5 Biggest Myths Hollywood Taught Us About the Middle Ages

Productions like 'Game of Thrones', 'Pillars of the Earth', 'Braveheart', and various Robin Hood interpretations all perpetuate many myths about the misunderstood Medieval era.

What Would It Look Like If We Turned the Daily Mail's Sexism Around On Men?

News outlets must stop objectifying female celebrities. This is what it looks like, fellas.

Meet "2G": China's Young, Rich, and (In)Famous Generation

China's young people may have greater freedom of expression, but they're increasingly pressured to flaunt their wealth, and conform to an extravagant lifestyle.

Why HBO's "The Newsroom" Will Never Live Up to Expectations

HBO's The Newsroom is likely going to be renewed for a third season. The problem is creator Aaron Sorkin can't seem to recreate the same magic he had for his four seasons on The West Wing.

Emmys Predictions 2013: 7 Shows That Will Rule the Night

Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting the 2013 Emmy Awards this Sunday. Here's our prediction as to which shows will take home the coveted statuette.

Privatizing the Postal Service is a Bad Idea, and the UK Has Proof

Britain is privatizing the Royal Mail, but don't be too optimistic about the USPS doing the same.

Robert Garza Execution: Why Capital Punishment is More Unjust Than Ever

The state of Texas is about to execute its 504th person since 1974. This impending death of Robert Garza highlights the many flaws of the U.S. justice system.

Starbucks Gun Free Zone: Conservatives Respect Howard Schultz's Decision

Turns out, conservatives are pretty consistent about their values.

6 Reasons Hassan Rouhani is No Ahmadinejad

Next week, for the first time since his swearing in, new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will address the world at the United Nations. How does he differ from his firebrand predecessor?

What is the Federal Reserve? Answers to Economics Questions You've Been Dying to Ask

You’re not stupid for having these questions.

A Jew and Iranian Step Onto a Dance Floor — What Happens Next Could Make World Peace Go Viral

Jewish-American comedian Elon Gold and Iranian-American comedian Maz Jobrani talk to PolicyMic about their campaign to get Americans to “give peace a dance” with Iran.

In One Interview, the Pope Debunks Everything the GOP Ever Preached About Gay Rights and Abortion

The pope's surprising stance on these contentious issues will make your day.

8 Greatest 8-Bit Nintendo Games Of All Time

Thursday marks the sad passing of Hiroshi Yamauchi, the president of Nintendo during its transition into the video game market. These eight games are a direct result of his legacy and hard work.

6 Famous Quotes Attributed to the Totally Wrong Person

"To all the girls that think you’re fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, it's society who’s ugly." — Marilyn Monroe

Elizabeth Warren 2016: Danger — Actual Democrat May Be Among Presidential Candidates

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is not messing around. Ask Larry Summers.

The 80 Person Death Toll Nobody is Talking About

Storms Ingrid and Manuel battered Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula this week, causing the death of 80 people and massive destruction.

'The Room' is 10 Years Old, and It's Still Gloriously Terrible

'The Room' is unlike any movie you've ever seen. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will make you throw plastic spoons at the screen.

Why Google Glass Wearers Will Be The Next Bluetooth Jerks

Capabilities aside, the aesthetic flaws of Google's forthcoming Glass may end up being the "don't" counterpart to the success story of successful devices like the iPhone.

Smith Student Wants Sorority to Exclude Lesbians Because Straight People Are So Oppressed

Claiming minority status, a vexed student is trying to flee her self-proscribed minority status with an exclusive sorority.

How Feminists Punked 'Playboy'

The inside story behind "The 2013 Top Ten Party Commandments for a Consensual Good Time" and the best prank of the year.

10 Absolutely Unique Marriage Proposals Guaranteed to Go Viral

The millennial obsession with elaborate, highly choreographed marriage proposals is only getting worse. Here are some ways you can make your moment stand out from the crowd — or flash mob.

Obama's Brilliant Idea Could Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

The White House filed a petition with the FCC asking that all wireless carriers make all mobile devices unlockable. Will the they go for it?

This University is Robbing Students and Surrounding Communities Blind

And your college probably is too.

The Real Reasons Millennials Want Gun Control

As a generation, we support gun control reform. These millennials know why — and it's deeper than you think.

Meet Daniela Ramirez: Feminist, Activist & Pundit Of the Week

Daniela Ramirez is a writer, feminist and PolicyMic's pundit of the week. She explains the best ways to use our platform, and why post-graduate unemployment is not the end of the world.

DC Comics Decrees: Batwoman Can't Get Gay-Married

Holy homophobia!

Breaking News Syria: Why Jordan, Israel, and Turkey Want the U.S. All In

While the spillover in Lebanon and Iraq is now the worst, U.S. inaction that allows current trends to continue threatens to destabilize U.S. allies including Turkey, Israel, and Jordan too.

Scientists Find Evidence of Alien Life — But Not So Fast

A new experiment conducted by British scientists show that there may be extraterrestrial life that originated from space.

Ben Bernanke Quantitative Easing: He's Surprised That You're Surprised By the Decision

If markets are surprised about Ben Bernanke's decision to continue with the Fed's QE asset purchasing program, they were not paying attention.

The 4 People and a Show That Should Win An Emmy, But Won't

When it comes to disappointing me, the Emmys never disappoint.

This Baby is Brought to You By General Electric founder Mark Wilson discovered that General Electric is branding unborn babies.

New Anti-Obamacare Ads Are the Creepiest Thing You've Seen All Week

Two more weeks until Obamacare's state insurance exchanges open and the critics aren't holding back any punches. These new creepy Uncle Sam ads are sure to give you the heebie jeebies.

What It's Like Being a Gay Poet in Iran

Life in Iran is a constant struggle for Payam Feili, who is a blacklisted author and homosexual. Does his situation reflect the lack of freedom and rights in Iran?

John McCain Pravda Op Ed: Response to Putin Shows the Worst Of America

While Putin's op-ed made a rational argument against U.S. intervention in Syria, Senator McCain's piece in Pravda uses the same condescending, moralistic rhetoric that harms U.S. diplomacy.

This Guy Was Robbing a Disabled Veteran — Until His Mom Stepped in

When Michael Bray was caught on camera assaulting and robbing an 85-year-old vet, his mother stunned the world when she convinced her son to turn himself in.

Eid Passport: How the Navy Screwed Up D.C. Navy Yard Security Big Time

A leaked audit of the Commander Navy Installations Command reveals a distinct lack of accountability for current contract security measures.

Feminist Weekly: PolicyMic Gets Personal

Yes, you heard me.

CBO Budget Forecast is Gloomy For Millennials

It isn't like there was much punch in the bowl to start with, but CBO dropped a massive turd in what was left.

Health Care Costs Can Be Lowered With Amazing New Technology

There's no denying it, health care costs a lot of money. But these new technologies are examples of how a focus on new tech can lower costs in the long run.

This Republican Congressman Wants Your Pity For Making Six Figures

Members of Congress should be paid according to how well they do their jobs, like the most of the working population.

New York City's Public Art Doesn't Care What You Think of It

Public art in New York City is constantly in flux; because New Yorkers can't come to a consensus, the city has found away to cut their opinions out of the equation.

Syrian Rebels: Why the West's Inaction is Driving Them to Al-Qaeda

Is it reasonable for the West to say it wants to discourage radical jihadists in Syria — and then give Syria's rebels reason to turn straight in that direction?

Real-Life American Tragedies, Now Playing at a Theater Near You

Movies that claim to be based on a true story have always felt exploitative, but 'Fruitvale Station' and 'Blue Caprice' suggest that the claim doesn't have to be so empty.

This is the Missing Piece in Every Prison Debate

Conversations about "Stop and Frisk" and sentencing laws are finally drawing national attention to who, how, and why we incarcerate people. Now let's get real about the "where."

Aaron Alexis' Mental Illness is a Sign of a Hidden Epidemic

Mental health is not an excuse, it's an epidemic.

The Interview That Should Give You Hope For U.S.-Iran Relations

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani remained consistent in his message in an interview with NBC to enter negotiations with the U.S. Now it's on Washington and Tehran to keep the positive momentum.

The Federal Reserve's Strategy is Pouring Gasoline Onto a Fire

The Fed will keep on buying government debt at the same rate so the economy can recover. In other words, it won't recover anytime soon.

Talk Like A Pirate Day! The 7 Best Pirate Voices We've Ever Heard

While pirates have been known for their bad reputation as misfits, they have also changed the course of history through their dedication to political and social change and loyalty to the sea.

Mic Check: A Simple Explanation Of the Bank in Charge Of Saving the Economy

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring analysis of the world's top news and a collection of links from around the web.

Oustanding Lead Actor: Who Will Win the Emmy?

Thanks to the Netflix presence, the Emmy Awards Outstanding Lead Actor category is more competitive than ever.

Emmy Predictions Best Actress: Kerry Washington Will Win

Kerry Washington should win, but Lead Actress is a very close race.

Carrie Underwood Emmy Awards Performance

Carrie Underwood will perform Sunday night as part of a segment honoring the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. The Beatles get a shout-out, too.