A 14-Year-Old Girl's Analysis Of 'Animal Farm' Everyone Should Read

This 14-year-old home schooled girl's analysis of George Orwell's classic novel nails it on every single level.

You Should Be Drinking Bourbon, and Here's Why

As a member of the most open-minded and curious generation ever, it's time you give bourbon a try.

Meet the "Health Ranger" Who's Using Pseudoscience to Sell His Lies

A peddler of pseudoscience is making money off of the ignorance of consumers while claiming to help them.

This Bigoted CEO Just Gave Millions Of Americans a Reason to Boycott Italian Pasta

What happens when the largest producer of pasta tells gay people not to buy their pasta? Everyone pretty much decides not to buy their pasta.

The Evolution Of TV Families Over the Past 50 Years

'Trophy Wife' and 'Mom' made their debut this week, adding to the diverse sitcoms in this year's fall lineup. TV families have certainly come a long way.

The Disturbing Truth About New York's Homeless Population

One in four homeless families include at least one employed adult. Something is very wrong.

Immigration Reform 2013 Spotlights the Human Rights Abuses of Innocent Detainees

While the future of immigration reform is unknown, thousands of undocumented immigrants are being wrongfully detained for absolutely no logical reason.

Saudi Princess Who May Have Kept a Slave in California Goes Free

Saudi princess, Meshael Alayban, was accused of keeping a Kenyan woman as a slave in her Calif. condo. She has recently been released of all charges with little proof that she is in innocent.

Obamacare Facts: Don't Be Fooled By These 5 Myths

Death panels! Socialized medicine! Job killing! We will all have British teeth! Here's the truth about the insurance exchanges that open on October 1.

Stand Your Ground Opponents Rejoice As Marissa Alexander Gets a Second Chance At Freedom

Marissa Alexander was given a 20-year sentence for firing a gun shot into her ceiling during an encounter with her abusive husband. A judge has decided to give her a second chance.

Obamacare Layoffs: 5 Industries Already Cutting Workers' Hours Thanks to Obamacare

Obamacare is already a disaster for many companies and it's only going to get worse.

Inside the Big Money Movement to Fund Islamophobia In America

Prominent Islamophobes are rewarded handsomely while spreading hatred about Muslims and Islam.

All the Biggest Myths About Our Health Care System Debunked In One 7 Minute Video

Stuck arguing about the merits of Obamacare with a conservative again? Listen to this video to learn how to do it.

I Loved and Left Teaching and That's Okay

Any teacher who leaves the path to pursue another career faces a strange stigma, but millennials are more likely to change jobs than any other generation — and for good reason.

Not Even George H.W. Bush Has a Problem With Same-Sex Marriage Anymore

Former Republican President George H.W. Bush served as the official witness for a lesbian wedding. His son has no comment.

T.S. Eliot Was the Original Crazy Cat Lady

In honor of T.S. Eliot's birthday, here's a look at one of his most peculiar and enduring works: 'Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats.'

PolicyMic Staff Throwback Thursday: Where We Were Five Years Ago

In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, here's a look at what some PolicyMic staffers were up to way back when. Lots of costumes involved. Pants, not so much.

Cory Booker Gay? This Vegan Stripper Probably Hopes Not

Are Cory Booker's flirty tweets with these strippers serious or a ploy by his PR team to prove he's not gay?

4 Global Leaders Causing Drama At the U.N. General Assembly

Well, it wouldn't be the UN without some rambunctious internal conflict.

A Year After Anti-Muslim Film Sparked Riots, These Artists Are Sparking a Movement of Their Own

A year after rioting around the world over the "Innocence of Muslims" film, here's how Muslim artists around the world have set themselves apart from an image of the "angry Muslim/Arab."

China is On the Verge Of a Potential Global Climate Disaster

China's plan to construct natural gas plants is a grand gesture of little substance.

How the ATF Lost 420 Million Cigarettes

The ATF lost 420 million cigarettes... and that's not even the start of it.

How Does a Dictator's Kid End Up in London With the Royal Family?

With Saif Gaddafi awaiting trial, many dictators' children have taken to social media to try to take his title as the most internationally prominent offspring of a brutal despot.

This High School Football Coach Is Raising Men, Not Just Football Players

When Matt Labrum's Union High School football team started cyber-bullying and doing poorly in school he made a decision that no one saw coming.

Mic Check: We Know Why the Navy Yard Shooter Killed 12 People, and the Evidence is Chilling

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring analysis of the world's top news and a collection of links from around the web.

Is Texas Going Blue?

From Wendy Davis to nondiscrimination ordinances, the state's got a blue streak.

Mansplainer David Gilmour's Sort of Sorry for Being 'Not Interested' in Teaching Women Writers

Let's take this Banned Books Week to talk about why Gilmour is dead wrong about what matters in literature: empathy.

This Fighter Jet Flies Without a Pilot

No pilot? No problem! A retired F-16 jet that was converted into a drone has completed testing and landed safely in an empty cockpit. U.S. Air Force's F-16 jet will be used for target practice.

Russia's Anti-Gay Laws Are Turning Neighbors Into Enemies in NYC

Queer Nation, the group behind many publicity campaigns challenging Russia’s anti-gay laws, made quite the appearance at the Met Opera's opening night in New York.

The Danziger Bridge Case is More Proof That Prosecutors Have Gone Rogue in America

The prosecutors who engage in misconduct are responsible for miscarriages of justice, both imprisoning the innocent and freeing the guilty. However, they are rarely held accountable or punished.

Government Shutdown Would Be No Tea Party For the GOP

Just 22% of Americans consider themselves members of the Tea Party, the radical Republican faction which wants to shut down the government over Obamacare.

'Sleepy Hollow' Knows This is How You Handle Race On Television

Some people think 'Sleepy Hollow' marks a new day for the representation of race, but it’s not a day I’ll be celebrating.

Science May Be Responsible For the Next 'Twilight'

The next bestselling book series could be crafted by a data system. Will basing books on science kill writers' creativity?

Hassan Rouhani Trolled On Israel's Twitter in Immature Attack On UN Speech

Israel has some gripes with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, but maybe trolling him on Twitter isn't helping their cause.

Colorado Republicans Defy Leadership to Defend Oldest Racist Cliche in the Book

One month after making a controversial remark regarding chicken and the diets of minorities, Vicki Marble still has the Republican Party abuzz.

The Dirty Aftermath Of Colorado's Biblical Floods

Aside from water damage, Colorado's flood victims have found themselves at the center of a water pollution crisis.

News Flash: Pope Francis is Still Catholic, No Matter What the Headlines Say

Recent mischaracterizations of Pope Francis’ comments to the Jesuit-run America magazine have littered headlines for days, but is the media merely hearing what it wants to hear?

David Gilmour is "Not Interested" In Books Written By Women — So What?

University of Toronto professor David Gilmour is "not interested in teaching books taught by women" not because he's a misogynist, but he's not passionate enough about them.

Can An Asian "Eurozone" Succeed Where Europe's Failed?

Southeast Asian countries have a risky plan to create a unified economic market that can take on the Euro.

Galaxy Gear Watch Could Be a Goldmine For Advertisers

The Galaxy Gear is overpriced, limited in utility, and still hung up on old interfaces. But it gives us a good excuse to discuss a technological trend that has advertisers licking their lips.

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Foundations Are Stained With Blood

One Nepalese immigrant per day has died preparing the infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup. They work long days in the intense heat without any water.

Why My Child Will Never Play Football

As the game of football becomes more fast paced and its players get larger and stronger, the threat of serious, life threatening injuries is increasing.

This 419-Million-Year-Old Fish Could Hold the Secrets Of Human Evolution

This fossilized armor-covered fish found in China dates to the Silurian era. Scientists believe this find can provide details into the ancestral link to land vertebrates, including humans.

Sudan Internet Shutdown: It's Not Just Sudan Screwing With the Web

The Sudanese government has shut down Internet access in light of recent protests. The problem is that Sudan is not alone in government Internet suppression. It just takes different forms.

Your Poultry Could Be the Next Thing "Made in China," Is That Safe?

The U.S. government broke down barriers of food trade between the U.S. and China. This means Americans will see more Chinese food products. How do Americans and Chinese feel about this?

This Study Found Out Just How Many People Still Aren't Using the Internet and Why

The Pew Research Center recently found that 15% of Americans do not use the internet. How in the world is this possible? Who the heck are these relics of antiquity?

The 99-Year-Old Problem You Won't Believe America Still Hasn't Solved

The scientific community, military leaders, and business executives all agree: Literacy matters to our health, safety, and prosperity. So why have we been talking about this for 99 years?

These Two Brooklynites Are Exploring the World Through Locals' Eyes

Thomas Beug and Tim Kafalas have traveled far and wide to bring you their DIY documentary series, 'This Is My City.'

Why Hassan Rouhani and Obama Shouldn't Sit Down and Talk

What these two countries desire has nothing to do with the reality before them.

Hassan Rouhani's Dreams For a Nuclear Weapon-Free World Are Just That

Iran President Hassan Rouhani's hopes for a nuclear weapon free-world and Israel's signing of the Nonproliferation Treaty are equally unlikely.

International Olympic Committee Proves Its Anti-Discrimination Policies Are Spineless

The International Olympic Committee have dismissed concerns over Russia’s anti-gay laws and proclaimed the country ready to hold the 2014 winter games.

JPMorgan's $11 Billion Settlement is Second Largest Ever in Banking History

JPMorgan needs to wrap up its lawsuit to protect its reputation.