Sex Tape Celebrity Videos Fund the Entire Porn Industry, Apparently

The porn industry claims to be based off celebrity-sex tapes. If so, it's really based off America's obsession with celebrity.

6 Bands Who Hate the Songs That Made Them Famous

From "Creep" to "Harlem Shake," there are some songs that artists just can't live down.

Why I Only Feel Gratitude After Being Attacked in a Hate Crime

People keep asking me what it feels like to have been assaulted in a hate crime. Honestly, I can’t come up with a better response than simply “gratitude.”

Officials Claim Tunisian Women are Waging a 'Sexual Jihad' in Syria, But What's the Real Story?

Is the viral story about Tunisian holy-sex warriors heading to Syria to satisfy rebels actually true? Or is this another case of misinformation in the propaganda front of the Syrian civil war?

Obamacare Explained in 7 Easy Steps By Its Original Creator, Mitt Romney

As governor, Mitt Romney created the Republican-despised Affordable Care Act in its original form. How far we've come, huh?

Ole Miss Football: Playing "Dixie" At SEC Games Isn't Racist — It's Southern Culture

Should the playing of the Confederacy's unofficial national anthem and other songs associated with the Confederacy be dropped at college football games?

In 2 Minutes, This Man Dismantled Decades Of Racism and Homophobia in Comedy

Instead of taking down other people, he decided to take down the system that makes gay and racist jokes still acceptable in our society.

Don’t Let Pope Francis Fool You – It’s the Same Old Catholic Church

Pope Francis has been widely hailed for shifting the Catholic Church's tone on social issues, but fundamentally he hasn't changed anything. And won't.

This Study Confirms Everything You Thought About Lesbian Parents

If you think lesbian and gay parents are just as good — if not better — than heterosexual parents, then you’d be right!

Ted Cruz Filibuster LIVE: Senator Filibustering to Defund Obamacare

Senator Ted Cruz has taken to the floor of the U.S. Senate and said he will talk until he can no longer stand. But it's not a filibuster.

Legal Marijuana: How It Could Change Chicago's Rap Scene Forever

Is it still badass to rap about something that's not a crime?

'New Girl' Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Jess Impresses the Mean Girls

In last night's episode, Jess fell in with some mean girls, Schmidt one-timed two women, and Winston got a cat.

Social Security Crash Explained In 4 Simple Steps

How did Social Security go from a projected self-funded system in 1935 to a $23 trillion hole?

13 Shocking Photos Of the Pakistan Earthquake So Powerful It Created An Island

The major earthquake struck yesterday killing over 100 people, injuring thousands more and incredibly, caused a small island to form in the sea off the country's coastline.

Lax Bro Plays Real-Life Game Of Grand Theft Auto, What Happens Next Wasn't in the Xbox Version

Freshman Lacrosse player brings Grand Theft Auto to life by stealing car and holding someone hostage.

Immigration Reform 2013: Will These Young People Do What Congress Can't?

When Congress won't act, how much are we willing to risk to be heard?

Man Can't Believe Who Was Stealing His Pro-Second Amendment Yard Sign

A Second Amendment defender in New York State set up a camera when his advocacy signs kept getting stolen. What he found on the film shocked him.

The Truth About E-Cigarettes

Scientists have yet to find that electronic cigarettes pose a significant health risk to users. 'National Geographic' seems to think that's a reason to panic.

Ted Cruz "Filibuster" Reveals GOP's Worst Fear — Obamacare Might Work

Republicans lost the messaging game in 2012 so they're doubling down on defeating Obamacare this year. Except, it's not working again.

Ted Cruz's 21-Hour Senate Speech Was Full Of a Lot Of Hot Air

Everyone is talking about the fact that Ted Cruz delivered a speech. But what exactly did he say?

Unlike Maureen Dowd, This Young Feminist Doesn't Think Men Are Obsolete

We've come a long way, baby. So why are we still talking about the end of men?

Occupy Finance: How To Manage Your Money When Big Banks Are Evil

Enter the activist alternative.

In This Tiny Part Of China, Citizens Have Free Range Over the Internet

The Chinese government changed its internet regulations in Shanghai's "free-trade zone," giving users access to formerly blocked sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Our Education System Must Lead the Fight Against Racism

If we start with our schools, we will help decrease hate crimes against our communities.

Pope Francis News Interviews Are Blowing Up — Here's Why

The pope's dynamic views on homosexuality, abortion, and other social issues could herald a new era for the Catholic Church.

Is Technology Ruining Your Love Life?

Technology saves lives. It promotes progress. But we are losing the ability to connect and love people on a deeper level.

How Rand Paul Will Win With Black Voters and Millennials

Young people and African Americans are standing behind the senator in growing numbers. Here's the story behind Paul's rising star with two unlikely groups.

'The Mindy Project' Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Why the Internet is Up in Arms

In this week's episode of 'The Mindy Project,' Kris Humphries throws major shade at Kim Kardashian, and James Franco's character has sex while he's blacked out.

What Walter White Knows and Hollywood Just Won't Accept

It's time for films to stop shying away from risk, and to start breaking bad.

Amid Riots in Sudan, These Millennials Are Becoming a Powerful Force

Sudan's government has now shut down internet access, as riots rage on in the country's capital. This might not be the country's "Arab Spring", but here's why protesters have had enough.

Pope Francis Talks About Economics and Makes a Fool Out Of Himself

Pope Francis has recently discussed "savage" capitalism. There is no such thing in existence.

Debt Clock Explained: Everything You Need to Know

All your questions about the debt ceiling answered right here.

Video Shows NRA Lobbyist Drinking Champagne After Shooting Elephant in the Face

On a recent program for NBC Sports Network, NRA member Tony Makris kills an elephant, and then proceeds to celebrate.

This 99-Year-Old Gives the Saying 'Better Late Than Never' a Whole New Meaning

It took Audrey Crabtree over 80 years to achieve a goal most of us complete in our teenage years. Now she feels finally satisfied. And "so much smarter."

Comedian Sara Benincasa’s Advice for 20-Something Writers

The critically acclaimed comedian, writer and Jezebel blogger has some surprising advice for young creatives.

Debt Ceiling 2013: Don't Worry, Millennials — These GOP Senators Want Default For Your Own Good

In jarring comments to PolicyMic, several Republican senators prove how out of touch they are with fiscal policy and young people.

11 Amazing Photos From the Bangladesh Factory Protests

As Bangladeshi workers continue in the fight for higher pay, worker's compensation, and maternity leave, factory owners have concerns over delivering products. Factory workers aren't giving up.

One Solution to the Israel-Palestine Conflict No One is Talking About But Should

Ten years after his death, professor Edward Said's thoughts on Israel-Palestinian relations are more relevant than ever.

NCAA Softens Penn State Punishment While No One is Looking

The NCAA has returned scholarships to the Penn State football program early, showing their practices regarding team punishment are inconsistent and in need of revision.

Peace With Iran? 5 Things Obama Should Have Done to Make History at the UN

The U.S. missed a crucial chance at the UN on Tuesday. These 5 steps towards reconciliation with its Iranian adversary could have made history.

The Shocking Fact About For-Profit Prisons You Never Knew

Private prisons throughout the country are often guaranteed to be filled at 80-100% capacity regardless of how many people have committed crimes.

Cherokee Father Loses Baby Veronica After Grueling Custody Battle

The tug-of-war adoption case over a four-year-old Cherokee girl has been heartbreaking from the start. Baby Veronica deserves to be with her adoptive parents.

Pussy Riot Hunger Strike: How Nedezhda Tolokonnikova Could Transform Russia's Penal System

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova's hunger strike has gathered international attention and could have far-reaching effects concerning freedom of speech in Russia.

Don’t Hate the Teacher, Hate the Game: 5 Insights from Teach For America’s Success in High-Poverty Schools

There aren't any silver bullets, but we can learn a lot from Teach for America's innovations.

A Generation Raised On Bitter Partisan Politics Will Put An End to Them

These lawmakers are trying to turn the ship around before it sinks us all.

Comedy's Big Gay Joke

Gay jokes are a real issue in comedy. Is there any way to make them 'good'? Comedian Myq Kaplan thinks there might be.

Aaron Alexis Video: Footage Of Navy Yard Shooter Minutes Before His Rampage

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a video that depicts the gunman's activities shortly before beginning a mass shooting spree.

This Man Tried to Ask A Simple Question About Common Core and Got Roughed Up by Security Instead

Has our educational system really come to this? Common Core prohibited citizens from exercising their First Amendment. The injustices this man faced questions the motives of the school board.

Celebrating 300 Years of LGBT Fashion

In a thought-provoking exhibit, the Museum at FIT reveals how LGBT designers have used fashion as a platform for social change.

Don't Be Stupid: A Dumb and Dumber Sequel is a Terrible Idea

If you're one of the people who wishes their old favorites would get a sequel, stop. You're ruining great movies.

This College Student Tries to Distribute the U.S. Constitution, and Gets Busted For Violating a Free Speech Zone

First Amendment law allows public universities to place certain narrow restrictions on expression. Unfortunately, too many universities have no concept of "narrow."

Harry Mitts Execution Was Wrong

Harry Mitts Jr. killed a black man and an officer and wounded two other policemen. But killing him won't undo the harm he did, nor can it be jusified.

USC Football: All Any Trojans Fan Wants is a Team to Believe in

The loudest cheer from the University of Southern California's football fans this season came after an incomplete pass against the Boston College Eagles.

3 Stories About Government Spending That You Have to Read to Believe

The government is filled with wasteful programs. Here are three that Americans from across the political spectrum — especially young people — can agree are stealing taxpayers' money.

Brazilian President Rousseff's UN Speech is the Most Important One You Missed

In front of the whole world: President Rousseff reiterated her disapproval of the NSA program, calling such actions "illegal" and "unacceptable" between friendly governments and societies.

GOP Willingness to Hold Debt Ceiling Hostage is Bad News For Millennials

If the House Republicans decide not to raise the debt ceiling, the economy would be devastated. A wrecked economy would create more joblessness among millennials.

'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Premiere Review: Adapting to a World of Superheroes

The highly anticipated pilot of ABC's 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' premiered Tuesday night, introducing us to the brave new world of the post-Avengers Marvel universe. (Spoiler alert!)

Virginia Governor Debate: Cuccinelli vs. McAuliffe

Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe and Republican nominee Ken Cuccinelli face off in the second debate during the race for governor of Virginia

Facebook Wants to Track and Store Your Credit Card Activity

Facebook's new mobile app will store your credit card details for future purchases, making it easier for the buyer. But should we believe it?

Get to Know Donald Kohn — He Might Just Be Running Our Economy

Donald Kohn, who has neither a political nor acaemic background, could bring interesting ideas and experiences to the position of Federal Reserve chair.

Colorado is Giving $2 Million to a Private Prison Company for Nonexistent Inmates

Private prison companies are not making the streets safer, they are just making themselves richer.

Military Same-Sex Benefits Are Under Fire — Why Won't Social Conservatives Support Our Troops?

The Supreme Court and federal government have decided that same-sex military couples should get the same benefits as everyone else. Apparently some states still haven't gotten the message.

UN General Assembly 2013: What Iran Really Wants From the UN

In one of the most eventful days in foreign policy in the last several years, both President Obama and President Rouhani gave speeches that opened the door to high-level meetings.

Inside Delaware's Groundbreaking Plan To Get Poor Kids To Top Schools

Delaware's move to increase the number of poor students who apply to best colleges in the land could serve as a model, but in reality does little to increase the probability of success for them.

The World is Investing in Syria — But For All The Wrong Reasons

There's an easy way to improve the situation in Syria: Donate more money and resources to its neighbors.

Meet the 13 Animals That Are Better Astronauts Than Buzz Aldrin

These 13 animals certainly have their space cred. You'll be surprised what animals have boarded flights to outer space.

Literary Prizes Are Getting It Right When It Comes to Diveristy

The shortlist for the Man Booker Prize, released earlier this month, showcased the citizens of six different countries, and the role prizes play in encouraging literary diversity.

Mic Check: Two Reasons Ted Cruz’s “Fauxlibuster” is Completely Absurd

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring analysis of the world's top news and a collection of links from around the web.

California's Minimum Wage Hike May Have Just Ruined Its Economy

The $2 hike in California's minimum wage doesn't meaningfully help the working poor, and hurts small businesses.

Virginia Governor Poll: Where the Candidates Stand

The most recent polls in the Virginia Gubernatorial race

Ted Cruz Fauxbuster Passes The 20 Hour Mark

If this were a real filibuster, it'd be the fourth longest in U.S. history. But it's not. Sorry, Ted.

Virginia Governor Debate Opening Statements

Candidates begin with two minute opening statements

Virginia Governor Debate Candidates Dodge Questions

Chuck Todd can't get the answers he wants

Virginia Governor Debate Closing Remarks

Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli finish their second debate with personal jabs at each other