5 Anais Nin Quotes That Will Change How You See the World

Author Anais Nin compulsively recorded and analyzed her every experience, leading to these transformative observations.

5 Powerful Reasons I'm a (Male) Feminist

Rape culture, much?

What is a Blobfish? Only the Ugliest Animal in the World

Blobfish has been voted the ugliest animal by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society in order to increase global awareness of endangered species. Who says being shallow doesn't have its benefits?

The Marriage Equality Romantic Comedy You Should Be Watching

A national marriage equality amendment and two drunk gay men in Vegas make for comedy gold in the series 'Husbands.'

13 People Born On Friday the 13th Who Aren't So Unlucky

If Friday the 13th is unlucky, you'd think these people would have terrible lives. Nope!

Max Mosley Sex Scandal Even Weirder Than Previously Thought

Max Rufus Mosley filed a lawsuit against Google in attempt to rid the internet of his 2008 escapade. Mosley must realize that his wealth and status are not immune from the law.

The New Metrosexual Trend: Cosmetic Skincare for Men

Not only do straight men feel more sophisticated when they use makeup, but women perceive them that way too.

Shocking Women Everywhere, Hanna Rosin Declares Patriarchy Dead

Guess millennial feminists should just pack it in, then.

What is Yom Kippur: 6 Reasons Even Atheists Can Love the Holiday

Six reasons why you can eat your shellfish and still take a lesson from the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur.

The Reason You Should Be Thankful If You're Absentminded

We forget most experiences from everyday life, but forgetting may actually be a good thing.

'GMO OMG' Movie: 85% of the Food We Eat Daily Contains GMOs

Jeremy Seifert's new film, 'GMO OMG,' highlights a growing problem in America: the ubiquity of genetically engineered food.

Verizon Bond Sale Largest in History — Wait, What the Hell is a Bond?

The Verizon bond sale has huge and positive implications for our economy — but without understanding this specific deal, it’s hard to know why.

Saudi Arabia's First Female Filmmaker Finds Her Voice

We sat down with Haifaa Al-Mansour, Saudi Arabia's first female filmmaker, to discuss 'Wadjda,' her film about a spunky 10-year-old girl, which will premiere in New York on Friday.

The One Thing Americans Get Right About Marijuana

Americans aren't aligned around Syria, but the one thing they are aligned around is the safety of marijuana. Will the government follow suit?

Here's How Obama Escapes the Biggest Foreign Policy Disaster in 10 Years

Unless the U.S. can add strict stipulations to Russia's plan, let the bombs fall where they may.

'Wadjda' Movie Review: A Message Of Hope For Saudi Arabian Women

A look at 'Wadjda,' the award-winning film by Haifaa Al-Mansour; Saudi Arabia's first female filmmaker.

Twitter Stock: Why the Twitter IPO Will Succeed Where Facebook Failed

Twitter's IPO will succeed where Facebook's failed because of Twitter's great potential in TV and mobile advertising.

The One Thing That Makes a Country Work — and That the U.S. Will Never Have

Small countries like Rwanda and Denmark can compete more efficiently and advance at faster rates than larger countries, whose progress gets snarled frequently.

Muslims Across the World Are Worried About This One Thing

Muslims across the globe are worried about Islamic extremism, but looking at where and why provides key insights into extremism's causes and how to fight it.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why It Won't Happen Before the Midterms

Comprehensive immigration reform will, once again, be pushed aside in favor of other issues. Any guess what they are?

What George Zimmerman's Latest Actions Tell Us About America

George Zimmerman made headlines, once again, by having issues with the law. Examining his violent and reckless behavior means coming to terms with the United States' reckless gun culture.

Julie Chen's "Eye-Widening" Plastic Surgery Confession Matters to Us All

Talk show host Julie Chen told the story of why she got plastic surgery on her eyes. The struggle she faced lives on in the lives of racial minorities today.

These Powerful Photos Tell an Emotional Story About a Bond That Only Brothers Will Understand

This touching photo-essay will make anyone who values family see brotherhood in a whole new way.

Friday 13th History: The Murky Story Behind the Unlucky Day

Today is Friday the 13th, a day many people fear. Where did that fear come from?

It's Time for Walmart and D.C. to Get Along

Washington, D.C., and Walmart have been involved in a bitter public dispute for months. It's time for the retail giant and our nation's capital to move forward.

North Korea Reactivates Nuclear Program While World Watches Syria

While North Korea has again defied international policy by generating nuclear power, it's nothing close to a Syria-esque crisis. The U.S. response, accordingly, is wildly different.

Yom Kippur 2013: This Virtual Scapegoat Lets Jews Atone Online

Is it just plain fun or part of a religious revolution?

Marvel's 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.': 5 Things to Know Before the Premier

ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is this year’s most highly anticipated fall premiere. Here's your full prep guide.

What This 1898 War Can Teach Obama Today About Syria

By placing Obama's handling of the Syrian crisis in the broader scope of American history, we can better understand the deeper challenges he faces.

Dad Shows Some Leg to Teach His Daughter a Lesson

Is this Utah father right in exposing his daughter's immodest wardrobe by wearing short shorts in public? His daughter certainly wasn't impressed, but posted the photos on Tumblr anyway.

Marissa Mayer Says Revealing NSA Pressure to Seize User Data is Considered "Treason"

Mark Zuckerberg and Marissa Mayer both challenged the shady practices of US law through our very own legal system when it comes to asking for private information online.

Secret Documents Show the NSA Might Be Sharing Your Private Data With Israel

A recently released top secret document reveals the NSA dumps raw internet and phone data of American citizens to Israel for intelligence use.

Biden Slams Conservatives As "Neanderthal Crowd"

Joe Biden told supporters of the Violence Against Women Act that "neanderthals" slowed its renewal.

Putin's Article is Wrong — There's Still One Thing America is Exceptional At

Syrian President Assad and Russian President Putin should take heed that if there is one thing America is exceptional at, it is weapons of mass destruction.

Putin NYT Op-Ed: No More Lectures From a 21st Century Czar

Ignore the Russian president's supposed plea for peace. Putin only cares about helping a fellow dictator and preserving his own power.

The Simple Reason Why Iran Won't Get Involved in Syria

Russia is preparing to re-arm Iran while Putin works out a plan with the U.S. over Syrian chemical weapons. If Iran gets directly involved in Syria, these Russian arms shipments are in doubt.

Obamacare Deadline: 5 Creative Campaigns to Get Americans Covered

With Obamacare enrollment set to open soon, states across the nation are using novel campaigns to spread awareness about the new health care law.

Debt Ceiling 2013: Here We Go Again

Republicans are heading for certain doom on the coming fiscal fights, but they're intent on fighting a losing battle.

Russia and Syria Can't Be Trusted — That's Why We Should Trust Them

Obama should embrace a diplomatic approach to resolving the Syrian crisis, even if it has little chance of achieving immediate results.

4 Reasons Local Government Kicks Washington, D.C.'s Butt

Many are worried about millennials' growing disinterest in careers in public service, but when we define "public service" only in terms of Washington politics, maybe that shouldn't surprise us.

Meet Drew Miller: IPA Drinker, Packers Fan & Pundit Of the Week

Get to know our exceptional pundit of the week Drew Miller as he shares his thoughts on atheism, IPAs, and why PolicyMic is an effective platform for his cause.

Syria War is Making Americans Fall Back in Love With Congress

America's confidence in Congress has spiked as a result of its response to crisis in Syria. Based on its track record, it's unclear how long this support will last.

What Putin's Op-Ed On Syria Was Really About

Much has been made of the dynamic between Vladamir Putin and Barack Obama as the two powers approach the Syria crisis. But Putin's op-ed says a lot more between the lines than within them.

California Domestic Workers Bill: It's About Damn Time

Standardized working hours, required meal breaks, overtime pay, and sick leave. Welcome to the 21st century, folks.

New Delhi Rapists Sentenced, But the Conversation Can't End There

Sentencing four men to death will not challenge the culture of rape in modern India.

Inside The Next Big Battle For Gay Rights

Divorce rights for same-sex couples could be the next big gay rights battle.

Company Accused of Allowing Prison Rape, Now Charged With Investigating It

The ACA hasn't been doing a very good job of preventing prison rape in this country, but let's put them in charge of investigating it anyway.

What's That in the Water? Exxon Mobile Dumps Toxic Waste in Pennsylvania

The human cost of fracking has yet to become fully clear, in part because of industry hush-ups. This is especially clear through the actions of XTO, an ExxonMobil subsidiary.

What Exactly is the Chemical Weapons Convention?

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad recently expressed a willingness to join the CWC and relinquish Syria's chemical weapons to international control. This, however, won't solve the Syrian conflict.

16 Harrowing Images Of the Seaside Park Boardwalk Fire

A fire that started at a frozen custard store in Seaside Park, NJ on Thursday spread across the newly rebuilt Jersey boardwalk, wreaking havoc on homes and businesses.

Syria War News: Americans Are Getting Involved Whether the Government Likes It Or Not

At least a dozen American citizens have joined jihadist forces in Syria fighting against government forces. Combined with hundreds of European recruits, the proxy war has gone international.

Mic Check: Syria's Dictator Just Listed His Demands On Live TV

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"Living Wage Law" Nixed By D.C. Mayor

A bill that would have required large retailers like Wal-Mart to pay a 50% premium workers' minimum wage was vetoed. It's time to talk about a establishing a livable tax climate in D.C.