5 Online Tools To Get Classified Government Information

These five internet resources will help you find classified documents and information about lobbying.

Obama Will Not Get Away With a Syria Strike On My Watch

President Obama made the mistake of setting a "red line" and calling for Assad's ouster. We shouldn't put America through another endless war because of his huge blunder.

Texas Father Beat His Daughter's Rapist To Death and Won't Face Charges

Is a 23-year-old father justified in beating a man to death after discovering the sexual molestation of his five-year-old? Under Texan legislation, yes he is.

To Make Marijuana Legalization a Reality, This Should Be Obama's Next Step

Now that Obama's Department of Justice announced that they won't target states where marijuana is legal, it's time for their next move. This time? On an international scale.

'The Newsroom' Season 2: The Huge Industry Aaron Sorkin Doesn't Understand

Aaron Sorkin's misunderstanding of a lawyer's job and his misuse of legal concepts don't make his show seems smart — they do just the opposite.

Ben Affleck is the Batman Gotham City Needs

Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy used aesthetic realism to peddle fascist subtext. An Affleck Batman is the remedy to this situation, because no one will be able to take him seriously.

It Seems Most Americans Now Want Their Own U.S. Monarchy

Has the cult of personality grown so strong and popular that Americans now want the president to be king?

Who's Who in Syria, Explained in Plain English

The situation in Syria is a truly complicated web of interests and alliances grounded in an equally complex history.

U.S. Airstrikes in Syria: Strike Strong Or Don't Strike At All

If a U.S.-led attack on Syria is not strong, the risks far outweigh the benefits.

The Biggest Problem in Politics — and Why Liberals and Conservatives Can Fight It Together

The vast majority of citizens across the political spectrum already want money in politics to be limited, and most want elections to be publicly funded.

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Tea From Coffee

Giving up coffee might be terrifying, but tea might well turn out to be better for you in the long run, recent studies suggest.

War With Syria: The Consequences We Aren't Thinking About

Very little analysis has been focused on the consequences of official external military interference in Syria.

All Americans Should Support Stop and Frisk

The African American community are the principal beneficiaries of Stop and Frisk. So why is there so much blowback against the policy?

Mark Levin Wants to Save the Constitution — In 10 Easy Steps

The first in a series of articles that will explore the new book "The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic" by conservative talk radio host Mark Levin.

BK French Fry Burger: 10 Other Marginally Less Sad Items They Could Have Tried

In the cutthroat world of the fast food wars, Burger King's French Fry Burger is a really, really lackluster effort.

A Recent Harvard Grad Takes On Student Debt

Over the past 8 years, the amount of student debt has grown over 300%. This trend will continue unless steps are taken to ensure young people fully understand the consequences of student debt.

PolicyMic Publishing Team Reveals How to Write the Best Story Ever

The PolicyMic publishing editors review every article on the site. They share their best practices, and discuss how pundits can get the most mileage out of their work.

Jon Stewart Return: 3 Unforgettable 'Daily Show' Moments That Will Make You Cry

Jon Stewart is coming back where he belongs, throwing spitballs at the media and the government on his Comedy Central Show. Before watching tonight, let's take a look at these highlights.

50 Shades Of Grey Cast: Who is Charlie Hunnam? Who is Dakota Johnson?

Controversy surrounded the casting of lesser-known actors for the lustful book "50 Shades of Grey." Who are these unknowns?

Ronald Coase: What the U.S. Learned From the Nobel Laureate

Ronald Coase, one of the most influential economists of the 20th century, died on September 2. His two main contributions to the science will live on forever.

9 Awesome College Majors You Never Knew Existed

The next time someone bothers you about your major, you should consider switching to one of these programs.

Latest On Syria: John McCain Slams Fox News' Misleading "Allahu Ahkbar" Clip

Senator John McCain challenged Fox News host Brian Kilmeade's assumptions about the radical nature of Syrian rebels when he appeared on the network this week.

Why Drones Won't Be Bombing Bashar al-Assad

Drones won't be deployed to Syria for one reason: they just don't work very well.

The Unexpected Threat to America's Nuclear Sites

Decades after the end of the Cold War, the U.S. is dealing with a different nuclear threat: the security of its own nuclear sites. But the problem is more complicated than you might think.

Why Georgetown Students — and Every Undergrad — Should Write For PolicyMic

As a Journalism Intern, I learned the ins-and-outs of writing breaking news pieces as well as op-eds in an experience that revealed what an important role online journalism plays in news.

2013 Debt Ceiling is Creating a Perfect Storm

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has drawn a red line on the debt ceiling debate, setting up a perfect storm.

Dennis Rodman North Korea Visit: How a Baller is Rebounding Kim Jong-un's Image

Dennis Rodman continues to insist his visits to North Korea aren't diplomatic, but also insists they'll improve relations. But this comes at the cost of Kim Jong-un's brutalized subjects.

The Republican Case For Raising the Minimum Wage

It's not just Democrats and liberals who see the need to raise the minimum wage. If people can't make a living on what they earn, taxpayers will pick up the bill.

Exxon Made Us Sick: Ann Jarrell is Outraged, And She's Not Alone

Five months after Exxon's Pegasus pipeline spilled oil across her hometown of Mayflower, Ark., Ann Jarrell and her family are getting worse. So what's Exxon doing about it?

Here's How You Turn the Police State Against Itself to Create Better Government

The same tools used to spy on us can also be used to not only shine the light on government corruption but help circumvent the surveillance state and help us live freer.

Why Russia is the Tea Party Of International Politics

Russia, like the Tea Party, doesn't seem capable of doing anything more than saying "nyet." Trolls gonna troll.

The Surprising Political Lessons We Learned from Harry Potter

How the Harry Potter series has helped shape the political views of millenials.

Live Stream: Syria Hearing in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Congress' first hearing on the authorization of the use of force in Syria is unfolding in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Tuesday afternoon, live streaming here.

Scientific Evidence Now Proves We Should Be Helping the Poor

Poverty is proven to drain people of their cognitive abilities. It's time for society to stop dancing around the issue and act.

NAACP, KKK Meet in Wyoming, Shake Hands

After meeting in Wyoming, the NAACP gets a new member from none other than the KKK.

Inside the Political Game Being Played Over the Congress Vote On Syria

President Obama's decision to seek congressional approval for any strikes against Syria has risks both for him, Congress, and Republicans.

Why Punk Rockers Make the Best Republicans

Who ever heard of a punk Republican? Most people assume that if you're one, you can't possibly be the other. However, the logic behind punk Republicans is actually very fluid.

The UnSlut Project Exposes the Disturbing Reality Of Sexual Bullying

Slut shaming is deadly. How can men work to stop it?

What the Debate Over Entitlement Reform is Really About

Amid all the talk about entitlement programs, there's one major factor that's being left out — and that has a huge influence on how we think about the social safety net.

Lyfe Kitchen Could Be the Health Food Answer to McDonalds

A new restaurant co-founded by the former president of McDonald's could revolutionize the fast food industry with its focus on healthy, organic, and sustainable food.

Moral Monday Activists in North Carolina Demand Republicans Pay Attention to Their Constituents

There's an unprecedented, historical statewide civil disobedience movement going down in North Carolina right now.

California Rim Fire: Yes, You Can Blame Dirty Hippies For This 235,000 Acre Blaze

Okay, so maybe James Franco's stash wasn't to blame for the blaze that nearly trashed Yosemite over the past few weeks. But it might be his dealer's fault.

Syria News: Arab League Passes Resolution In Support of International Action

The regional organization of 22 Arab States officially came out in support of international action against the Assad regime on Sunday, offering a vague green light for U.S. action.

Social Security Reform Proposals Will Be Key to the Debt Ceiling Debate

Social Security's trust fund will run dry by 2033 unless something is done as soon as possible. Otherwise, the solutions will be steeper.

4 Animals Who Might Actually Be Spying On You

Last week, an Egyptian stork was put in prison after authorities suspected it was bugged. Turns out the a long, storied history of militaries and spy agencies using animals to spy on enemies.

Eric Holder Takes a Stand For Teachers Unions, Against Poor Children

Eric Holder has filed a lawsuit against the State of Louisiana, because poor, mostly African-American children are being allowed to go to schools that aren't terrible.

Congressional Debate On Syria is Just An Excuse to Buy Obama Time

Obama’s decision for Congress to debate an attack on Syria has bought him time to better understand the Syrian conflict.

Mexico's Attack On Soft Drinks is Misguided

Mexico is the world's largest consumer of Coca-Cola products. Why exactly do they love this American product? The answer is quite simple: It beats Mexican drinking water.

Syria President in GOP Crosshairs As Boehner and Cantor Say 'Yes' to Strike

As Republicans Boehner and Cantor show their support for Obama's plan to intervene in Syria, congressional approval is becoming more and more likely.

Syria Update: Hagel, Kerry To Appear Before Senate Foreign Relations Committee

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold Congress' first hearing on Syria on Tuesday, according to reports.

Mic Check: 11 Awkward Photos That Prove What We All Know About U.S. Foreign Policy

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring my take on the world's top news and some of the best links from around the web.

CBS, Time Warner Settlement: Football Saved CBS From Itself

The CBS blackout resulting from the dispute between CBS and Time Warner is over, just in time for the start of the new season, and they couldn't have done it without football.

Syrian Refugees Reach 2 Million as Congressional Hearings Begin

Syria is "hemorrhaging women, children and men," the UN said, as tensions in Syria mount.