As the Husband of a Rape Survivor, Here's What I Say to Other Men

How to be a better ally in five steps.

15 Stunning Photos That Show How Bad New York City Used to Be

NYC didn't always mean Jay-Z, Queen Bey, and pork buns at Momofuku. Check out these 15 photos from the city's low point in the 1970s and 1980s.

Is Newsweek's Exploding Tampons the Most Sexist Magazine Cover Of the Year?

Newsweek Pakistan tries to attract attention to the rise of female terrorism in the worst possible way.

Krokodil in America: What You Need to Know About the New Drug

The Russian designer drug krokodil has reached the U.S. after two reported cases have emerged out of Arizona. Here's what you need to know.

Cell Phones and iPads On Planes? What the New FAA Rules Mean For You

The FAA is announcing new airline policy changes that could allow e-readers and tablets during takeoff and landing. Is this really a good thing?

Janis Shinwari: Meet the Man the U.S. Left Behind to Die

This Afghan interpreter killed two Taliban to save a U.S. Army captain. But as American forces withdraw, they're leaving this man and his family behind to die.

IPCC Global Warming Facts: UN Arrives at a Chilling Conclusion

The International Panel on Climate Change officially confirms that climate change is real and caused by humans. It is time for policymakers to pull their head outs of the ground and engage.

How to Understand Art in 6 Easy Steps

Contemporary art may seem frustrating and baffling. Here's how to approach it.

What Happened the Mysterious Night A Man Killed His Son, One Year Ago Today?

The death of this Connecticut 15-year-old by his own father was left largely unexplored and overshadowed by media-grabbing shootings. But many questions are left unanswered about the incident.

The Historical Odyssey of Somalia’s Al-Shabab Terrorists

From Mogadishu to Nairobi, the history of Somalia’s Al-Shabab terrorists and how we got to where we are today.

Robin Thicke: British Universities Won't Play His 'Blurred Lines' in Their Bars and That's a Problem

When was the last time you solved a problem by denying its existence?

Giant 40-Foot Rubber Duck Invades Pittsburgh

This four-story duck is storming the Three Rivers to promote the Festival of Firsts, and it definitely qualifies.

Barilla Pasta President Tells Gays to "Eat Someone Else's Pasta"

And the inevitable reaction is exactly what you would expect.

Ron Paul On Jay Leno: Watch the Tonight Show Interview

Texas Representative Ron Paul discusses his views gun control, the debt crisis, and more.

The GOP's Debt Ceiling Proposal is So Crazy It Just Might Work

The extreme, bizarre debt ceiling proposal from the GOP is terrifying, but not entirely purposeless.

The Most Obvious Solution to the U.S. Budget Crisis

Nancy Pelosi believes there can't be anymore cuts. Surely, if she read the Constitution she's supposed to defend, she would think otherwise.

My Appeal to Americans: My Brown Skin Doesn't Make Me a Terrorist

Homogenization of brown people is very dangerous and prevents us from celebrating diversity in the U.S., a nation that prides itself of being a melting pot for all cultures.

Wendy Davis 2014: Her Run for Governor Could Transform Texas Politics

Democrats don't have enough sway in the Lone Star State to make Davis governor, but she can change Texas's politics — and that's all that matters.

'The Michael J. Fox Show' Premiere Recap: Finding a Way to Laugh At Illness

Michael J. Fox's highly anticipated family sitcom debuted on NBC last night, giving us a glimpse into the life of a family dealing with Parkinson's disease.

Barilla President "Comes Out" as a Bigot — You Know What to Do #BoycottBarilla

Here's why you shouldn't buy Barilla ever again.

An Indian Couple Wanted to Marry For Love, So Why Are They Now Dead?

Four people have been convicted for honor killing a young couple in Rohtak, located very close to New Delhi. How does this affect India's reputation as a superpower and society?

NJ Gay Marriage: Judge Strikes Down Ban On Same-Sex Marriages

A New Jersey court has made gay marriage in the state legal, deeming it violative of the state's constituion.

FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi Faces Tax Fraud Allegations

Bacelona star Lionel Messia will appear in court over allegations of tax fraud.

The U.S. Must Stop Blocking India's Medicine From Saving the World

Why does the U.S. insist on strict patent laws that keep drug prices high? And why does it care what India does?

Pussy Riot's Latest Fight: Making Sure People Still Hear Their Protests

The persistence of the members of Pussy Riot have diminished the power of the Kremlin, which has ramped up its banning of materials and crackdown on dissidents in the past few years.

Why I Work With Parents, Not in the Classroom, to Reform Our Schools

I could have joined many of my peers in Teach for American or other programs. But parents teach me more than I could ever teach their kids.

This is What Happens When You Give 300 L.A. High Schoolers iPads

Teenagers nowadays are smarter than school districts think.

Twitter IPO News: What Millennials Understand That Others Don't

Twitter faces opportunities for irrelevancy or colossal success following its initial public offering. This event has massive ramifications for Twitter itself and tech in general.

'Glee' Season 5 Premiere Recap: All You Need is Love

In the episode "Love, Love, Love!" the New Directions take on The Beatles, new couples emerge, old couples reunite, and Rachel fights for her Broadway dreams. Welcome back, 'Glee.'

What Fraternities Can Teach the GOP About Winning Over Millennials

While Republicans fight each other over tactics, they are turning away millennials in the same way fraternities with infighting turn off potential new members.

Government Shutdown 2013: What's In It For You?

While Washington and the nation brace for a shutdown of the federal government, millennials may especially negatively affected.

Meet Robinson O'Brien-Bours: Globetrotter, Wine-Taster & Pundit Of the Week

Our pundit of the week joined PolicyMic by accident. Now he writes on purpose and has plenty of thoughts on the future of our platform.

A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Joss Whedon

'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' just debuted on ABC, adding to Joss Whedon's mainstream appeal. Here's a helpful guide to the Whedonverse, in case you're new to it.

Are Americans Scared Of a Government Shutdown? The Answer Will Surprise You

Public opinion polls show most Americans don't think the government will shut down. Here's why they're right.

Los Angeles Dodgers Host LGBT Night Out

The LGBT community is slowly being welcomed into the conservative, masculine world of sports.

Global Leaders Write For Newspapers and Keep Print Journalism Alive

The recent string of op-eds in printed media by world leaders in newspapers shows that print media still plays a crucial role in international diplomacy.

Guantánamo Hunger Strike: It's Still Happening, But Are Journalists Watching?

The U.S. military wants to divert attention away from blatant human rights violations at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba by discontinuing daily updates about a hunger strike.

9 Other Things Scientists Should Invent Now That They've Taken Care Of Lightsabers

I've got a list of pop culture things here I'd like to see scientists conquer next, now that we've finished the whole lightsaber thing.

Want Obamacare Gone? Here's Why Ted Cruz Won't Help You

Ted Cruz's strategy will hurt the future of the Republican party.

4 Steps for Economic Growth in India

India has shown that it has potential for huge economic growth. With some policy changes and infrastructure investments, it could become a new economic power.

Curiosity Rover Finds Water On Mars

The possibility of life on Mars became much stronger yesterday after NASA announced that the Curiosity Rover had discovered water on the Red Planet.

7 Ways Outsider Innovators Can Make Schools Better

Not a teacher or administrator? No problem. Here's what you can do to help.

NSA Dragnet Program May Get the Ax, But Your Privacy is Still At Stake

Four senators have proposed a bill that would eliminate the NSA's dragnet surveillance of Americans' phone records. Even if such a bill were to pass, it would not be enough to protect privacy.

John Kerry's Meeting With Iran Minister Was a Game-Changer

U.S.-Iran diplomatic efforts might be worthy of textbook entries.

Bill de Blasio Agrees With NYC Millennials: the Rent is Too Damn High

De Blasio’s commitment to securing more affordable housing for the city is a critical element of his campaign narrative.

NSA's Tapping History Proves PRISM is Nothing New

Declassification of names that were tapped under the NSA program of the early '70s, MINARET, reveal a precedent for NSA overreach.

Put Three Teens in A Car Together and They Are At Increased Odds Of Dying

A recent study shows that if a teen driver is accompanied by adult, car accidents significantly decrease compared to when a teen driver has teen passengers in car.