5 People Who Used An AR-15 to Defend Themselves, and It Probably Saved Their Lives

What does Dianne Feinstein say to this 15-year-old Houston boy, Rochester college student, Philadelphia couple, Detroit small business, and LA grocery store?

Meet the 4-Year-Old Boy Who Stood Up to Al-Qaeda and Saved His Family

After Elliot saw his mother get shot in the thigh, he looked up to the terrorist and said, "You’re a bad man, let us leave." As it turns out, the terrorist did just that.

School Expels Student For Playing With Toy Gun in His Own Yard

Zero tolerance policies are increasingly looking like Big Brother, and our students pay the price.

Molly, Adam, MDMA: Same Drug, Different Name

The evolution of MDMA drug slang.

Here's How Urban Planners Can Make Cities Safer For Women

Urban planning officials in Vienna show how gender mainstreaming can make a city safe and convenient for women. It's time other cities followed suit.

'Project Runway' Designer Justin LeBlanc On Fashion, Deafness, and the Power of Being Yourself

In this one-on-one interview, the 'Project Runway' contestant tells all, from naming the scariest judge, to sharing his best advice for young people.

This Guy is a Total Catch, But Not For the Ladies

He's tall, dark, and handsome. Sign me up. Oh, wait...

Miss World Muslimah Doesn't Liberate Me

The virgin/whore dichotomy is alive and well. As a Muslim feminist, I'm sick of it.

Wedding Gone Wrong Turns Into a Joyous Celebration These 200 Homeless People Will Never Forget

This bride thought her wedding being cancelled would be the worst day of her life, but it turns out her parents had a surprise in store for her.

Immigration Reform 2013: Meet the Republicans Who Have Seen the Light

What do Grover Norquist, Romney backers, the head of Fox News, and Michael Bloomberg have in common?

Boston Mayoral Candidates: Meet the 12 Candidates in the Boston Mayor Race

Boston's mayoral candidates jockey for votes a month before the primary that will narrow their field from twelve to two.

Here's What 3 Senators Told PolicyMic About the War on Drugs and Millennials

The Senate Judiciary Committee gathered last Wednesday to debate a proposal that would alter the country's controversial mandatory minimum sentencing laws.

A Columbia Professor's Brave Response After Getting Beat Up and Called a Muslim

After being a victim of race-related violence, a Columbia professor proclaims that education is the most powerful tool to curb racism.

Meet the Mormons Kicked Out of the Church For Being Feminists and Freethinkers

In September 1993 the Mormon Church kicked out six intellectuals and feminists. The repercussions can still be felt 20 years later.

Army Officers Can Now Order Soldiers to Remove Their Tattoos

The Army has inked a new ban on tattooed recruits: Soliders' tattoos are now at the discretion of commanders.

A Failing Bronx School Reborn, As Seen Through the Eyes Of a Student

The NYC Department of Education threatened to close my struggling high school, but that wasn't enough to stamp out my DeWitt Clinton pride.

Government Shutdown 2013: This Liberal Says, "Yes Please"

As bad as a shutdown might be, it might be the last stop before total calamity.

Longest Filibuster in History Goes To Strom Thurmond

A 24 hour, 18 minute marathon gabfest by Strom Thurmond is the all-time record.

3 Things That Should Never Be Computerized

Computers and technology are everywhere these days — but there are areas where we should be skeptical.

5 Real Life Lessons from Grand Theft Auto Five

This mega-hit crime sim earned $800 million in revenue its first day. While many know it for its violence or vice, it actually has some things to teach us.

Government Shutdown 2013: How to Prepare For Next Tuesday

The Obama administration already issued a statement to begin planning for a partial shutdown. Should we fear?

Fed Up With the Law of the Land? Join These Libertarians Making Waves at Sea

Thiel and Friedman's dream of a libertarian utopia on the seas may or not be viable, but the desire to be free and independent from the state will help us escape state power.

R.I.P. VW Bus, Keep On Trucking in Automobile Heaven

Volkswagen announced plans to stop production of their famous bus by December 31.

What Happens When China Runs Out Of Land For Its Population? It Buys Part Of Ukraine

No, it's not the punchline to a joke. China is industrializing so rapidly that it's bought a chunk of Ukraine to help keep its population fed. A look at the new trend in international trade.

Gun Control Facts Are Being Manipulated — Here's How

Americans are just plain crazy, but so are our friends.

AIG CEO Thinks That Criticizing His Bonus is "Just As Bad" As Lynching Black People

AIG CEO Robert Benmosche thinks that widespread outrage over massive bonuses for bankers who wrecked the economy is "like what we did in the Deep South."

Caroline Kennedy is Just the Latest Obama Crony to Buy Her Way Into Ambassadorship

During President Obama's second term ambassadors are more likely to be political appointees than foreign policy professionals. This in the middle of worldwide diplomatic crises?

Why Does This Guy Not Get Paid a Single Dollar?

The financial worth of student athletes to their respective schools is massive. Yet they don't make a cent off of the millions they bring in.

Asian Americans are the Fastest Growing Minority in the U.S. and It's Bad News for the GOP

Although the term "Asian American" is quite flawed, this diverse racial group is growing in influence and will continue to shape contemporary American politics.

Cher's 'Closer to the Truth' Proves She is a Living Legend

She's back! After 12 years, Cher, the ultimate diva, has returned with a brand new album that delights and thrills.

Debt Ceiling 2013: Why Millennials Are About to Lose Big

Five ways that our current federal budget policies are hurting our future.

Everything You Need to Know About the 2013 UN General Assembly

Major problems like Security Council reform, Syria, and the Millennium Development goals will all be hashed out at this year's UN General Assembly. Here's what you need to know.

Obama's Minimum Wage Proposal: Why $9 Isn't Enough

A calculated approach to raising the minimum wage.

Celebrate Oktoberfest Without Looking Like an American Idiot

Here's a brief news primer for American travellers boarding the plane to Germany for the world's most famous beer festival.

Will the U.S. Attack Syria? Why It's Time to Help Moderate Rebels, and Get Assad Out

With low costs and low risks, a robust but still limited (no-boots-on-the-ground) U.S.-led intervention is the best hope for both the Syrian people and American interests.

'South Park' Season 17 Should Take On These 5 Important Political Issues

Though predicting a season of 'South Park' is essentially like forecasting months’ worth of news stories, here five storylines I wouldn’t mind seeing.

Hassan Rouhani is Giving Obama a Chance to End Our Pointless Cold War With Iran

At this week's UN General Assembly Obama must show that his administration is willing to answer Iranian concessions with some relief of sanctions that Rouhani can bring to the Iranian people.

5 Reasons George W. Bush Needs to Step Up His Instagram Game

George W. Bush recently joined popular photo sharing platform Instagram, but he treats it like its Facebook. For his own sake he really needs to get better at this whole digital revolution deal.

Want Tickets to This Soccer Team? You'd Better Be the Right Ethnicity

FC Copenhagen's choice to ban supporters from the home section of their stadium based on last name is just the latest example of how racial bias affects the beautiful game.

UN General Assembly 2013: 3 Meetings That Won't Happen, But Really Should

Hey, a person can dream, right?

Providence College Cracks Down on Academic Freedom By Booting Pro-Gay Speaker

Providence College backpedaled big time and canceled a pro-gay marriage lecture scheduled to take place on Thursday. Whatever happened to academic freedom?

You Won't Believe What This Fake iPhone Ad Got the Internet's Most Gullible People to Do

It looks like some people actually fell for an ad claiming that a software upgrade for the iPhone had literally done the impossible.

Kenya Mall Attackers: Who Are They, and What Do They Want?

The attack in Nairobi has left scores dead, but the motivations behind the attack show just how desperate the group that carried it out is.

This Famous TV Host Is Betraying Her Writers - And She's Not Alone

Joan Rivers came under fire when 'Fashion Police' writers went on strike, but she's not the problem. It's time to welcome reality TV into the union fold.

A Canadian Politician Thinks Banning "Religious Symbols" Will Empower Women — This Woman Disagrees

The "quiet revolution" generation may think they're "helping" women, but they need to realize that times have changed.

How Facebook Posts Could Determine Your Credit Score

Be careful who your friends are on social media. Lenders are analyzing consumer digital trends to determine credit-reliability. Are these legitimate business practices or should it be regulated?

Pussy Riot Hunger Strike: U.S. and Russian Prisoners Share Language Of Starvation

Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova has landed in solitary confinement as a result of her hunger strike inspired by the awful treatment Russian prisoners face in jail.

6 Pundits Who Rocked the Media

Our pundits are making headlines. And not just at PolicyMic.

Obama's Syria "Solution" is a Defeat For the United States

One thing is clear: Obama’s projection of military and diplomatic power cannot compete with the regional dynamics that are moving the Syrian conflict.

A Cancelled Wedding Became the Most Feel Good Story Of the Year

A family turned a cancelled wedding reception into a banquet for the homeless.

The Case for a Car-Free Future

Automakers spent the past century monopolizing America's transportation infrastructure, at great cost to the public. Here's why it's time for us to fight back.

Real Life Snake On a Plane? Samuel L. Jackson Responds

Department of Agriculture is looking into how the snake came to be on the plane. But a known expert on the subject of snakes, actor Samuel L. Jackson was visibly agitated, and made a statement.

The FAA is Finally Telling Everyone What You Already Knew

Was the myth that electronic devices could mess with the plane BS all along?

Janet Yellen Next Fed Chair: How She Could Keep America Out Of Another Recession

In a few months, Obama may appoint her to a position with the power to manage a large portion of America's economic policy. Can we trust her to make a positive difference?

Online Teens Need Better Judgment, Not Just An Eraser Button

Young people in California will soon be able to erase everything they post online.

Public Works: How 200 New Yorkers and 1 Stage Captured the Essence of a City

Not satisfied with providing free Shakespeare productions for fifty years, The Public Theater has involved over 200 New Yorkers in an extraordinary new project: Public Works.

Inside the Media Shield Law That Could Do More Harm Than Good

As with all cases of legislative "reform," citizens need to investigate exactly why this bill exists in the first place.

UNAIDS Reports Decreasing HIV Infection, But It's Still Not Enough

The UNAIDS released a report that shows increased funding has led to a significant drop in HIV infection and the number of AIDS-related deaths worldwide. The rate was even lower for children.

Emmy Awards 2013 Highlight Brand New Business Models

This year's Emmy awards signalled a major change for traditional broadcast television. Maybe this time, those affected embrace it instead of fight it, and even look for ways to benefit.

Mic Check: 8 Reasons This Week’s UN Meeting is a BFD

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring analysis of the world's top news and a collection of links from around the web.

Masha Bast: Meet the Transgender Lawyer Who Wants to Be President Of Russia

"I decided to hit the Middle Ages and Putin, I personally want to live in the 21st Century."

Meet the Syrian Blogger Who's Staying in His Hometown — No Matter What

"I belong here, alive or dead," says 29-year-old blogger Alaa, who currently resides in Syria's war-torn Homs.

Obama UN Speech LIVE-Stream

President Obama addressed the United Nations.

Obama UN Speech Transcript

The full text of President Obama's speech at the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Ted Cruz Reads 'Green Eggs and Ham,' Unwittingly Debunks Own Anti-Obamacare Agenda

Ted Cruz read 'Green Eggs and Ham' on the Senate floor, but did he just unwittingly make the case for giving Obamacare a shot?

Rand Paul Filibuster Was Pretty Baller

A look back at the time when Rand Paul thought it might be a good idea to speak out against U.S. drones killing U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.

Hassan Rouhani UN Speech LIVE

President Hassan Rouhani of Iran speaks to the United Nations General Assembly.

C-SPAN Calls Senator Cruz's One-Way Press Conference Like It Is

Senator Ted Cruz has taken to the floor of the U.S. Senate and said he will talk until he can no longer stand. But it's not a filibuster.