'Breaking Bad' Season 6 Episode 6 Recap: "Ozymandias" Brings A Colossal Wreck

'Breaking Bad' aired its third-to-last episode, "Ozymandias," Sunday night. Did it maintain the momentum of last week's instant classic? Thoughts (and tons of spoilers) ahead.

What I Say to Miss America, And Anyone Who Still Thinks Women’s Beauty Is Only Bikini-Deep

Should we care that the largest benefactor of women’s scholarships ranks women based on what they look like in a bathing suit? Hum, yes.

New Evidence Sheds Light On Chris McCandless Death, But it Doesn't Matter

Twenty years after Jon Krakauer published his first article about the life and death of Christopher McCandless, he advanced a new theory this week about Chris' death in Alaska in 1992.

Gay Man in Russia Beaten and Raped On Camera in Horrific Viral Video

Russia is getting a lot of good press for its diplomatic approach to Syria, but don't let that distract you from the gross treatment of Russia's own LGBT citizens.

Miss America 2014: Go Home Bigots, You’re Drunk

While many viewers celebrated with her, the newly-crowned Miss America's Indian heritage drew racist commentary from the far reaches of the internet in a digital display of antiquated bigotry.

4 Things You Didn't Know About the Company That Owns More Than 80,000 Prisoners

Corrections Corporation of America controls the lives of more than 80,000 prisoners. Here's what you don't know about the company that profits from chains and shackles.

7 Life Lessons We Learned From Joey Potter

'Dawson's Creek' may have had its cheesy moments, but it also left us with these important life lessons.

Immigration Reform 2013: America's Brightest Minds Support It and You Should, Too

Call in the cavalry. Immigration reform is getting a much needed backing from our nation's brightest minds.

Wind Turbines Kill Nearly 600,000 Birds a Year — and No One's Doing Anything

Birds continue to fall prey to the snares of wind turbines, with eagles as the most recent concern for scientists and activists. Avians are protected under federal law so what's happening?

6 Simple Reasons Why Amy Poehler is Today's Feminist Icon

In celebration of Amy Poehler's birthday, here are a few reasons why the actress and comedian is a role model for millennial women.

George Zimmerman is Still Getting Into Trouble, Months After His Trial

George Zimmerman is back in the headlines after a gun-related domestic incident with his estranged wife and father-in-law, adding fuel to an already raging fire.

What Your Favorite Literary Heroine Says About You

These admirable female characters embody our worst flaws and our greatest strengths. Here's what they have to say about us.

8 Insane Reasons This Catholic Website Says Women Shouldn't Go to College

A Catholic man argues “6 Reasons (+2) to NOT Send Your Daughter to College.” Here is a list of why the 21st century says NO. Can I get an Amen?

The Simple Graph That Shows the History of the Great Recession

You never knew how bad it was and you don't know how much better it is.

The Intriguing Results Of Australia's 2013 Senate Elections

In Australia, eight minor and independent parties won seats in the Australian Senate, some with less than 0.5% of the vote.

U.S. News' College Rankings Are Nonsense, Here's Why

Rankings do more harm than good by driving up the costs of secondary education, making need based aid harder to obtain, and ignoring the true reason for college – jobs.

Meghan McCain: Is This the New Face Of the Republican Party?

The spunky 28-year-old daughter of Sen. McCain returns to TV with a "genre-busting docu-talk" show. Her provocative style might be the burst of rejuvenation the Republican Party needs.

8 Innovations That Completely Changed the Way We Play Video Games

In honor of the upcoming game 'Beyond: Two Souls,' which promises to alter the way we think about death in video games, here are the innovations that changed the way we play.

Syria Will Turn Out Badly, and America is Not Helping

A look at the pitiful U.S. approach to Syria and why inaction is the best action.

The 6 Reasons You Really Should Be Watching 'Luther'

Just when you thought you knew what to expect from a detective show, along came 'Luther.'

The Balkans: A Simple Guide To One Of The World's Most Complicated Regions

As we all focus on potential intervention in Syria, we forget that other regions in the world continue to be possible hotspots for conflict.

Vladimir Putin's NYT Op-Ed: Admit It, He's Kind Of Right

Vladimir Putin points out a major flaw in President Obama's justification for military action in Syria.

UN Report On Syria Chemical Weapons Doesn't Name Any Names, But Points a Finger

The UN has released the official report on its findings in Syria. So, what does it say?

Nina Davuluri: Ignore the Haters, Miss America

People are already heaping the hate on Indian-American Miss America winner Nina Davuluri. But should we care?

11 Conservatives Who Suddenly Hate the Military-Industrial Complex When Obama is in Charge

Many people have criticized liberals' silence towards the actings of the Obama administration. At the same time, let's not forget conservatives' sudden realization that Big Brother is bad.

Watch Barney Frank Take Down Wall Street With One Simple Question

This year marks the five-year anniversary of the financial crisis. While CNBC's host rushed to defend Wall Street, former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) challenges why we should even trust them.

Get Off My Hymen

From a city in Indonesia that wants girls to pass a virginity test to U.S. "Purity balls," what in the world is happening?

Your High School Reading List Reimagined as Pop Songs

These eight songs are oddly reminiscent of the books you had to read as a teenager.

Today's Most Promising Remedy for the Drug War

Academics and activists agree that this strategy could be an essential piece to fight the war on drugs. But will the federal government let them?

Syria News: How Iran is Benefiting From the Syria Crisis

Iran is one of Syria's closest allies, they share mutual political interests that keep them bound together. With talks of a military strike, Iran has been looking for avenues to project influence

Facebook Privacy: Why Zuckerberg Will Never Get it Right

Privacy groups are asking the FTC to block new policy changes. Facebook’s increasing pressure to monetize their 1+ billion users incentivizes them to continuously push boundaries on user privacy.

Joss Whedon vs. JJ Abrams: Comparing the Genius Of Sci-Fi's Greats

The past decade has brought us a steady stream of science fiction hits, in no small part thanks to Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams. Here's a look at the two master storytellers' parallel careers.

'Sleepy Hollow' Season Premiere: This Series Looks Nothing Like Washington Irving Imagined

Premiering Monday at 9 p.m. on Fox, 'Sleepy Hollow,' starring Tim Mison and Nicole Beharie, takes Washington Irving's tale, and adds magic, conspiracy theories, and some old-fashioned cop drama.

This is the Machine That Would Neutralize Syria’s Chemical Weapons

This new tool could be a key component to neutralizing the chemical weapons arsenal in Syria.

Turkey Protests 2013: This Cloud Of Tear Gas Says All You Need to Know

The death toll in Turkey rises to seven as the government's conspiracy theories don't seem to end.

5 Ways Putin is Benefiting From the Syrian Crisis

The crisis has actually come to benefit the Russian president in a number of ways.

Debt Ceiling 2013: Almost Half Of Americans Don't Want It Raised

America stands on the brink of another debt ceiling conundrum. Yet, the average American has no idea of the stakes.

Living On Food Stamps is a Challenge For This CEO, a Reality For Millions Of Americans

Panera CEO Ron Shaich's participation in the SNAP Challenge is a grand gesture of little substance.

Roommates Are the New Spouses

It may seem perfectly normal for people in their 20s to live with roommates, but back in the 1960s, only 6% of young people did so. Here's why things have changed.

Jonathan Ferrell: This Black Man is the Latest Innocent to Be Killed By Trigger-Happy Cops

The death of an unarmed North Carolina man by police after a car accident is another sad example of why police need to be more judicious when using force.

In the 2016 Presidential Election, Obamacare Opponents Will Lose Big Time

Opponents of Obamacare are shooting themselves in the feet by creating a political petri dish that will prove which policies work better.

The Reason Why a Death Sentence Won't End Gang Rape in India

The Delhi gang rape verdict has opened up some dialogue around violence against women, but there's still a long way to go.

'Necessary Errors’ Should Be Required Reading For All Millennials

Caleb Crain’s novel about a gay Harvard graduate learning hard lessons abroad isn't the story of a 20-somethings' comedic failure — it's a story about empowerment.

5 Ways Obama and Rouhani Can Improve U.S.-Iran Relations

Recent correspondence between Iranin President Rouhani and President Obama reveal that the two might meet in person. This rare meeting could have huge implications.

The Labor Movement Has to Get Less White Or We're All Screwed

The economy is tough on all of us, but especially millennials of color. Labor is missing out on the best allies they've got.

Measles Outbreaks Rampant As People Go Unvaccinated

More and more people are refusing to get vaccinated given recent studies and reports on the adverse reactions and risks of vaccinations. Will the measles outbreak change people's minds?

Indian Miss America Sparks Backlash Asian Americans Know Too Well

Whether it's WWII, 9/11, or Miss America, Asian-American identities continue to be questioned and their sense of belonging threatened.

Colorado Floods Are So Rare, They Only Come Once in 1,000 Years

10 photos show just how "Biblical" the storm that has flooded Colorado is.

Why Bashar Al-Assad is Invoking 9/11 in the Syria War

Assad has successfully adapted the rhetoric of the War in Terror as championed by the U.S. to defend his own regime. This shows the many problems with the term itself.

When Did the Financial Crisis Begin? It's One Date Millennials Will Never Forget

For those that came of age around the financial crisis, it will come to define our generation as much as Vietnam or World War II did for generations past.

PolicyMic Movie Guide: What to See, Stream, and Skip This Week

A groundbreaking debut, journey into the heart of darkness, and slapstick gangster flick make up our picks for the movies to see, stream, and skip this week.

Delhi Rapists Receive Death Sentence for Their Crimes

Almost a year after Jyoti Singh Pandey was brutally raped, four of the six perpetrators have been sentenced to death. But has it been due to actual legislation or national public pressure?

Polls Show How 9/11 Has Changed America

Twelve years after the 9/11 attacks, Americans are increasingly concluding that staying out of other countries' affairs will make the U.S. safer than confronting supporters of terrorism.

Homeless Guy Found Backpack With Thousands Of Dollars and Did WHAT With It?!

A homeless man in Boston decided that being a good samaritan is far more rewarding than keeping the thousands of dollars he found in a backpack.

Can We Please Say Goodbye to Officer America?

Our insistence on military intervention has historically been fraught with disaster, no matter the heroic framing. So why are we considering it again with Syria?

One Infographic Every Entrepreneur Needs to See

Discover which mobile devices, apps, and software that start-up moguls and entrepreneurs are using.

The Reasons Why Americans Feel More Unsafe Now, 12 Years After 9/11

It's been 12 years since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Why is it that poll after poll shows that the American people are feeling increasingly unsafe since then?

8 Awful Laws That Prove in America, Special Interests Trump the Market Every Time

Licensing exists under the false pretense of protecting the public interest. In truth, it only exists to protect incompetent companies from new comers.

What Will Happen to Syria's Chemical Weapons? This is Just the Beginning.

The U.S. and Russia have come to terms on an agreement dealing with the chemical weapons of Syria. This diplomatic move won't be the end of the Syria conflict.

Want to Be a CEO? You Need to Watch This TV Show Now

'Undercover Boss' is brilliant as an education tool for managers of all stripes.

Delayed International Respose to Syria is Toothless

The constant movement of Syria's chemical weapons to secret locations in the country makes it difficult for inspectors to remove the weapons, thus giving Assad time to delay a U.S. attack.

DC Navy Shooting: Senate On Precautionary Lockdown

The U.S. Senate has locked down out of an abundance of caution on Monday, after two shooters are reported on the loose after a mass shooting at the Navy Yard.

DC Shooting Video: Air Lift Scene At Navy Yard

An individual was airlifted from a roof at the Navy Yard by a U.S. Park Police helicopter after a reported shooting Monday morning.

Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota Face Off in the General Election

As Bill Thompson drops out of the Democratic primary race, it opens the door another inch for Bill de Blasio to become Mayor of NYC. But Joe Lhota still awaits in the November 5 general election.

Washington Navy Yard Shooting a False Flag, Say Conspiracy Theorists

Conspiracy theories surrounding the shooting at the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard already abound.

Navy Yard Shooting Photos

Images of the situation in downtown Washington DC, after reports of a shooting ocurred Monday morning.

Bill Thompson Drops Out of NYC Mayor's Race — The Democratic Primary is Over

Bill de Blasio will be the Democratic nominee for mayor this fall.

Navy Yard Shooting Victims: "Very Fluid Situation"

Three gunshot victims have been transported to MedStar Washington Hospital Monday. A hospital spokesperson said she expects more victims are on the way.

Aaron Alexis Had Previous Angry, Gun-Related Incidents With Police

At least 13 individuals are reported dead after gunshots were fired on Monday morning inside the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard.

President Barack Obama on Navy Yard Shooting: "We Are Confronting Another Mass Shooting"

After a delayed start to his speech on the economic recovery, the president gives brief remarks on the Navy Yard Shooting in Washington, D.C.

DC Navy Gunman Identified: Who Is Aaron Alexis?

Aaron Alexis, one identified gunman in Washington DC's Navy Yard on Monday, died during a shootout with police.

Washington Navy Yard Mass Shooting: Eyewitness Account

In this video, a witness gives an account of her experience inside Navy Yard when shots were fired Monday morning.

Washington Nationals Game Postponed After Mass Shooting

Monday's game against the Atlanta Braves has been rescheduled.

Navy Yard Shooting: Police Briefing LIVE, Two Potential Shooters At Large

Police Chief Cathy Lanier will issue statements regarding Monday's Navy Yard shooting Monday at noon, live streaming here.

Washington Navy Shooter: Hunt Continues For Gunmen

Several news outlets mistakenly reported the identity of an innocent man in the confusion following Monday's navy yard shooting.

Aaron Alexis ID'd As Deceased Shooter

Pete Williams of NBC has identified the dead gunman as Aaron Alexis.

Navy Yard Shooting: 12 Reported Dead In First Official Toll

DC Mayor Vincent Gray issued a statement indicating that 12 fatalities have ocurred so far after Monday's shooting in the U.S. Navy Headquarters in DC.

NAVSEA Shooting: Attack Targeted Naval Command Headquarters

Monday's gunfire attack targeted employees at NAVSEA, the largest US Navy command systems, headquartered in Southeastern Washington, D.C.

Washington Shooting Suspect Described By Witnesses

There are conflicting reports on the identity of the suspect.

Navy Yard Shooting: At Least 6 Schools on Lockdown

Local DC schools have shut down after reports of a shooting at the Navy Yard on Monday morning.

Aaron Alexis Guns: The Weapons the Navy Yard Gunman Used

Aaron Alexis shot and killed 12 people on Monday morning while wounding several others at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.