5 Reasons Jenny McCarthy Is Even More Dangerous Than You Thought

McCarthy is giving medical advice to vulnerable parents based on pseudoscience. It's like yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater, when there's no fire – and it's the kids who are getting trampled.

New Never Before Seen Footage Of 9/11 Will Give You Chills

A video is currently ciculating the internet claiming to contain "never before seen" footage of the streets of New York City immediately following the 2001 WTC attacks.

'Friends' and 'How I Met Your Mother': A Side-By-Side Analysis

In advance of the final season of 'How I Met Your Mother,' here's a look at the uncanny parallels between these two long-running sitcoms about young friends living in New York City.

'Breaking Bad' Season 6 Episode 7 Recap: "Granite State" Shows the End is Nigh

'Breaking Bad' aired its penultimate episode, "Granite State," on Sunday night. With one episode to go, where does everyone stand? Thoughts, and spoilers, after the jump.

5 Stunning Poems That Remind You Why Fall is the Best Season

There’s something ineffable about the fleeting transition from summer to winter, making this time of year strange, sacred, and irresistible to poets.

Famous Films You Never Knew Were Based on Shakespeare Plays

These seven adaptations of Shakespeare are still worth checking out.

'New Girl' Schmidt: Why He Should Choose Elizabeth Over Cece

On 'New Girl,' Schmidt is struggling to choose between two women. It's time for the plus-size girl to get the guy.

A Letter to the Privileged: You May Feel Guilt, But Don't Deserve Sympathy

Privileged people have no right to complain.

How You Match Your Personality With Your Career Path

This goes through the different paths you can take and the skills it takes to take part in this career.

4 Composers That Will Actually Make You Like Classical Music

Classical music does not just have to be an outlet for older generations or Yuppies. Here are four composers that millennials should love.

The Most Brilliant Emmys Speech Of the Night

There were some amazing speeches, but Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins.

Emmy Awards 2013: Winners, Nominees, and Live Updates

Everything you need to know about the 2013 Emmy Awards, all right here in one friendly live blog.

Marijuana Legalization: NYC's Next Mayor Will Try to Legalize Weed

The next mayor of New York City will help usher in the decriminalization of marijuana, regardless of which candidate wins the seat.

Why “Atheist Churches” Are a Disaster For Atheism

"Atheist churches" are on the rise in Europe and the U.S., but nonbelievers should shun them for the sake of the freethought movement.

'How I Met Your Mother' Season 9 Premiere: What to Expect From the Final Season

The final season of 'How I Met Your Mother' is about to debut on CBS. Here's what we hope to see.

3 Ways Bashar al-Assad Uses Female Sex Appeal in Propaganda

Women have become political players in unsuspecting ways during Assad's reign in Syria.

Obamacare Facts: Republican Alternative to the ACA is Better For Millennials

While Obamacare is failing and hurting millennials most, the Republican Study Committee has proposed an alternative which has potential to fix the American health care system.

Was it the Lehman Brothers Crash? Here's What Really Caused the Great Recession

Over four years later, we're still missing the forest for the trees when it comes to the biggest financial meltdown since the great depression.

Watch Will Ferrell Hilariously Save the Emmy Awards

This year's lackluster show was brightened considerably by a surprise guest and a hilarious bit.

I Hate-Watched the Emmys, and I Liked It

Did you totally hate the Emmys last night? Well you weren't the only one.

Lance Armstrong Fell Hard, but Livestrong Should Rise — It's Time to Put the Bracelets Back On

Many, myself included, removed their Livestrong bracelets after Lance Armstrong admitted to cheating. This only punishes a cancer charity and the millions of survivors it has supported.

The Sorest Losers in History – The GOP Needs to Get Over Obamacare

After 42 attempts at repealing Obamacare, one would assume Republicans would move on. In fact, they have not.

Meet the Industry-Funded Scientists Who Are Lying to You About Global Warming

The Heartland Institute for years has been producing contrarian sound bites in exchange for money. They aren't a think tank, they are hacks for hire.

'Dexter' Series Finale: A Heartrendingly Real Goodbye

The unforgettable final episode of 'Dexter' reminded us why certain characters will always inspire us.

Food Stamp Cuts 2013: We're Missing the Point About SNAP

There are a plethora of issues surrounding food stamps that are being ignored while we focus on the House's recent $40 billion in cuts to the program.

This Ad Campaign Shows the GOP's Hypocrisy in Its Fight Against Obamacare

This creepy ad campaign shows the hypocrisy of conservatives in their opposition to Obamacare and their infringement on women's rights.

BLS Unemployment Rate: What Texas Can Teach the Nation

Last Friday, the BLS's state employment report reiterated Texas' job growth dominance. Don't mess with Texas job growth.

Emmys Recap: The 5 Biggest 'WTF' Moments

This year's Emmys were like a trip to Oz, and we were all Dorothy. Here are the five moments that made you go "WTF!" at last night's awards show.

Sorry, Wayne LaPierre — The Answer to Our Gun Violence Problem Isn't More Guns

In the wake of the Navy Yard shooting, the NRA continues to claim that guns are not to blame for violence.

Will the U.S. Attack Syria? It Could Save More Lives Than You Think

Rather than make things worse, a small increase in U.S. military involvement is necessary if we want to keep moderates in the game and avoid an Islamist takeover or an Assad triumph.

The Feminist Versus the Good Old Boys

The inside story of how one woman fought to keep ethnic studies in Texas universities — and won.

Debt Ceiling 2013: Here We Go Again

While this isn’t as sexy a topic as gay marriage or environmentalism, young people must get invested in debt ceiling conversations to lessen our future burdens.

Bulgaria Protests: Will This NATO Ally Be a Democracy or Dictatorship?

Over three months of nonstop protests demanding the resignation of the Oresharski government deepen Bulgaria's political crisis to new levels.

BlackBerry Sale: 5 Things You Need to Know

A Q&A as the fallen mobile giant takes itself private.

Plan B: A Win For Women’s Reproductive Rights

The morning-after pill has finally become an over-the-couter drug, after being a prescription-only drug for under 17-year-olds.

What I Saw From the Frontline of Syria's Humanitarian Crisis

Three scenes from a makeshift clinic filled with Syrian refugees, in which I saw just what Assad's cruelty means for everyday Syrians.

After Traveling 4.7 Billion Miles, NASA's Deep Impact Goes Dark

NASA officially called off any hope to communicate with the space probe most famous for photographing and studying comets.

Dante de Blasio and the 10 Greatest Afros Of All Time

Dante de Blasio sports a large and truly impressive afro, which the media has been obsessed with since Dante appeared in his father Bill de Blasio's campaign ad for NYC mayor.

11 Reasons Why You Should Attend An Atheist Church

A new church full of atheists may be coming to a city near you. And a co-founder with pink skinny jeans is just one of the many reasons you should attend.

We're Obsessed With Syria — But the Countries With Chemical Weapons Might Surprise You

Meet the five states that have neither signed nor ratified the CWC treaty and two other ones that have signed but not ratified the treaty, why they have not done so, and why they should.

Hassan Rouhani UN Speech: Why it Could Be a Big Chance For Jews in Iran

Are Iran's religious minority rights improving under the presidency of Rouhani? So far, so good.

The "Voice Of a Generation" Shouldn't Always Be White

Though Lena Dunham is a talented writer, our generation is much more global, complex, and varied than she, and the media in general, would have us believe.

Kenya Terror Attack Retaliation Would Be a Huge Mistake

The attack by Al-Shabaab on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi does not mean that the United States should shift its drone campaign back to Somalia.

Unchecking the 'Women's Issues' Box

Survey says: when you change the language, you change the conversation.

Number of Uninsured Americans in Texas Could Make it a Model For Health Care

The media like to argue that Texas has a terrible record for those without health care coverage, but they do not tell the whole story.

If We Love Personal Freedom So Much, Why Are Westerners Outlawing Veils?

Xenophobia and civil liberties don't mix.

Charges Against Nobel Prize Winner El-Baradei Show What's Wrong With Egypt

The frivolous case against El-Baradei disproves the idea that the Egyptian military has any democratic sympathies.

UN General Assembly Opening: Can Obama Make Israel and Palestine Negotiate?

After recent attacks on Israeli soldiers by Palestinians and continued Israeli development on Palestinian lands, both nations seem poised to forgo peace talks. Obama is trying to keep them at it.

5 Emmys Moments That Gave Women in Television Hope

The Emmys, and TV in general, have a very contentious relationship with women. But even the darkest storm clouds have silver linings. Let's see how the women in television did this year.

The Internet Does Not Kill People. People Kill People.

When violence erupts, commentators are quick to look for scapegoats. But the internet, and by extension, speech, is not at the root of violence, and blaming it won't solve the underlying problem.

Syria's "Initial Declaration" is Too Little, Too Late

What hope does the elimination of chemical weapons offer to the average Syrian? None, whatsoever.

Fed Press Conference: Why QE3 Will Never End

Who is Bernanke kidding? There's not going to be a "taper" anytime soon — or ever.

Muslim Brotherhood is Now Banned in Egypt, But That Won't Change Much

This extreme move will likely backfire and increase violence in Egypt.

Mic Check: 20 Photos From Kenya’s Deadly Terrorist Attack

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The 2013 Emmy Award Winners

All the winners from last night's primetime Emmy awards.

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