's Nanny-in-Chief, Now Good Riddance

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

This Texas Sign Company Thinks Domestic Violence is Just Hilarious

This Texas sign company somehow decided that making jokes about domestic violence was A-OK. Thankfully the community is fighting back.

5 Best Rants from Craigslist About Syria

As members of Congress wrap up debate and prepare to vote on the use of force in Syria, many feel their opinions have still not been heard and have taken to the internet to broadcast them.

5 Ways the Myth Of the 'Depressed Woman' Hurts Men

Is your depression the manly type?

New iPhone: What Is Liquid Metal?

As Apple is set to release its newest iPhones on Tuesday, rumors are circulating that the device may include the innovative alloy material "Liquid Metal."

New Apple iWatch and Budget iPhone: This Could Be the Best Release Yet

On September 10, Apple is going to release its next round of products. The best case scenario in my own opinion would be releasing a new Apple iWatch and Budget iPhone, but will it happen?

Sydney Leathers Video: Anthony Weiner and How to Survive a Sex Scandal

A playbook for all you disgraced male politicians out there.

iPhone 5c Release Date: Budget iPhone Unveiled

iPhone 5c was released today, for $99 on-contract. Here is all you need to know.

Thanks to Radical Islam, Saying This One Word Could Get You Imprisoned in Malaysia

Catholic newspaper the Herald is in a legal battle with Malaysian authorities over use of the word "Allah."

These 5 Videos Could Soon Be Illegal

An Obama administration task force has recommended reviving a provision of SOPA that would make online streaming and sharing of copyrighted material a felony. Here's what you need to know.

Hassan Rouhani Will Now Begin Accepting Your Facebook Friend Requests

Iran's leaders are now on Facebook and Twitter. But will they follow through and let anyone in the country use these social tools?

Obama Syria Plan: Did He Just Get the Russians On Board?

Did Russia finally tire of being irrelevant? Time will tell but this proposal is better than the politics of “nyet,” and it is one of the ways Obama's threats against Syria are already helping.

White Southerners Still Resent End of Slavery, But That's Not the Whole Story

A new study suggests the GOP may be more appealing to white Southerners that hold deep-seated racist beliefs, but the far right doesn't represent America's only racists by a long shot.

Even Scandinavia Has Figured It Out, Why Can't We?

Sweden, Finland and now Norway have swung right. As the rest of the western world is turning to fiscally conservative policies, the U.S. is sailing full speed toward socialist economic practices.

NYC 2013 Mayor Election Candidates: Yes, We Have Republicans in NYC

If you happen to find yourself in the oxymoron that is the New York City GOP, here is how to approach Tuesday's Mayoral Primary.

Where To Watch Apple Announcement Online: Details Here

Apple is unveiling its newest phones the iPhone 5s Tuesday at 1PM ET. Apple won't be streaming it, but here's where to watch the newest announcements.

19-Year-Old Bleeds to Death During Childbirth in Baptist College Dorm Room

Ayaanah Gibson was 32 weeks pregnant when she died giving birth at her college in South Carolina. Her family and friends claim Gibson didn't know she was pregnant.

NYC Election 2013: Anthony Weiner's Most Embarrassing Interview Ever

This is how you bomb an interview, hard.

Bill de Blasio is Racist, According to the Guy Behind Stop and Frisk

Race relations are really not Bloomberg's thing.

Medical Marijuana States Face an Eager DEA That's Manipulating Its Numbers to Look Good

The DEA seized a decade-low amount of marijuana plants last year. So why are they still calling it a success?

iPhone 5s Specs: Price, Fingerprint Sensor, and All You Need To Know About Apple's Latest Device

The iPhone 5s will be 16 GB $199 on contract, and will have an updated camera and fingerprint sensor.

These Texans Think Profiting From Abducted Women is Good Business

But they don't condone violence against us or anything.

Teens Are Actually Having Fewer Babies Than Ever

But they're definitely not having less sex.

Apple Live Stream: What's Happening Inside Apple's Release Event

Apple is announcing its latest gadgets today starting at 1PM from Cupertino. As Apple hasn't yet released live stream video, here are some images from inside the event.

Aeroscraft: Holy Crap! Blimps Might Actually Be Good For Something!

Perhaps the most meaningful innovation is in Aeroscraft’s ability to ascend and descend vertically like a helicopter, but haul up to 250 tons of cargo!

Apple's Budget iPhone: Price, Rumors, and What to Expect From iPhone 5c

Apple will be unveiling its budget iPhone, the 5c model, in attempt to edge out global competition from companies like Samsung.

Antonin Scalia Says Capitalism is More Christian Than Socialism, and He's Flat Out Wrong

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia thinks capitalism is more dependent on Christianity than other forms of government. Why, exactly?

NYC Mayoral Poll: How the Candidates Stack Up on Election Day

In a fluid race, Bill de Blasio polls ahead of his rivals, but here's why he won't be able to avoid a runoff with Bill Thompson or Christine Quinn. Also: why John Liu has a shot.

7 Ways Pro-Government Economists Get It Wrong

Some people would like you to think that catastrophes like hurricanes or that government projects create jobs and wealth. It may, but that's not the whole picture ...

4 Epic Constituent Reactions to the War in Syria

Lawmakers returning to Washington this week bring with them antagonistic constituent reactions to a possible Syrian intervention.

Apple iOS 7: Release Date, Rumors, and Updates About Apple's New Software

Apple's newest software iOS 7 will be unveiled today at 1pm ET. Here is everything you need to know about the release date, rumors, and updates on Apple's new software.

9/11 2013: WTC Responders Deserve Free Cancer Treatment

Until research definitely concludes there is no link between the WTC debris and cancer, the safest option is for the government to continue covering the health costs for those exposed.

Syria War News: Are the U.S. and Russia Playing Good Cop, Bad Cop?

Sec. Kerry's offhand propsal and its effect on the debate over Syria is clearly dramatic — in that it's amusingly similar to a well known dramatic trope, Good Cop Bad Cop.

Apple (APPL) Stock: Shares Up In Anticipation of iPhone 5s Release

Apple stocks are up in anticipation of Tuesday's unveiling of two new iPhones at 1pm ET. The company is entering a crucial stage in trajectory shareholders hope will boost growth.

This Haircut Was Also a First Amendment Violation — Here's Why

If a man robs a store, then how many of his civil rights are robbed from him?

Syria War News: The Simple Guide to the Senate Vote On Syria

The who, what, where, when, and how of the Obama administration's efforts to secure the 60 votes needed in the Senate to declare war on Syria.

Who is the Next Mayor Of New York City?

After a long battle with Christine Quinn, William Thompson, Anthony Wiener, and other Democratic candidates, Bill de Blasio seems to be headed to for victory among the Democratic candidates.

Syria's Chemical Weapons Mean We Must Act — But Not For the Reason You Think

Not all slippery-slope arguments are fallacies. If we let a country get away with chemical-weapons use once, we encourage them to do it again.

New Comic Convention Harassment Policies Are a Step in the Right Direction

It may not be possible to completely stop cosplayer harassment, but comic conventions are making strides when it comes to ensuring the safety and comfort of all attendees.

Assad Interview: 5 Repercussions the U.S. Could Face For a Strike On Syria

Bashir al-Assad has spoken out against U.S. intervention in Syria by threatening with retaliations. What are those repercussions? Here's a list of possiblities.

NYC Election 2013: Who Are the Biggest Outside Spenders?

Outside groups spending on local elections has long been common, especially in major cities like New York. Who are some of these mysterious groups, and who have they been spending on?

PolicyMic's September Challenge: School Us On Education Reform

Talking 'bout our education.

NYC Mayor Results: De Blasio Has Decisive Lead in Exit Polls

Bill de Blasio holds the lead in early exit polls, possibly high enough to avoid a runoff.

5 Reasons for Millennials to Have Hope in This Economy

All is not lost! Here is a list of 5 things to remember next time you start feeling sorry for yourself.

Syria War: Russia's Proposal Could Kill Plans For U.S. Military Action

As Syria’s complex story continues to unfold, PolicyMic will be keeping you updated with analysis, reporting, and background information.

NYC Comptroller Election: Why Eliot Spitzer is Worth Your Vote

Former New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer has returned to the political arena five years after the "Guv Luv" Scandal. Here's why he is worth your vote for NYC Comptroller.

Apple Release: Nokia Shoots Back, Thanks for "Imitation"

Apple released updates to a sleeker, streamlined new iPhone with the iPhone 5s. Nokia shot back on Twitter.

NYC Mayor Polls 2013: De Blasio in Commanding Lead, Quinn Could Be Low As 13%

The latest polls indicate that Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is so far in the lead that his opponents would do well just to force him into a runoff.

Spitzer Results: Comptroller Race Going Poorly For Luv Gov, But It's Not Over Yet

Weiner isn't the only one who might be fizzing out in his comeback. Eliot Spitzer is behind by a close margin as reporting precincts come in.

Christine Quinn Results: We're Calling It, She Lost

At less than 16% of the vote, Quinn is a distant third and appears to be faltering in her efforts to reach a potential runoff.

What is Syria Going to Do Next?

Russia's proposal to put Syria's chemical weapons under international control to avoid U.S. military strikes could be a potential breakthrough in the crisis. But is this plan really feasible?

Syria Chemical Weapons: Kerry's Diplomatic Fumbling Finds a Solution to Syria

Has John Kerry accidentally stumbled on a workable political solution to the Syrian crisis?

Is Your State Fighting to Protect These Puppies?

While some states are finding ways to protect our puppy companions, others are dropping the ball.

iPhone 5c Price: Budget iPhone Released Tuesday for $99

Apple released its iPhone 5c for $99 for 16 GB on-contract.

Weiner NYC Election: Sydney Leathers is the Cloud On Weiner's Last Erection Day

Sydney Leathers was back on election day to ruin a Weiner event and tweet up a storm about his campaign in a humiliating final touch to his clearly imminent defeat.

Syria Latest: John Kerry Unwittingly Explains the Problem With U.S. Foreign Policy

In 11 words, Secretary of State John Kerry unwittingly explained what's wrong with U.S. foreign policy.

Tim Cook Announcement: What He Said About Apple

Tim Cook announced the latest updates to Apple's gadget's, including the iPhone 5s and iOS 7, at 1PM ET Tuesday. Here's what he said.

Mic Check: 5 Rules to Avoid Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth On Syria

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring analysis of the world's top news and a collection of links from around the web.

iPhone 5S Price: All You Need To Know About Apple's New iPhone

Apple's sleek gold and silver iPhone 5s was jus tunveiled in Cupertino. Here's all you need to know about the latest Apple phone.

iOS 7 Release Date: Free Sept 18

Apple's latest software iOS 7 will be available for free download, released September 18.

UN Security Council Cancels Meeting On Syria At Russia's Request

The United Nations Security Council has canceled a scheduled meeting on Syria and its chemical weapons.

Syria Debate: Get Caught Up With This 80-Second Video

The Syria debate has taken so many twists and turns, it is hard to keep track. Here's an 80-second video to get you up to speed.

Obama Syria Speech: What to Expect From Upcoming Obama Address

President Obama has placed himself squarely between a rock and a hard place with respect to the conflict in Syria. Tonight's address should reveal just that.

Yes, We Vote Too

We're New Yorkers, too.

Latest NYC Mayor Polls: De Blasio Leads For Democrats, Tossup For Comptroller

The polls have been conducted. Now it's time for the voters to support their candidates on election day.

On Bloomberg's Last Day in Office, This is the Legacy He'll Leave Behind

Love him or hate him, Bloomberg's mark on New York City can't be denied. Here's a look at what he was about, and some recommended reading on his legacy.

Where to Vote NYC: Here's Your Poll Site Locator

For all you last minute voters, you have until 9 p.m. to cast your vote! Where to vote in NYC: find out here with the poll site locator.

NYC Polling Place Closing Time: You Better Get There by 9 PM!

The closing time for NYC polling places in the Tuesday, September 10 election is 9 p.m.

Trouble Voting in NYC? You're Not Alone, Weiner Had Trouble Too

A number of voters expressed trouble voting in NYC during the September 10 primary, Anthony Weiner included.

Bill De Blasio Racist? What Was Bloomberg Thinking

When Mayor Bloomberg referred to Bill de Blasio as running a "racist" campaign, what exactly was the Mayor thinking?

Where to Vote New York: Last Minute Polling Locations Before 9:00 PM Cutoff

It's okay, we've all had to vote at the last minute. You have two hours to get to one of these polling locations.

LIVE NYC Exit Polls: NYC Dems Are Ready For a Break From Bloomberg

Exit polls from NYC Democrats reflect a desire for change. Exit polls from NYC Republicans ... do not exist.

Obama Syria Policy: What Will It Be Tonight?

President Obama's Syria policy has been a muddled, meandering mess.

NYC Election Results: Vito Lopez Keeps It Classy

According to a flier encouraging voters to support this serial sexual harasser, 95% of all sexual-harassment claims are made-up. Hooray for local politics!

Obama Speech LIVE: Syria Livestream

Live video of President Obama speech on Syria from the White House.

NYC Mayor Results: First Exit Polls Point to De Blasio Landslide

On Tuesday, NYC voters go to the polls to pick the Democratic and Republican nominees for mayor. Follow PolicyMic's liveblog for analysis and breaking news updates!

Obama Says Syria Conflict Not a Direct Threat

Recognizes that Syria conflict is not crucial to U.S. national security.

UN Security Council Resolution Sought By Obama

President Obama said he will seek a resolution at the UNSC with the four other permanent members of the council

Obama Syria Speech Transcript

Full text of President Obama's speech on Tuesday night.

Bill de Blasio Winning — With Help From An Unexpected Bloc

de Blasio's biggest fans look eerily like the biggest fans of another notable NYC politician.

Bill de Blasio Runoff: He's Hit the Magic Number

On Tuesday, NYC voters go to the polls to pick the Democratic and Republican nominees for mayor. Follow PolicyMic's liveblog for analysis and breaking news updates!

Anthony Weiner Concedes: It's Over For Carlos Danger

Our long national nightmare is over ... but it was kind of fun while it lasted.

Who is Joe Lhota: A Look at the GOP's Nominee in NYC

A look at the former MTA chief and former Giuliani surrogate who will carry the Republican banner in New York City.