7 Invaluable Writing Tips From Stephen King

What the author of The Shining, Carrie, and The Green Mile can teach us about writing.

5 Most Offensive Asian Characters in TV History

Seth MacFarlane's latest comedy, Dads, is met with negative reviews, especially regarding the portrayal of its Asian characters. Here's a look at some of TV's worst Asian characters.

These 2 Songs From the New MGMT Album Are Incredible

In their new album MGMT has embraced their psychedlic vibe, and the results are pure magic.

Does Watching Porn Make You Sexist? The Answer May Shock You

Eliminating internet pornography won't make our society treat women better, and here's why.

This Dog Looks Like Putin

Who's top dog in Russia now?

6 Telltale Signs You Were Born to Be a Writer

Do you relish the written word above all else? Do you yearn to capture your thoughts and experiences in language? Is writing a form of therapy? Here are 6 signs you were born to put pen to paper.

Cameron Bay HIV is Cause For Reflection, But Not Deeper Regulation of Porn Industry

With the recent HIV outbreak in the adult film industry, what should the government do? Absolutely nothing. Porn is a fantastic example of an industry self-regulation.

'Breaking Bad' Spinoff: Why You Should Give 'Better Call Saul' a Chance

When 'Breaking Bad' ends, the show's universe may live on through a spinoff centered around sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman. And that's a good thing.

Twitter IPO is One Facebook Would Have "Liked" to Have

Twitter enters the IPO process at a prime time for social media debuts. Led by CEO Dick Costolo, Twitter can avoid the mistakes of other IPOs and set course for long-term profits.

This is How You Respond to a Perv On the Subway

This woman had neither the time nor the patience to contact the appropriate authorities.

This is What Happens When the Pope Goes Rogue

Pope Francis tells the Catholic Church to take a break from being obsessed with homosexuality and abortion. It's about time a pope took such a stance.

Meet the Adorable 4-Year-Old Boy Who Hates His iOS 7 Upgrade Just As Much as You Do

In only 17 seconds, this little boy expresses every frustration you're feeling with the new Apple upgrade.

Americans Love World Literature — Except When It's Foreign

English-language authors writing about other countries are increasingly holding American readers' hands, and treating them like strangers in a strange land.

The English Language Doesn't Understand Your Relationship

There are hundreds of thousands of words in the English language, yet it often comes up short. Here are some terms we could borrow to describe our personal relationships.

This Student's Constitutional Rights Were Violated On the Day Intended to Celebrate Them

Modesto Junior College violated the constitutional rights of student Robert Van Tuinen on Constitution Day by preventing him from handing out free copies of the U.S. Constitution.

The Real Reason Why We Love Boy Bands

The mechanisms underlying our love of music may explain why boy bands have had such staying power.

5 Inspiring Women Forgotten in the Shadow Of History

These impressive women didn't just support their famous husbands, but were political activists in their own right. Let's give them the credit they deserve.

How the "Helium Cliff" Could Shatter America's Tech World

Time is running out on the U.S. Federal Helium Reserve. If our chaotic Congress doesn't pass the Helium Stewardship Act of 2013 now, the consequences would be much worse than lamer birthdays.

Food Stamp Cuts: The Other Despicable House Vote That Should Enrage You

With everyone paying attention to Thursday's vote to defund Obamacare, this crucial House vote might get lost by the wayside.

Obamacare 'Defund' Vote is the Latest Dumb Ploy By House GOP

House Republicans are attempting to defund Obamacare while ignoring warnings from the White House that any such plan will be vetoed.

Porn Stars Return to Work As L.A. Lifts Filming Ban

After an outbreak of HIV infections led to a moratorium on filming in the porn industry, filming has resumed after the industry approved new STI testing standards.

Gun Control Debate: Navy Yard Shooting Another Poor Excuse For More Laws

Another mass shooting, another gun control fail.

UK Veil Ban: Muslim Women Don't Need Britain's "Protection"

As the UK debates the veil in public, many worry about the implications it will have for Muslim women, and UK Muslims in general.

Alabama Elementary School Wants Permission to Beat Your Kids

This Alabama school district and others in 19 states across the country discipline students in ways that could get child protective services called on a parent. What gives?

America Preaches Free Trade, But Our Hypocrisy is Seen Everywhere

According to the managing director of the IMF, further global economic cooperation between the U.S. and the world is mutually beneficial.

Don Lemon: CNN Host Nearly Comes to His Senses On Guns, But Not Quite

CNN host Don Lemon made an abrupt turn on gun control yesterday, but exhibits tell-tale signs of bipartisan gridlock on the issue.

Black Couple Pulls Daughter From School After Slavery Reenactment

A school is in trouble for having a field trip during which students were treated like black slaves.

This Renegade Pennsylvania Official Won't Back Down on Gay Marriage

His actions are paving a brave new way for gays in Pennsylvania, whether the governor likes it or not.

Why Bill de Blasio Doesn't Deserve Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson's Support

Should the former Democratic NYC mayoral candidates sacrifice their campaign platforms and political ideals to promote a false sense of party unity?

Syria War News: Inside the Vortex Of Death That Swallows All

Within Syria, current trends will soon see millions more displaced, hundreds of thousands more killed, and the sidelining of moderate rebels, turning the conflict into extremists vs. Assad.

New EPA Carbon Rules Are Promising, But Leave Many Issues Unresolved

The Environmental Protection Agency announced its proposal to restrict the amount of heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions from new power plants, a move that could transform American industry.

Tony Abbott: Australia's New Prime Minister Has No Use For Science

Climate change activists in Australia hit a road block when Prime Minister Tony Abbot abolished the Climate Commission. This could be a scary trend for enviornmentalists around the world.

Everything You Need to Know From PolicyMic's Culture Section

The weekly culture section round up, with pundit shout-outs, must-reads of the week, and job opening news.

Syria Ceasefire: Here's Why You Shouldn't Trust the Regime's Offer

Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil told the Guardian that the civil war was ripe for a "ceasefire." But there's ample reason to be a little more than skeptical.

America's Top 10 Earners Reveal One Sad Truth About America

We need a cultural shift in the way that America thinks about wealth — from celebrating money for money's sake, to supporting a broad-based path to shared wealth.

Omar Qatifaan and Syria's Citizen Journalists Cover the War Like Mainstream Media Can't

Syria's citizen journalists are at the forefront of the war.

5 Female Chefs Who Are Changing the Restaurant Game

These talented and dedicated chefs are making serious headway in, and forever altering, a male-dominated field.

London Whale: JPMorgan Chase's $920 Million Fine is Huge, But Banks Need a Different Form Of Punishment

JPMorgan Chase must pay $920 million for the London Whale scandal. While the fine is enormous, is it really enough to punish the biggest bank in the United States?

This Sea Creature is Taking Over the World

Strong evidence suggests that the ecosystem is plagued by stinging sea creatures. Global jellyfish booms may be caused by pollution, global warming, and human behavior amongst other factors.

Rape Culture is a Worldwide Problem and These Organizations Are Solving It

Changing the world, one man at a time.

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Emmy Awards In Memoriam Segment Sparks Controversy

Controversy has arisen surrounding Sunday night's In Memoriam segment, set to honor James Gandolfini, Gary David Goldberg, Jean Stapleton, Jonathan Winters, and Cory Monteith.

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Emmy Predictions Lead Actress in a Comedy

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Emmys Predictions: Who Will Win Lead Actor in a Comedy?

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