Watch These Union Workers Give Walmart Bosses a Powerful Lesson They'll Never Forget

A campaign group storms a North Carolina Walmart to deliver a 170,000 signature petition. What happens next will make anyone who believes in worker's rights proud.

5 Party Schools That Are Just As Good As the Ivy Leagues

Who says you can't work hard and play hard?

An Inside Look At the Creepiest $5 Billion Industry in America

France is banning beauty pageants for minors. Will America follow suit?

The 15 Most Murderous Cities in the United States

Chicago and New York top the list the FBI released ranking the most murderous cities in America.

Micro-Porn On Vine, Tumblr, and Reddit Beats Out Mainstream Amateur Porn

Micro-porn, part of the subculture amateur porn, is now easily accessible on social media platforms like Vine, Reddit, and Tumblr. Should this new wave of porn be regulated on social media sites?

Britney Spears is Leading the Charge in Feminist Pop Music

With her new song, "Work, Bitch," Britney Spears joins Lady Gaga and Katy Perry in producing some of the most ambitious music in pop.

Is Nina Divuluri Too Dark-Skinned to Be "Pretty" in India?

Our "wheatish" writer explores racism's many hues.

'The Mindy Project' Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: All the Reasons We Love Mindy

Looking for a fun feminist TV obsession? Nailed it.

FOMC Statement LIVE: No Taper Coming, Stocks Skyrocket

The Fed sent shockwaves through the markets by announcing it will maintain the status quo on its $85bn monthly bond-buying program.

Republicans Finally Unveil Their Alternative Health Care Reform Plan — But It's Too Little, Too Late

Well it only took four years, but the GOP have finally unveiled an alternative health care reform plan to replace Obamacare with. While it's got some great ideas, it may be too little, too late.

The Reality of Being a Successful Gay Actor

At a recent press conference, actor John Barrowman discussed the responsibilities that have come with his role as an out public figure.

'The Mindy Project' Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Apparently, There Aren't Any Doctors in Haiti

Tuesday night's “All My Problems Solved Forever,” the second-season premiere of 'The Mindy Project,' welcomed back our intrepid hero, the hopelessly romantic ob-gyn Mindy Lahiri.

'New Girl' Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: Paradise By the Dashboard Light

'New Girl' hit the ground running with its third season premiere last night, beginning right where we left off last May. Spoilers abound.

Genetically Modified Food Isn't As Scary As You Think

We have good reason to be cautious in our use and containment of GMOs, but being “anti-GMO” as a general rule doesn’t hold up to close scrutiny.

Portrait Of the Editor As a Young Feminist in the Internet Age

I may work for the internet, but where would the "knowledge economy" be without books?

Read the Heartbreaking Letter From Aaron Alexis's Mother

Cathleen Alexis released a short statement on Wednesday apologizing for her son's brutal actions.

Sochi 2014: The Real Reason the Olympics Are Caving to Russia's Anti-Gay Law

The alliance of Russia, a nation currently legalizing intolerance, and a sporting organization dedicated to promoting the “understanding of all kinds of people” actually makes perfect sense.

Syria War News: You Won't Believe How Long America Has Actually Been Involved

While America continues to debate whether or not we should act, a quick look at history shows that we've been intervening with almost every Syrian leader since World War II.

Public Masturbation Not a Crime, Rules Swedish Court

Apparently, you can just whip out those Swedish meatballs right there on streets of Stockholm, so long as you don't point them at anyone.

The 12 Most Unexpectedly Amazing Musical Collaborations Ever

In honor of Elvis Costello and The Root's new album, 'Wise Up Ghost,' here are some of our favorite musical pairings.

This Menacing Clown is Stalking a British Town

It's a pitch-black, chilly night in the deserted streets of Northampton, England. You turn a corner, and there he is. A balloon-clutching clown, waving at you. This is real, and it's on Facebook.

Starbucks Howard Shultz Open Letter: Calm Down, Gun Owners — It's Not a Ban

Moved by recent events, one of America's top executives makes a small request that could go a long way in decreasing gun-related casualties.

Julie Chen's Plastic Surgery Reveals The Ugly Face of Journalism

Julie Chen's plastic surgery revelations sparked a debate about racism and Asian women trying to become more westernized. But the real problem was hidden.

Harvest Moon 2013: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Harvest Moon

Wednesday, September 17 is 2013's night of the harvest moon. Here is everything you need to know.

7 New Apple iOS7 Features That Will Radically Change Your iPhone Experience

Apple is unveiling its latest software updates Wednesday. While the aesthetic changes to iPhone's famous icons are significant, these five functional updates will make your life easier.

Violent Video Games Did Not Make Aaron Alexis a Mass Murderer

Aaron Alexis was a fan of violent video games, but they did not make him a mass murderer. America's culture of violence did.

Why Princeton Graduates — and Everyone — Should Write For PolicyMic

Having Millennials' voices amplified on PolicyMic offers a chance to set great ideas into motion, and I hope more and more of my peers become involved with the site.

Millennial Women Are More At Risk for Dementia, Depression, and ADHD

Luckily, Arianna Huffington is working to save our lady brains.

What Growing Up in Israel Taught Me About Obamacare

Don't worry, Obamacare won't hurt a bit. And I should know.

Syria Chemical Weapons: What The UN Report Means For U.S. Air Strike

The recently released UN report greatly strengthens the hand of the United States while backing Putin and Assad into a corner.

Anders Breivik, Norway's Mass Killer, is Getting An Online Education in Prison — and He Should

Anders Breivik killed 77 people in Norway on July 22, 2011, many of them adolescents. Many are outraged he has the luxury of online education in prison, but we can't sink to his cruelty.

Are We Getting Involved in Syria? Here's What to Expect If We Don't

Syria's conflict has already destabilized the region and displaced millions, but if the U.S. stays out and current trends continue, Lebanon and Iraq will be pushed to the brink and beyond.

Why Participating in French Beauty Pageants Could Land You in Jail

In France, children 16 and younger are banned from entering beauty pageants. Other countries should learn from their example.

Atheists Now Have a PAC, and They Want More Politicians to Come Out As Non-Believers

Americans - and their elected leaders - are becoming more and more distant from God. Recent polls indicate that for politicians, this may not be a good thing.

Johnny Manziel's Autograph Isn't the Problem — College Sports Are

It's a problem the NCAA, and we, have long ignored, and as the business of college sports continues to get bigger it's something that needs to be addressed.

This Graph Shows Why Millennials Should Wave Goodbye to the American Dream

We all know the economy's in a rut, but this graph still manages to pack quite the punch.

Mitch McConnell's Primary Opponent Loves the Constitution So Much, He Can't Remember It

Next time Kentucky Senate candidate Matt Bevin decides to talk about the Constitution ... he should consider reading the document first.

Syria News: Your Updated Guide to the "Developing" Mess Going On in Syria

Lost track of what's going on in Syria? Here's what's currently happening in the world's worst ongoing conflict.

Iran's Secret Skyscraper Was in the Heart Of NYC For Decades

A skyscraper located in Manhattan was owned by Iranian government since the 1970s. It has been seized by the U.S. government in what's being called the largest forfeiture of its kind.

NAVSEA Building 197 Was Hit Because Mentally Ill Aaron Alexis Could Buy a Gun

Despite a documented history of mental health problems, Alexis was able to quickly purchase a firearm.

The Latest Way You Can Get Arrested On Your Own Property

The strange arrest of a man on his lawn raises interesting questions about the nature of democracy.

You'll Never Guess What Obama's Next Job Could Be

The former constitutional law professor may not be done in government yet. Especially if Hillary Clinton takes over in 2016.

A Layman's Guide to the World's Biggest Film Festivals

Ever wondered what the big fuss about Cannes is? Well here's your go-to guide on different film festivals and their history with the industry.

North Korea News: Nuclear Reactor Underlines Need For Talks

North Korea is restarting its main nuclear site and the implications are important, but diplomacy is the only way to handle the risks.

Immigration 2013: The Depressing Reason People Are Chaining Themselves to the White House Fence

A small group of undocumented immigrants were arrested Wednesday in protest of deportations. Is the Obama administration at risk of becoming the most anti-immigration ever?

Everything You Wanted to Know About Chemical Weapons

How do chemical weapons work? What’s their purpose, and why is using them different from using more conventional weapons?

Antibiotics Could Cause the Next Global Pandemic

The CDC has created its first assessment of threats the nation faces from the growing number of antibiotic-resistant organisms. The results aren't particularly reassuring.

There's a Troubling Dark Side to Apple's New Fingerprint ID That No One is Talking About

A lot of hot air is being blown about the new iPhone 5s and its fingerprint scanning technology. Those questions come from the right place, but a little perspective is in order.

Rand Paul Wants to Guarantee Ex-Felons This Basic Right

The libertarian Republican seeks to expand voting rights to felons who have re-entered society after serving their time.

Starbucks CEO Politely Requests Customers Keep Their Guns Out Of Coffee Shops

CEO Howard Schultz requests customers not carry guns into Starbucks stores. This decision makes perfect sense.

5 Questions About the U.S. Budget You Were Too Afraid To Ask

As the October 1 government shutdown deadline approaches, here are five things to keep in mind concerning the federal budget.

America's Untold History of Spying, Censoring, and Plotting to Bomb Al-Jazeera

Yes, George W. Bush wanted to bomb one of our allies, Qatar, where Al-Jazeera is headquartered.

Syria's Going To Make The UN General Assembly Kind Of Awkward

The Syrian conflict is a case study in how the UN is utterly ineffective when dealing with international humanitarian crises.

Facebook Likes Are Free Speech Now, So Click Away

A lawsuit in 2009 prompted the U.S. Court of Appeals to rule in favor of Facebook activity of "Likes" being recognized as a form of political expression. Phew, now we're protected on Facebook.

More Guns Isn't the Answer to the Aaron Alexis Rampage

If security at the base worked like it should have, Alexis wouldn't have claimed his 12 victims. Putting more guns in the situation wouldn't have helped.

Our Soldiers Need Your Help — What Will You Do to Answer Their Call?

At what point are we collectively pissed off enough to step up to the plate for the people who risked all, and gave all for us?

Bernanke Press Conference: LIVE Streaming and Updates

Live coverage of the Federal Reserve's policy statement, as well as Chairman Ben Bernanke's press conference.

Bernanke May Press Conference: 6.5% Unemployment a "Threshold, Not a Trigger" For Rates

Although some assume that a 6.5% unemployment rate would prompt the Fed to raise the Federal Funds rate, that is not what he said in his last press conference.

QE3: Beginning Of the End?

The Federal Reserve is expected to trim its bond buys by $10bn to $20bn per month after its latest meeting.

US Dollar Index: USD Implodes After Fed Statement

The Federal Reserve sent shock waves through the Forex market after it announced that it would not trim its monthly $85bn bond-buying program.

Fed Statement: Full Text Of the FOMC Meeting Minutes

The Federal Reserve's open market commitee has released its latest economic forecast and policy statement.

Emmy Nominees 2013: Full List Of Nominees and Winners

All the nominees at the 2013 Emmy Awards.