How Long Did the Government Shutdown Last in 1995? Depends on Which Time

As we approach a 2013 governmnet shutdown, let's take a look back at 1995, the last time such an event occurred. If history is any indication, things could get weird, fast.

How Much Meth Does Your State Cook? These Maps Show the Drug's Foothold In America

We're all pretty familiar with what meth is and what it does, especially after five seasons of 'Breaking Bad.' But which states most resemble the TV show?

Breaking Season 6 Finale: The End Of TV's Greatest Drama

'Breaking Bad' is over — the show aired its series finale, "Felina," last night. Did it meet expectations? Thoughts — and many, many spoilers — after the jump.

There's a New Cocaine Capital in the World, and It's Upending South America

The numbers are in: Peru is again the world's largest cocaine producer. What is behind the rise?

UC Berkeley Explosion: All Students Ordered to Evacuate

An explosion has rocked the campus of the University of California at Berkeley.

Immigration Reform 2013 Will Create New Jobs, Increase Wages, and Lower the Deficit

Immigration reform in 2013 could be a huge boost to the economy, and one answer to our rising deficit.

11 Blasphemies to Enjoy On International Blasphemy Day

It's International Blasphemy Day! Here are the top 11 blasphemy-ridden depictions sure to insult, offend, and disrespect. Celebrate this holiday with a little cheer and delight in being offended.

'Hello Ladies' HBO Premiere: The King of Cringe Comedy Returns

HBO's 'Hello Ladies' is amazingly awkward, which is exactly why you'll love it. Here's our look at the show's first episode. (Spoiler alert!)

The Real Reason the Government Will Pay Military Personnel During a Shutdown

Republicans proposed paying the troops in the event of a government shutdown. This gesture is out of fear of backlash rather than altruism.

Obamacare Exchanges Open: The New Law, Explained in 7 Easy Steps

Clear the clouds of misinformation. If you have insurance, you've got more protection. If not, visit your state marketplace where you'll likely save a lot of money.

Government Shutdown 2013 is Just the First Act, the Debt Ceiling is Next

The upcoming battle over the debt ceiling, rather than the budget battle, presents the bigger danger to the U.S. economy.

Pope Francis Wants to Rewrite the Vatican's Constitution, But He Can't Rewrite the Church

Pope Francis is a trailblazer within the Catholic Church. His history of reform has set him up to make more changes in the duration of his term.

Meet the Hello Kitty Jet, the World's Cutest Airplane

EVA Air's Hello Kitty airplane is the ultimate manifestation of Taiwan's obsession with cuteness — and ours.

What a Republican Shutdown Means For Millions of Women and Children

From Head Start to nutritional support for poor pregnant women, the Republicans are willing to let their tantrum affect the most vulnerable among us.

This Tiny Corner Of America Can Predict If Democrats Will Win In the Next Election

How can Democrats win in future elections? A key swing district in Pennsylvania provides some surprising clues.

Twitter IPO Price: How They're Avoiding Repeating Facebook's IPO Disaster

Twitter plans to publicly file for an IPO this week. It seeks to avoid an IPO debacle similar to that of fellow social media giant Facebook in May of last year.

Think Millennials Aren’t Affected by Pension Reform? Think Again.

As states and cities face gaping budget shortfalls in their public pension systems, millennials should recognize that reform is essential to their careers and quality of life.

It Doesn't Matter Who America Blames For the Government Shutdown

46% of American thinks Republicans are acting like spoiled children, but that does not really matter for upcoming elections.

Marijuana Legalization: Canada is Going Free Market On Weed

Canada is moving from home-grown marijuana to a corporate free-market system. But don't expect those 4,200 home growers to stop selling weed just because it's illegal.

Breaking Berkshire: Warren Buffett Tweets Self As Walter White

Warren Buffet took the public by surprise with a tweet of himself dressed up as as Breaking Bad character Walter White. The 82-year-old imitated the actor very well.

Hillary Clinton Documentary Cancelled — Here's Why

The cancellation of CNN's documentary about Hillary Clinton did not come from the outcry of her Republican opponents. Rather, it came from her own staff.

Mexico Can Teach the U.S. How to Govern

While Washington careens toward a government shutdown and the possibility of a devastating default, Mexico surges ahead with one of the most productive periods of reform in its history.

How a Viral Piece On Male Sexual Assault Can Help Survivors

As BuzzFeed showed last week, we don't talk about male survivors enough, and the reasons why are as entrenched as masculinity itself.

Al-Shabab Terrorists Behind Kenyan Mall Attack May Have Escaped Through An Underground Tunnel

New reports from Kenya suggest the militants behind the terrorist attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi escaped to safety through an underground sewage tunnel.

Debt Ceiling 2013: Why Net Neutrality is On the Chopping Block in the House

Just as congressional Republicans are planning to strip net neutrality in its fight over the debt ceiling, a new film examines how the policy affects us all, and why it's worth fighting for.

What the U.S. Doesn't Get About Violence Against Women

In order to create a enduring shift in the way women are treated in times of conflict, the United States must be equally concerned with the ways in which women are treated in times of security.

'Breaking Bad' Series Finale: Why I Didn't Watch It, and When I Will

I didn't watch Breaking Bad on its television schedule because in my opinion, it isn't really a television show at all.

Is Your State Missing Out On Major Online Gambling Money? Check This Graph to Find Out

This infographic covers some of the benefits and revenue states gain from legalizing online gambling.

Ted Cruz Gets Called Out For His Fauxbuster On 'Meet the Press'

Defying all logic and reason, Senator Ted Cruz appeared on Meet the Press to claim that Democrats are absolutists and that the American people support him. Reality indicates the exact opposite.

'Breaking Bad' Finale: As Pure As TV Drama Comes

The 'Breaking Bad' finale may have disappointed some viewers, but last night's episode affirmed the series' excellent legacy. (Spoiler alert!)

Why the UN Syria Chemical Weapons Deal Isn't Nearly As Good As You Think

The deal to remove and disarm Syria's chemical weapons will be great if if works, but it won't stop the war, it helps make Assad more secure, and advances Russian interests.

Here's Why Republicans Can't Stop Obamacare — Even If They Shut Down the Government

After the shutdown, many government services will continue running. The reason why this is the case can be found in mandatory spending provisions.

IPCC Climate Change Report: There's More to It Than You Think

The IPCC climate change report was meant to be a milestone in our scientific understanding of "global warming." But, there's more to it than meets the eye.

If Students Get Their Way, Wendy Davis Will Be the Next Governor Of Texas

Can millennials make this red state go purple?

Student Debt Statistics Are Worrisome, But New Innovations Might Hold the Key

Affordability of higher education has recently climbed to the top of the legislative agenda, given the gruesome student debt stastics. But, there's hope.

What Do You Call 250 People Trying to Shut Down the Government?

Throughout American history, the line between patriotism and treason has been a blurry one.

This Brain-Teasing MoMa Exhibit Will Challenge Your Reality

Contextualizing René Magritte within his own early oeuvre, the new exhibit at the MoMA will appeal to puzzle lovers and those only somewhat familiar with the artist.

5 Things Most New Yorkers Don't Know About Bill de Blasio

There are several aspects of New York City mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio's personal life that remain unknown to many New Yorkers.

It's Cheaper to Go to Harvard For Four Years Than to Be Imprisoned in NYC For One

A new report revealed that the yearly cost per inmate for NYC prisons is essentially equal to four years of tuition at Harvard.

An Antidote to the Trader Joe Ex-President Who Plans to Sell Expired Food to Poor People

I knew there had to be a better way. I found it in Oregon.

Why You Shouldn't Bring Your Smartphone to the Movies

When it comes to social media, our addiction knows no boundaries.

'Homeland' Season 3 Premiere Recap: Saul Makes His Decision

The third season of 'Homeland' kicked off with more than one bang.

Benjamin Netanyahu Visits the White House to Press Against U.S.-Iran Talks

The least happy person about the United States and Iran's growing reapprochement is definitely Benjamin Netanyahu, who is met with Obama to temper enthusiasm and bring it down.

5 things I Would Love to See Obama and Netanyahu Address in Their Upcoming Meeting

Here are 5 things I hope the two leaders discuss Monday at the White House.

The One Reason Anita Perry Should Vote For Wendy Davis

In a recent interview, Anita Perry "inadvertently made news" by saying abortion is a "woman's right." Her husband opposes abortion in all cases.

PolicyMic Movie Guide: What to See, Stream, and Skip This Week

Fast cars, teenage royalty, and backcountry accents make up our picks for the best movies to see in theaters, stream online, or skip entirely this week.

Mic Check: This is How a Government Shutdown Would Affect You

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring analysis of the world's top news and a collection of links from around the web.

Barclay’s is About to Cut Off Millions of Somalis for Banking Policy

How we radicalized Mogadishu and then cut off 3.8 million people from access to banks.

It's Official: Charles Taylor Will Spend the Rest Of His Life Rotting in Jail

The Appeals Chamber of the Special Court for Sierra Leone has rejected an appeal by former Liberian President Charles Taylor against his conviction for crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone.

Defund Obamacare? This is the Wrong Time to Be Playing Political Games

With the recent House Provision to fund the government while defunding Obamacare, there are bigger issues at stake for the country. If a government shutdown occurs, the oucomes are not pretty.

Obama and Netanyahu Strengthen Ties While Palestinians Are Forced to Dig Tunnels for Food

The Rafah Crossing Point is one of many crossing points between the Gaza Strip and surrounding nations. It has severe political implications that can deeply affect Arab-Israeli relations.

DOJ Lawsuit Against North Carolina Aims to Protect Elderly, Minorities, Immigrants

The DOJ lawsuit against North Carolina is just the tip of the iceberg in the fight against new voter ID restrictions.

Iran News: Iranians Are Ready to Work With U.S.

A meeting between John Kerry and the Iranian minister of foreign affairs last week went well. Is this the first sign that relations will improve?

House Moves to Conference with Senate, Brings on Shutdown

The House has succumbed to a government shutdown.

Senate Votes to Kill House Funding Resolution Again

The Senate kills a House spending measure for the second time today.

House GOP to Blame For Looming Shutdown

From a practical standpoint, no self-respecting would allow half the Congress to undermine his signature piece of legislation.

Government Shutdown Deal Being Floated

There are rumblings about a possible compromise that would fund the government on a very short-term basis.

What Great Directors Know About Adapting Plays For the Silver Screen

A new wave of Hollywood stars has headed to Broadway, but it's still hard for Broadway shows — especially plays — to make their way to Hollywood.

Senate Kills Amended House Spending Resolution

The upper chamber voted down the House's latest spending proposal.

Obama Live Stream: The President Makes A Statement On Government Shutdown Negotiations

Watch Obama's statement on Congressional budget negotiations live

Congress Promises To Deal With It Later But Never Does

Barring a last-minute miracle compromise between Republicans and Democrats, the federal government will shut down at midnight.