Cliteracy: 21 Things Millennials Should Know About the Clitoris

In 2013, nothing should be revolutionary or subversive about discussing ladies' lady parts. Improve your cliteracy with these 21 things you didn't know about the (amazing) female sex organ! Ads Made This Food App a Buttload Of Money

Eat24's mobile delivery app was given the stink-eye by skeptics when they started advertising their services on porn sites. Turn out to be the best decision they ever made.

Building 7: Why Conspiracy Theorists Get It Wrong

9/11 conspiracy theorists believe the U.S. orchestrated the attacks and cite the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 as proof. Here's why they are wrong.

Top 11 Liberal Arts Colleges Just As Great as the Ivy League

Students don't have to drown in debt after attending an Ivy League. They can still get a great education at a liberal arts college.

9/11 Rescue: Some Of the Biggest Heroes Were Not Human

Rescue dogs may not have known about what was happening on 9/11, but they put their lives on the line to save numerous victims of circumstance on that tragic day.

If You Hate Islamophobia, You'll Love Seeing This Soldier's Powerful Response To a Bigot

If most Americans did this, we'd live in a much better world.

The Shocking Reason Why More Black People Are Unemployed

A recent Pew Center article addressed consistently higher unemployment rates for blacks in comparison to whites. But it did not address the rise of de facto segregation after 1954.

9/11 Truth Conspiracies: Why It's the Movement That Just Won't Die

Trust in the federal government is at a near-historic low. Could the 9/11 Truthers be partially responsible?

2 Million Biker Ride and Million Muslim March Both Miss the Mark On 9/11

A powerful event today would have been cross-cultural, and contained a message of peace.

This World Trade Center Video is the Most Inspiring Thing You'll See All Month

A new amazing time-lapse video captures the construction of the new 1 World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan.

Another TSA Horror Story: You'll Never Guess What An Agent Did This Time

Nna Alpha Onuoha, the same TSA agent who was previously suspended for harassing a teenage girl at LAX, has been arrested for making threats against the Los Angeles airport.

False Flag Theories Have More Support Than You'd Think

False flag theories are once again rearing their heads after the nerve gas attack in Syria thanks in part to Ron Paul.

Stoya Knows Porn's HIV Problem is More Complicated Than Using Condoms

Is the widespread reluctance to use condoms in the adult film industry your fault?

This Feminist Revolution Will Be Televised

But it won't assume that women are only interested in yogurt, shoes, and/or birth control.

The Film Trend That Proves You Can Still Find Yourself At 30

Films and television shows are increasingly dealing with the issue of ending your 20s while still feeling adrift, proving that it's not something to we should worry about, after all.

9/11 Was Not An Inside Job

As Americans grieve on the the twelfth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, members of the Truth movement still believe the U.S. orchestrated it all.

I Served in Iraq and Afghanistan for 8 Years, And I'm Just As Angry Today As I Was on 9/11

September 11 lit a fire in my belly, inspiring me to serve and protect my country. But two wars later, I'm just as angry today.

Sergio Garcia: This Illegal Immigrant Is One Face of the American Dream

Mexican-born Sergio Garcia graduated from law school in California and passed the state bar exam, but can't practice law. California says one thing, the federal government says another.

In Memory Of 9/11, This Organization Helps Young Veterans Rebuild Their Lives

The father of a 9/11 victim and the head of construction at Ground Zero set their sights on helping veterans in need.

18 Photos Showing the Brave Activists Protesting Chile's Own 9/11

Activists in Chile are marking their own 9/11 anniversary, with protests turning violent on the anniversary of Augusto Pinochet's 1973 coup and brutal reign.

WATCH: Just How Fast the Yosemite Fire Spread

California's third-largest wildfire is still burning today -see how fast it spread!

The Real Reason Young Women Aren't Going Into Politics

When running for the high level political positions in the U.S., it really helps to have a lot of money.

Arctic Monkeys AM Review: New Album is Tight, Compelling, and Entirely Unoriginal

Released today, Arctic Monkeys' 'AM' is quite catchy and well put together, thanks to its very obvious influences.

Meet the First Woman to Recite the Quran at America's Largest Muslim Convention

Tahera Ahmad is rocking the boat for American Muslims.

Poverty: It's About the Money, Stupid

How to win any argument on the root causes of poverty, free-market style.

Your Coffee Addiction is Ruining the Planet

Billions of unrecyclable K-cups are sold each year. Here are some ways to fuel your coffee addition without hurting the environment.

For Most Americans, 9/11 Was a Spectacle. For Me, It Was Personal.

To honor the dead, we need to reflect and ask ourselves some uncomfortable questions. We may not like the answers, but we can't give up, either.

9/11 Anniversary — The Soldiers' Perspective, From the Front Lines

Our troops have been at war for 12 years now — the longest period of combat in our country’s history. Millennial veterans represent about 65% them, but some of them don't even remember 9/11.

We Watched the Twin Towers Fall — Nobody Could Imagine What Came Next

For my classmates, the wars have been background noise. For me, they directed the course of nearly my entire adult life.

This White Man Was Beaten to Death in NYC, in Alleged Hate Crime

Jeffrey Babbitt was the lone caretaker of his 94-year-old mother, out at a comic book store, when he was allegedly assaulted by LaShawn Martin.

Obama's Speech on Syria Left Out an Important Part — Would the Plan Work?

Obama's appeal for a "targeted strike" on Assad's regime assumes that such a strike would actually dissuade Assad from using chemical weapons again in the future. It won't.

The Shocking Price Tag Of American Intervention in Syria

U.S. taxpayers are already paying for the astronomical bill, whether a strike is authorized or not.

Millennials Aren't Buying the Media's Push For a War in Syria

The overwhelming opposition to a war in Syria proves that the White House and the mainstream media are finding it harder and harder to enforce a narrow political spectrum and control debate.

9 11 Conspiracy: 46% of People Who Watch This Video Question the Truth About 9/11

Distrust in major institutions are a hall-mark of declining public opinion. Government is becoming increasingly unable to command the faith of Americans.

9/11 Footage As Haunting Today As It Was in 2001

Even with 12 years of distance between us and the September 11th attacks, time has done nothing to diffuse how distressing footage and images of the attack are.

I Am a Military Spouse, But Do Not Feel Sorry For Me

I consider myself fortunate to be surrounded by those who’ve answered the call — the ones who wear the uniform, and the ones they leave behind.”

A Widow of PTSD Suicide: “The Other Part to Remember”

We work to fix the system in Daniel’s honor — not because of his death, but because of who he was in life.

DUI Confession Guy Goes Back On His Promise, But That's Not the Only Outrage

Matthew Cordle confessed to the world that he killed a man drunk driving and he would plead guilty when he got to court. He didn't. Awkward?

From 9/11 to Syria, Has the U.S. Learned Anything?

The 12th anniversary of 9/11 is overwhelmed by coverage of Obama's speech on the crisis in Syria. Has the U.S. learned anything about regional policy in the last 12 years?

9/11 United a Nation and Morally Fractured a Generation

There is nothing more isolating, divisive, and sinister than disconnecting the burden of war from the citizenry.

Colorado Recall: NRA, Voters Win By Ousting Gun Control Advocates

Two Colorado state senators who support gun control legislation were removed from their positions by the state's consistuents in a historial recall.

Did John Kerry Just Solve the Syrian Crisis by Accident?

This gaffe by Kerry has a high chance of becoming the solution to the crisis about American military intervention against the Syrian government.

What An Ancient Chinese Military General Can Teach Us About Syria

Any action taken to resolve the situation in Syria must account for the entire Alawite community's desperation.

Putin's Syria Strategy Makes Obama Look Like an Amateur

With a mere five years of foreign policy experience, President Obama could learn a thing or two from the man who was mastering his trade in the KGB before the Berlin Wall came down.

10 9/11 Memorials You've Probably Never Heard Of

A quick look at some of the lesser known 9/11 memorials from the U.S. and around the world.

One Chart That Shows Why Democrats Don't Need the South

While the South is a large and reliable Republican stronghold, in future elections it might not even matter.

'Better Call Saul' Spinoff From 'Breaking Bad' Coming Soon

'Breaking Bad' may be coming to an end, but the adventures of Saul Goodman are just beginning.

As a Soldier Who Lost 30 Friends in Afghanistan, Here's Why I Refuse To Forget 9/11

It’s fading into history, but I’ll never forget when my father burst into my room and told me, "New York is under attack." I remember that, like it's yesterday.

You Might Know What Our Military is, But You Don’t Know Who We Are and What We are Capable Of

Tom Brokaw called the generation of soldiers who fought in WW II 'the greatest generation any society has ever produced.' There is a new 'greatest generation' now.

Anniversary of 9/11 in Chile is a Dark Reminder of Its Past

September 11 is an important day for Americans, but it is also a day Chileans remember as the beginning of a brutal dictatorship that destroyed its nation – and it’s important to remember both.

New York Recount is Underway, But Bill de Blasio is NYC's Next Mayor

Bill de Blasio found success at the polls championing reform. Hovering around 40% in early returns, de Blasio is poised to proceed to the general election without facing a runoff.

This Famous Author Fought For Her Right to Speak Up, and Won

Alexander Nazaryan, editor at the 'Atlantic Wire,' called bestselling author Jennifer Weiner "strident," "combative," and "polarizing" for expressing her opinions. Here's how she responded.

Is the Syrian Conflict Turning Into Another Cuban Missile Crisis?

Unlike the Cuban crisis, the most important variable now is dynamic hot conflict and the time to make choices is dramatically less.

8 Photos That Tell You the Complete History of 9/11

Like all major events, it didn't happen in a vacuum.

Senate Marijuana Hearing: Proof That States, Feds Just Don't Agree

Federal and state laws still clash over a national stance on marijuana use. Thankfully, a Senate panel has begun to evolve the law to keep up with the changing public opinion on the drug.

The Next Big Thing in "Ex-Gay" Therapy

Ex-gay pride — it's a thing.

I Was 14 on 9/11, And a Marine in Afghanistan When We Killed Bin Laden

The prospect of going to war excited me. This idea of running full-tilt at or away from someone or something attracted me.

It’s Our Moral Duty to Take Care of Our 9/11 Troops

I worry about what lies ahead for the post-9/11 veterans generation. We cannot and should not turn our back on this generation. We have a moral duty to care for those that we send into battle.

War in Syria Feeds the Military Industrial Complex — I Wish Ike Were Here

By looking at the advice of presidents like George Washington and Dwight Eisenhower, Americans can better understand how to process current foreign policy dilemmas in a post-9/11 world.

Verizon Wireless Rightfully Says the FCC Can't Decide How Bandwidth is Paid

The net neutrality rule of the FCC is in court again. Should the courts hold it, then dire consequences in telecommunications are to happen in the future.

Who'd Steal Raisins From a Farmer?

The strange case of the Hornes versus the United States government.

"America's Mayor" Ruby Guiliani Peddles Some Conspiracy Theories Of His Own

Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of NYC during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, believes last year's the Benghazi attack was staged. His statements on this matter are ridiculous and hypocritical.

The 9/11 the U.S. Doesn't Want You to Remember

The U.S. supported the 1973 Chilean coup d'état that led to the suicide of Chile's socialist president and a dictatorial ruling. Now, the people of Chile demand a socialist economic system back.

A Vietnam Vet: I Am Extremely Proud of Our Fighter Pilots Who Have Helped Defeat Al-Qaeda and the Taliban

We then saw the live coverage of the second aircraft hitting the second tower. Within an hour, our course was cancelled and we were told to go back to our assigned bases however we could.

Why a Struggling Economy Makes Us Smarter About War

The results of previous wars and the instability of our economy have helped Americans develop their opposition to an intervention in Syria.

NYC Runoff Election: How It Works

Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson are set to go to war over the Democratic nomination for NYC mayor a second time. Here's how it will work.

NYC Mayor Runoff Unclear: De Blasio At 40.19%, Weiner is Sore Loser

With news outlets reporting that the final vote in the Democratic primary will likely be subject to a recount, it's unclear whether Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson will face off again.

Mic Check: 12 Years After 9/11, Al-Qaeda is Alive and Our Rights Are Gone

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring analysis of the world's top news and a collection of links from around the web.

NYC Recount: Board of Elections Will Have Results Early Next Week

The race for the Democratic primary for NYC mayor isn't close, but it's close enough to trigger a recount by the Board of Elections. With de Blasio at 40.2% of the vote, can he hold on?

Latest NYC Results: Full Roundup of Mayor, Comptroller Races

The latest NYC results give a clear cut winner in the comptroller race and Republican mayoral primary. The Democratic mayoral primary is still up in the air. Here's the full roundup of results.

NYC Recount Update: Final Precincts Still Reporting

With 2% of precincts still reporting and unlikely to change the overall math, the NYC recount will get underway with an update coming early next week.

NYC Primary Runoff Date is Three Weeks Away

The NYC primary date, three weeks away, is set for October 1, if necessary. Bill de Blasio currently has 40.2% of the vote. A margin that will be tested in a recount.

This is Why Bill de Blasio is Winning the NYC Mayor's Race

Bill de Blasio formed a broad coalition and won just about every major demographic in the NYC Democratic primary. He's heavily favored going in to any potential runoff, and the general election.

Syria News: New Resolution Will Allow Military Strike If Talks Fail

As Syria’s complex story continues to unfold, PolicyMic will be keeping you updated with analysis, reporting, and background information.