In Surprisingly Bold Move, Sweden Offers a Home to All Syrian Refugees

If you needed another reason to love Sweden, here it is.

15 Top Foreign Colleges Just As Great As America's Universities

Five out of the world's 20 best universities are in the United States. Here are the 15 other institutes which produce the best graduates the world has to offer.

9 Incredible Writers Who Only Became Famous After Death

Many literary greats never had the chance to experience the success and wealth that came with their masterworks.

Country Music is a Lot Less Conservative Than You Think

Country music is moving away from conservative themes, and blurring the lines between genres, to reach a wider and more varied audience.

Poetry Genius: This Brilliant Website May Revolutionize How Poetry is Taught in Schools

Poetry Genius, a new locus for literary discussion, may be completely changing the way poetry is read and taught in schools.

Bringing Your Parents To A Job Interview? Inside This Weird Trend

Some millennials are bringing their parents to their job interviews. Like, in the actual interview. If you are one of them, please stop doing this.

This Just in: Denmark is the Happiest Country On Earth

A new UN report shows exactly which countries are happiest. America makes a respectable showing at #17, while Denmark sits comfortably at #1.

The War in Syria, Through the Eyes of Syrian Artists

Why it's important to pay attention to their story.

Why Exorcism Movies Are Secretly All About Shaming Women

You know what's scary? Sexism.

Why There Should Not Be Supreme Court Term Limits

The Supreme Court should not be subject to term limits and further political meddling by other branches of the federal government.

Meet the Theater Company That Invented the Classiest Drinking Game Ever

UglyRhino Productions has discovered the secret to making live theater appeal to the masses: booze. It's also redefining what a night at the theater can be.

Why Indie Films Are the Blockbusters Of the Future

After a summer of sunken blockbusters, indie films are getting ready to take center stage.

Syria War News: When a Red Line Becomes a Blurred Line

While everyone debates exactly what Syria is, one phrase has come to define international discussion: “red line.” As it turns out, the phrase's meaning is anything but clear.

Illegal Immigration Debate Continues To Discredit Hispanics

An underlying problem with the immigration debate is stereotyping Hispanics as illegals.

What Happens When Women Get Political Power? The Answer May Surprise You

Last month new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani appointed a woman in his cabinet, making her the second in the history of the Islamic Republic and the first VP. Will it matter for Iranian women?

Be the CEO of You, Inc.

Some jobs are vanishing and some are booming in this transforming economy. Pick the right one or risk chronic underemployment.

Waiting to Tie the Knot? Here's What You're Doing to America

A look at marriage trends in America and what they tell us about our culture and our future.

Syria Chemical Weapons: This is How You Disarm Them

Stopping the use of chemical weapons is easier said than done — and even a successful attempt to destroy chemical weapons can have nasty side-effects for civilians.

Shellie Zimmerman: Why We Have to Hold Her Husband Accountable

How many people is this guy going to hurt before we realize it's on us?

Chemical Weapons: Why Congress Should Still Authorize the Use of Force Against Syria

The Russian proposal to secure Syria's chemical weapons is a good start, but Congress must authorize the use of force to keep the pressure on Moscow and Damascus. Don't simply trust them: verify.

Taksim Protests Resume En Masse As Erdogan Loses Ground

A man died in Hatay last night after being shot in the head with a teargas canister by the police. Mass protests are rocking Turkey yet again.

German Elections 2013: Inside Germany’s Potential “Tea Party” Moment

A budding political movement in Germany focused on dissolving the Eurozone could throw a wrench in Angela Merkel's re-election bid.

A Grown Man Watches 'The Godfather' For the First Time

Is there a movie with more lasting cultural relevance? No, we think not.

The Sentence This Man Got For Kidnapping and Torturing a Woman For 7 Years Will Shock You

A Missouri man performs sadomasochistic acts on a minor and publicizes it on a webcast; yet only receives a 20 year sentence because of a plea bargain. Is this justice?

5 Childhood Books That Taught You More About Life Than College Did

Some of the most important lessons out there aren't taught in lecture halls.

Washington Redskins Name Change is the Right Thing to Do

Cultural associations, Native Americans and avid supporters disapprove of the Washington Redskins's current moniker. This is why the team should change the moniker.

This Sickening Footage Shows Just How Horrifying the Situation in Syria Has Become

The humanitarian crisis in Syria can be nearly impossible to stomach. This public execution is cruel reminder of just how dire the situation has become.

Obama DOE Issues First Marcellus Shale Fracked Gas Export Permit

Via an Obama Dept. of Energy permit, fracked gas from the Marcellus Shale basin may soon be headed overseas from Dominion Resources' Cove Point LNG export terminal in Lusby, Maryland.

4 Reasons Why Putin's NYT Op-Ed is Right About Syria

It doesn't matter what you think of Vladimir Putin, because he raises some valid points about Syria. If Obama won't listen to Americans, should listen to Putin's advice in the NYT.

CIA Arms Syrian Rebels, Forgets That Whole Diplomacy Thing

While the U.S. pauses the national debate over military intervention to pursue a "diplomatic solution" on Syria, Americans need to know that the U.S. is still actively arming the rebels.

Eden Miller's "Plus Size" Show Brings Reality to Fashion Week

Plus-size models walked down the runway for the first time at New York Fashion Week. Thanks to dessigner Eden Miller, it probably won't be the last.

Vladimir Putin Op-Ed: Why He's More Right Than You Think

Quite unexpectedly, Russia's president gets published by the New York Times. Even more unexpectedly, he's not totally wrong.

Do We Still Need Gay Literature?

We gays tell ourselves stories in order to live. But as our sociopolitical reality changes, will our stories change, too?

7 Incredible Images From NASA's Instagram Account

This month NASA launched more than spacecrafts. Check out these 7 incredible images from NASA's newly minted Instagram account.

It's Redwood Time — Watch These College Students Plan to Break Into Entertainment

Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama student Carter Redwood is the star of a new comedic webseries following him and his friends as they try to break into the entrainment industry.

A Key Witness in the George Zimmerman Trial Says the Prosecution Threw The Case

Shiping Bao, the medical examiner for the prosecution in the Trayvon Martin shooting trial, says the state was biased against Martin the whole time.

Banning Junk Food For Food Stamp Recipients is the Wrong Answer to a Serious Problem

The Healthy Food Choices Act that aims to prevent people from using food stamps to purchase junk food fails to address the bigger problem of food insecurity throughout the U.S.

Abercrombie & Fitch Fired This Woman For Wearing a Hijab

Abercrombie and Fitch lost a lawsuit filed against them after the company fired a Muslim employee for wearing a hijab at work. This incident highlights a scary trend in the fashion industry.

Missouri Just Came Within One Vote of Re-Fighting the Civil War

In a near boon for Civil War reenactors, the Missouri state legislature fell one vote short of nullifying federal gun restrictions and criminalizing anybody who tries to enforce them.

How Much Food Goes to Waste Wordwide? About a Third

Many go hungry while few are overfed. A U.N. report finds that 1.3bn tons of food is wasted every year costing the global economy $750bn a year. What policies are necessary in solving this issue?

Seaside Park Fire Threatens to Throw Town Hit Hard By Hurricane Sandy Back Into Chaos

A fire that started at a dessert store in Seaside Park, NJ on Thursday has spread to other businesses.

Al-Amriki, American Jihadist Rapper, Allegedly Found Dead

A member of an Al-Qaeda-linked militant group and Alabama native, Omar Hammami was reportedly killed in a shootout on Thursday in Somalia.

Voyager 1 Makes Epic Crossing Out Of Solar System and Into History Books

Voyager 1 has just officially became the first spacecraft to leave the solar system. Freakin' awesome.

These Kids Are Seriously Pissed That David Petraeus is Teaching at CUNY

While walking to lecture on Monday, students harassed former CIA Director David Petraeus and hurled accusations that he was a war criminal at him.

An Insider Look at How a Video Blows Up

Ever wonder how exactly a video goes from just another YouTube upload to being featured on CNN? A look at how two of my friends accidentally made the "textbook" viral video.

These 2 Republican 2016 Hopefuls Were War Hawks, Until...

President Obama's flirtation with military intervention in Syria has caused two hawkish ideologues with eyes on 2016 to reconsider their foreign policy.

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What Spill is Killing Thousands of Fish In Hawaii? Hint: It's Not Oil

Environmental damage to sea life is pervading Honolulu Harbor because of a massive molasses spill. This sugary liquid is robbing sea creature of oxygen leading to the death of thousands of fish.

Immigration Reform 2013: Livestream of Contentious Protests in Washington

Immigration interest group "We Belong Together" is protesting outside the U.S. Capitol for the House of Representatives to pass immigration reform that treats women fairly.

Mic Check: Vladimir Putin Just Pissed Off Every American With One Letter

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This Mining Company's PR Campaign is As Shady As You'd Expect

This is what "corporate responsibility" looks like?

These Activists Are Crowdsourcing the News

You, too, can own the media.

If Congress Won't Help Our Troops, You Shouldn't Help Congress

September 11 is the perfect time ask yourself, "Am I voting in accordance with my beliefs?"

Feminist Weekly: How Education Reform Impacts You

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