iOS 7 Release: The Home Screen Still Looks Ugly As Ever

This Wednesday, iPhone users worldwide are likely to be disappointed by iOS 7's mediocre app icons.

Marijuana Legalization: The Republican Argument For Doing It

I'm a former GOP aide and I changed my mind. You should, too.

Your Simple Guide to What Happens If the Government Shuts Down Next Month

A U.S. government shutdown is likely to happen next month. U.S. default is less likely. Here's what we can expect and why.

5 Lies About Muslims Fox News Told You

Here's what Fox News has said about Muslims before and why they are wrong.

FEMEN Told Me to "Take Off My Headscarf" Before Standing Up For Women

Sometimes the saviors need saving.

Why Are Mass Shootings Increasing Even While Gun Violence is Decreasing?

Deadly mass shootings have been on the rise since 2007, even though gun violence on the whole has declined. Are we ushering in a new decade of the "mass shooting"?

Dear Men: Your Balls Are Not That Big

Men take up too much space in public spaces, and it's not because their balls are that big.

The Reason For Yemen's Child-Bride Problem Isn't What You'd Expect

Yemen’s child bride problem is back in the spotlight following the reported death of a little girl named Rawan on her wedding night.

Germany Welcomes Syrian Refugees, But Check Out How It Treats Immigrants

Last week, Germany's Humanitarian Assistance Programme offered to 5,000 Syrian refugees the right to stay in the country. A great program in theory, but how well will they really be treated?

This Viral Blog Post Says Millennials Think We're All Special Snowflakes

Another day, another story about how we're self-obsessed. I've had it. The real story is that millennials face challenges and opportunities Boomers didn't have — and we make them very nervous.

Have Fruitflies Shown Us How To Cure Memory Loss?

A new study suggests that our diets could be the key to reversing memory loss.

Warren Buffett's Son Thinks Millennials Will Revolutionize Philanthropy

Out with the charitable-industrial complex. In with more equitable economic structures.

Pope Francis: When Can We Start Calling Him Saint Francis Of Argentina?

The pope has revolutionized the image of the papacy in his first six months — and has breathed new life into one of the world's oldest organizations.

10 Hopeless Places All Twentysomethings Look For Love

The problem isn't you, it's where you're trying to meet people.

Government Shutdown 2013: Why the Supreme Court Might Get Involved

President Obama will not negotiate. Republicans in the House have dug in their heels the Supreme Court may very well have to resolve the debt ceiling.

'New Girl' Season 3 Premiere: Nick and Jess Go "All In"

Zooey Deschanel's 'New Girl' returns to Fox tonight. Here's a little of what we have to look forward to in Season 3.

What We Get Wrong When We Define the "Middle Class"

If you're making six figures, you're probably not a part of the middle class.

The Horrible Reason This Arkansas School District is Kicking 3 Kids Out Of School

Pea Ridge School District in Arkansas has reportedly banned three foster siblings, two of whom have disabilities, from school until they prove they are not HIV-positive. What gives?

Washington Navy Yard Shooting LIVE: Lone Gunman Aaron Alexis is Dead

At least 13 individuals are reported dead after gunshots were fired on Monday morning inside the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard.

Minimum Wage Laws Just Keep People Poor

Minimum wage laws do not lift people out of poverty, it solidifies their poverty. A job remains the best anti-poverty tool ever invented.

7 Things College Seniors Are Sick of Hearing From Their Parents

School is back in session! In honor of the start of academic year, here are seven pieces of parental advice that make college seniors cringe.

Meet the Millennial Minds That Are Reshaping the World

In this age of innovation, which millennials are blazing the technological trails?

Obama's Track Record Reveals a Shameful Presidency

President Obama has an extremely unimpressive track record and he is not fit to lead this nation.

5 Corporations That Used a National Tragedy to Sell You Something

The twelfth anniversary of the September 11 attacks prompted us to reflect on many things. One of those things was that marketers should keep their mouths shut about national tragedies.

Kenya Seeks to Withdraw From the ICC — A Potentially Disastrous Move

Kenya’s attempt to withdraw from the Rome Statute undermines its standing as one of the few respected African countries in terms of law and order on the continent.

How Climate Change Helped Fuel the Syria Refugee Crisis

And how it will keep fueling future crises, until we learn how to take a proactive approach to humanitarianism.

A Father Yells At a Transgender Teen Shopping For A Prom Dress — You Won't Believe What Happens Next

Actors played transgender teens who were harassed by their fathers in real shopping centers. What happens next will probably surprise you.

New Study Proves What Women Already Knew About Porn — and What Men Won't Admit

A recent study indicates that watching porn could make someone less receptive to women's rights. This news is not that shocking.

Giddyup! Sports Anchor Adam Lefkoe Drops 41 'Seinfeld' References During Live Telecast

Serenity now! Sports anchor Adam Lefkoe isn't afraid to let his audience how much he loves 'Seinfeld.'

California's Minimum Wage Increase Will Hurt the People It Is Meant to Help

California's minimum wage hike will likely impact those who are hurting the most already and send entrepreneurs packing.

An Insider's Guide to the 5 Things We Write Too Much

The best of the worst phrases to never write again. Ever.

Conservatives Claim Schools Are Trying to Defeat the Second Amendment With Liberal Textbooks

A supplemental high school textbook's summary of the Second Amendment has raised the ire of gun rights advocates.

Meet Syria's Christians — and Learn What the West Gets Wrong About Them

Regional Christians are not the dwindling, passive community portrayed by the media. Their politics are often directly opposed to Western policy as well.

Steve Lonegan Press Conference On Cory Booker's Alleged Crack House Turns Into Fiasco

GOP New Jersey Senate candidate Steve Lonegan thought he was going to take it to team Booker on Tuesday in a press conference, but team Booker took it to him.

Al-Qaeda in Syria is a Serious Threat — What Can the U.S. Do?

Setting chemical weapons use as a "red line" in Syria ignores the fact that no matter what kind of weapons Assad uses, U.S. interests are at stake.

Salon's Lame and Embarrasing Attempt to Debunk Libertarianism

People who debunk libertarians usually end up writing a series of false claims. This is why such thinkers are just plain wrong.

Porn Purge Fails Miserably At Wikipedia Because This is the Internet

To the dismay of parents and advocates, Wikipedia refuses to regulate the imagery on its site. So yes, kids can find porn.

Colorado's Biblical Record Rainfall: The Scary Statistics Of the Flood

After experiencing record rainfall, residents of Colorado are desperately hoping for a break from the severe storm. How bad was the storm? Here's a breakdown.

This Author Is Speaking Up for Writers Of Color and It's About Time We Listen

Just last week, author and literary critic Roxane Gay started a series at the Nation about writers of color. Here's why you should be paying very close attention.

5 Female Artists On the Brink Of Greatness

These musicians are poised to take over your fall playlists.

This Black Fashion Scholar Thinks You Should Care More About What Happens on the Runway

New York Fashion Week reminds us that fashion is about so much more than you think.

The Syria Gas Attack Was Bad — But It's Not the Worst Thing That's Happened There

There's a lot more to Syria than chemical weapons — and even if Syria agrees to give its weapons up, there's still blood on the regime's hands.

If You Want to Be a Billionaire, Learn How to Code

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Why Brazil's President Stood Obama Up

President Dilma Rouseff of Brazil has canceled a trip to Washingotn because of the NSA surveillance scandals. The Brazilian government isn't alone when it comes to distrust of the U.S.

Are Movie Bloggers Ruining the Oscars?

If you ask the media establishment, the answer is "yes."

Robert Hunter: 5 Other Celebrity Imposters Who Committed Crimes

Robert Hunter pretended to be Justin Bieber in order to get underage girls to send him videos, here are five more celebrity imposters

6 Adrenaline-Pumping Movies That Will Turn You Into a Sports Fan

In honor of the release of Ron Howard's 'Rush,' here's a little sports movie retrospective. Even if you don't like sports, you will love these movies. Guaranteed.

The One Thing That Would Have Kept Aaron Alexis From Getting a Gun, But Didn't

Why didn't Aaron Alexis's declared history of mental health problems keep him from buying weapons?

Vincent Gray Divisively Blames D.C. Navy Yard Massacre On Sequester

DC's mayor points to the sequester cuts as a possible factor behind the tragedy.

3 Reasons Why Wall Street Is Glad Summers Is Out — And Why You Should Be Too

Wall Street breathed a sigh of relief on Sunday when Summers announced his withdrawal from the race to become the next chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Constitution Day 2013: Revolutionary at the Time, But We Still Have a Long Way to Go

Today, on Constitution Day, let's honor the Constitution, but remember the progress we still have to make.

This Video Sums Up the Powerful New Business Model Millennial Entrepreneurs Are Creating

To whom much is given, much is expected .... Faced with so many environmental and social problems, millennial entrepreneurs should use business to help create a social good.

Divorce is Ugly As It Is — But Now Our Online Lives Are in the Mix

Here are 5 ways to protect yourself digitally during a divorce.