'Breaking Bad' Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: "Rabid Dog" Turns the Tides

"Breaking Bad" aired the fourth of its final eight episodes, "Rabid Dog," Sunday night. Did it sustain the frantic pace of the previous three episodes? Thoughts, and spoilers, ahead.

Immigration Reform 2013: This is the Biggest Immigration Issue You Haven't Heard About

If Congress does not pass visa reform it would be disastrous for the basic fabric of the U.S. economy, causing economic growth, education, and innovation to all stagnate.

The U.S. Economy From the Eyes Of an Unemployed 20-Something

What is my generation supposed to do?

A Flashback to Vogue's Very Nice Profile of Asma al-Assad

It's been almost three years since Vogue profiled Asma al-Assad and her husband's rule of Syria. Let's revisit this and see what's changed since.

What Would the Founding Fathers Do About Congressional Term Limits Today

In the early days of the republic, serving in Congress was largely seen as a part time job that came secondary to each representatives respective job in their home state.

3 Signs You're Gay, According to Republicans

"I like being a guy," said New Jersey's Republican Senate candidate Steve Lonegan trying to disqualify his Democrat opponent Cory Booker.

If Only 9% Of Americans Support Bombing Syria, Who is Behind the War Effort?

President Obama is pursuing a military action that most of the country opposes, because a small group of elites is in his ear.

What's Really Behind the Republican Push to Drug Test Welfare Recipients

It's not that Republicans hate the poor, it's that they love Big Pharma.

Happy Airstrike Eve, Everyone

Hitting chemical weapons bunkers with cruise missiles is a very, very bad idea. A former U.S. Navy EOD technician explains why.

Labor Day 2013: What 42% Of Americans Will Be Doing This Weekend

Many Americans can't seem to switch off. What do your vacation habits mean for your productivity and career?

G20 Summit 2013: Russia and the U.S. Are Going to Get Nasty Over Syria

Putin is the host of this year's G20, which Obama will attend in Russia.

4 Simple Reasons It is Extremely Unlikely Syrian Rebels Carried Out the Chemical Weapons Attacks

The arguments claiming that it is the rebels, not the government, who carried out the chemical attacks in Syria ignore facts and history.

Congress Should Reject Obama's Proposed Authorization For the Use of Military Force Against Syria

If Congress authorizes a punitive strike on Syria, it must not give the president a blank check to launch an attack as he pleases.

This Number Proves the Afghanistan War is an Epic Failure

As the NATO forces make their final arrangements to withdraw next year, 100 dead in one week is the new normal in Afghanistan.

See What Drone Warfare Will Look Like in 2100

Would warfare be better suited to armies comprised entirely of drones and robots, or are humans still a necessary element in war?

British Girl Scouts Ditch "God" From Their Oath, Should We Do the Same?

When it comes to oaths and God, being all-inclusive isn't an option, or perhaps even the goal.

See Obama's Outrageous Response to Your FOIA Requests

The Obama administration has a thing for withholding information from the American people, but their responses to FOIA requests show how incompetent they are at doing it.

How Climate Change Politics Are Ruining African Agriculture

The global land grab in Africa has sought to gain legitimacy through a flawed narrative of "green growth," which promises no such growth for the smallholder farmers bound to lose access to land.

8 Easy Steps to Make Fashion Smarter and More Sustainable

Welcome to the future of fashion.

3 Reasons Every Millennial Should Support Unions in America

There are many reasons why every millennial should care deeply about the future of unions in America. Here are three of the most important ones.

This Chart Will Debunk All Republican Myths On Planned Parenthood

The Perot Foundation donating $1 million to Planned Parenthood isn't that surprising; what is surprising is how little of this money will go to actually perform abortions.

Saudi Arabia Bans Domestic Abuse, Will it Make Any Difference?

There are still quite a few issues that impede the efficacy of the law itself. The main being the continued use of a system focused on male guardianship.

How Iran Accidentally Acknowleged Syria Gassed Its Own People

Iran's Labor News Agency edited a quote by former president Ali Akbar Rafsanjani who'd acknowledged the Syrian government was behind the chemical attacks.

Walmart is Now More Progressive Than 32 U.S. States, But That's Not Saying Much

The world's largest retailer is now offering health benefits to employees with same-sex partners. But there's a catch.

Labor Day 2013: These Numbers Show Why America Needs Today Off

Reports on U.S. GDP and employment are promising, but the average American is weary of economic hard times. A day to relax and be with each other is exactly what we need.

Can This Little Guy Really Take on the Big Bad Oil Industry? Probably Not.

The ethanol industry is trying to paint themselves as "The little fuel source that could." But the problem is, they can't.

These Inspiring Musicians Are Standing Up Against Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws

Russia’s anti-gay laws have brought out the best in musicians who are fighting back with music and vocal support

Court Rules Obama Can Keep His White House Visitors List a Secret

The list of visitors to the White House is kept hidden as questions of transparency and accountability arise.

This is the Biggest Labor Rights Issue Of Our Time

Around 2.5 million home care workers are being denied basic protection thanks to an arbitrary exemption in federal labor law.

How Germans and Americans Differ On the Surveillance State

America's data-sharing relationship with Germany screeched to a halt after Snowden unveiled NSA surveillance programs active within the country. Here's why Germans are taking things so seriously.

Why 25,000 Students Flunked This College Entrance Exam

It's more than just a lack of studying when it comes to the Liberian education system