'Breaking Bad' Finale: 4 Ways the Show Changed Television

What did 'Breaking Bad' do so differently from the rest of TV's best dramas? Here are four reasons why we're so sweaty-palmed for tonight's finale.

SNL Season 39 Premiere: The 5 Best Sketches Of the Night

After the departure of Bill Hader, Jason Sudeikis, and Fred Armisen, how did SNL fare on its first night back?

'Don Jon' Movie Review: Porn, Fantasies, and Real People

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's new film examines the one-sided nature of porn and its detrimental effects on how we interact with other people, in sex and in life.

Why You Should Think Twice About Sharing That Meme

The target of some pretty fierce Reddit hatred explained himself in an article last week, providing a useful reminder that not every meme is what it seems.

Breaking Bad Series Finale: What Sunday Night Will Mean For the Show's Legacy

Great endings have long been the impregnable bastion of the big screen, but 'Breaking Bad' is poised to become the first show to conclude with the power of an unforgettable cinema-worthy ending.

Why Americans Are Okay With the Affordable Care Act, But Despise Obamacare

The media's focus on the politics of health care reform rather than on policy has created a misinformed public.

Government Shutdown 2013: House Republicans Pass Bill to Defund Obamacare Again

House Republicans have once again voted to repeal or defund Obamacare, thus edging closer to a government shutdown. At what point will they realize that there are people without insurance?

NRA Elephant Killer Calls Critics Animal Racists

Elephants are considered one of the more intelligent and emotionally developed mammals which is why over 50,000 people were outraged when NBC aired an elephant shot in the face by NRA lobbyist.

'Breaking Bad' Finale: We Are All Walter White

Walter White's descent isn't just one man's tragedy. It's everyone's.

Behind the Scenes of 'Breaking Bad': A Quick Discussion With the Show’s Chemistry Adviser

The producers and writers of 'Breaking Bad' went to Dr. Nelson when they had questions about science or chemistry. They wanted to get it right, and she was thrilled that they did.

Porn to Go? A Quarter Billion People Will Have Watched Mobile Porn By 2017

In the next four years, you'll be able to look to your left, look to your right, and all three of you will have likely watched porn on your phone or tablet.

'Breaking Bad' Finale Party: 5 Essential Items

From rock candy to Funyuns, we've got you covered, bitch.

IPCC Report: Here is the Consensus On Climate Change You've Been Waiting For

A report by top climate scientists from around the world released Friday revealed evidence that shows human activity is responsible for global warming.

Silvio Berlusconi is Blackmailing Italy to Keep Himself in Power

How far is notorious corrupt Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi willing to go to keep himself relevant in politics and out of jail? Very.

Affluent NYC Taxpayers Bear a Heavy Load

1,200 New Yorkers making over $10 milion paid some 18.2% of all income taxes. That's in a city of 8 million.

Miss World Protests: Violent Extremists Won't Stop Beauty Pageant

Though it might be hard to think the work of a beauty pageant holds much clout, the vicious threats faced by the Miss World Beauty Pageant make this competition today's new cultural revolution.

Kansas Christians Hate Science So Much They're Suing The School Board

The Next Generation Science Standards are being challenged as unconstitutional. Science education has a history of being challenged by Christian values.