A Human Moment From the Most Isolated Place in the World

During my recent trip to North Korea, I spoke with a North Korean military officer. This is what happened.

All 16 Sororities At This Southern School Rejected a Black Student With "Perfect" Scores

Gimme an R!, Gimme an A! Gimme a C!, Gimme an I! Gimme an S!, Gimme a T!... What's that spell? Thanks to the Crimson White, we know.

Bods Of the Beltway: 15 Shirtless Photos Of the Men Who Run Our Country

As the beach season winds down, it never hurts to revisit some of the most savvy (and shameful) beach dwellers in U.S. Politics. This list includes both the modern and the historical.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why Immigrants Should Get Obamacare

Immigration reform needs to be brought back front and center with the Oct.1 Affordable Care Act debut. It will save us all a lot of money.

Obama Talks a Lot About How Many Children Assad is Killing, But Conveniently Forgets About Drones

As Obama voices his outrage against the plight of the Syrian children, he is neglecting to even acknowledge the hundreds of Pakistani and Yemeni children who have died at the hands of the U.S.

Axe Cop: Creator Ethan Nicolle Talks About Writing For Television, Becoming Successful, and Working With Nick Offerman

Ethan Nicolle talks to PolicyMic about his television show Axe Cop, and why it's totally unique.

Syria News: Live Updates and Full Coverage As U.S. Considers Air Strikes

As Syria’s complex story continues to unfold, PolicyMic will be keeping you updated with analysis, reporting, and background information.

10 Weirdest Ig Nobel Prize Winners This Year

Science can be funny, too. For 23 years, the Ig Nobel Prices has rewarded scientists for their work whose subjects can only make you chuckle.

30 People in India are Dead and the Internet is to Blame

India needs better policing of the web without infringing on people's rights, but it's a tough balance to strike.

Syrian Civil War: Why Russians Don't Know About Assad's Chemical Weapons

The bias found in the Russian media is just another way Putin and Assad have come together to influence public opinion.

Have Americans Forgotten About the Income Gap?

Income inequality is higher than ever, but Americans are begrudgingly accepting their new corporatist overlords.

The FBI is Shutting Down For 10 Days Because Congress Can't Do Their Jobs

Mandatory budget cuts have forced the Federal Bureau of Investigation to close shop for 10 business days, all because of lack of compromise in Congress.

War With Syria: The United States Has Taken in Only 33 Syrian Refugees in 2013

While Congress debates whether or not to bomb Syria, America has taken in an appallingly low number of refugees.

Malawi Sold Their Presidential Jet to Feed the Poor — Here's What Congress Should Give Up

Americans are facing economic pressure more than ever, but Congress

Senate Judiciary Committee Defines Journalist As Anyone Who Writes Anything, Ever

Despite debilitating amendments, an act protecting journalists against imprisonment and fine for protecting sources aims to preserve journalism's major tenants

U.S., Russia Reach Deal For Elimination of Syria's Chemical Weapons Stockpile

The agreement comes after three days of negotiations between Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Larnov in Geneva, Switzerland.