10 Chemical Weapons Attacks Washington Doesn't Want You to Talk About

A list of 10 chemical weapons attacks carried out by the U.S. government or its allies against civilians.

The One Thing White Writers Get Away With, But Authors of Color Don't

Critics are dumbfounded by the fact that Bill Cheng, a Chinese American from Queens, New York, wrote his debut novel about rural Mississippi. Would a white writer have received the same response?

6 Things You Need to Know So Your Private YouTube Videos Don't End Up On Google

These are the YouTube privacy settings that will keep you safe while using this vast resource of entertainment and information.

You Think Obama Wants to Strike Syria? You're Wrong

President Barack Obama has no intention of military action in Syria. He's faking it, and throwing the game. We're all just playing along.

How Did Syria Get Chemical Weapons? Did They Come From Our Old Friend Saddam?

Has anyone bothered to find out where the chemical weapons being used in Syria came from? For years, various sources insisted that Saddam Hussein hid his WMDs across the border in Syria.

iPhone 5S vs Galaxy Note 3: Which Will Be the Better Phone?

Samsung will release its newest phone, the Galaxy Note 3, today. How will it stack up to the upcoming release of the iPhone 5s?

The 10 Best Jack Nicholson Movies Ever

One of Hollywood's greatest actors is retiring. Which of these movies were your favorite?

Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Price and Release Date: Everything You Need to Know About Samsung's New Device

Check here for the price and release date for Samsung's newest gadget, the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch, at the "Unpacked Live" event being held before "IFA 2013" in Berlin.

The Complete History Of Syria in 21 Photos

As the United States prepares to possibly launch a military operation against Syria, here's a brief history lesson on the country everyone is talking about.

This Weed Farmer Thought He'd Set a Deadly Trap, What Happens Next is Expected

Daniel Ricketts was found dead earlier this week when after a seemly drunken ATV ride. He nearly decapitated himself on his own booby traps used to protect his marijuana plants.

The 3 Most Hypocritical Things About the U.S. Going to War With Syria

There is no denying the blatant hypocrisy in the justification that the U.S. should intervene because of Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons.

Latest Syria War Justification is the Worst One Yet

The latest argument for war with Syria has nothing to do with national security, but instead some vague and ridiculous notion of "credibility."

Jon Stewart's Very First 'Daily Show' Monologue Was Already Brilliant

Back in 1999 through wisecracks about Monica Lewinsky and Strom Thurmond, Stewart eased into his hosting role and gave a brilliant teaser into what 'The Daily Show' would become.

4 More Insane School Overreactions to Guns

Schools around America continue to take a hard line stance on gun violence ... by threatening kids with suspension, expulsion, or criminal charges for putting green army men on cupcakes.

Suicide is the Third-Leading Cause Of Death Among Millennials — Here's How I'm Trying to Stop It

I lost a friend to suicide in 2010. We need to work together to save each others' lives.

3 Grimms' Fairy Tales Too Twisted For Children

Is it possible to twist every Grimm story into something along the lines of the fairy tales we know and love today? Let's find out.

Another Triumph For Democracy in Ghana Ignored By Africa's "Saviors"

It's the biggest moment in Ghana since the nation won its independence, so why don't you know about it?

Immigration Reform 2013: This Story is Proof it Can't Wait Much Longer

One mixed status family describes their life in America.

Victor Svyatski: Man Behind Femen Picks "Prettiest Girls," Calls Them Bitches

Should political and feminist movements be led by a man? Specifically, if that man is a dictator himself? Is the efficacy of the Femen group in question when their founder verbally assaults them?

UK Porn Ban: Union Jack Gets a Whole New Meaning At Houses Of Parliament

Britain's Parliament internet reports showed members had accessed pornography over 300,000 times. If they hope to pass any sort of ban on pornography, they better practice what they preach.

This Capitalist Icon Loves Obamacare — Here's Why

YouTube icon and bestselling author John Green explains why, as a fiscal conservative and avowed capitalist, he supports the upcoming implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Someone Tried to Stick Up An Iraq War Vet, Watch What Happened Next

When a thief tries to rob his convenience store, U.S. veteran Joe Lewish Alexander teaches his a hard lesson.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 9: We're Still Fascinated By Despicable Characters

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' returns for it's ninth season on FXX. The success of the show makes us wonder: "why do we love these awful people?"

Ariel Castro Dead: Kidnapper Rapist Hanged Self in Jail Cell

Ariel Castro, who held three young women captive in a cell in his Ohio house for nearly a decade, has been found dead in his jail cell.

Samsung Galaxy Market Share: Is Galaxy the Top Smartphone?

Samsung will be releasing its newest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3, and its newest gadget, the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. Check here for live stream and the latest updates.

Why the U.S. Must Keep Syrian Women in Mind

As the potential for intervention in the region grows, focusing on humanitarian goals is the best solution for everyone.

5 Coolest New Technologies About to Tackle the NFL

From billion dollar stadiums, to fan experience on TV and radio, to the focus on player health … Here are the top five new technologies to watch for in the coming NFL seasons

Syria 2013: Did Obama Forget He Won A Nobel Peace Prize?

The president who won the Nobel Peace Prize less than nine months after his inauguration in 2009 has now decided to take military action against Syria. Does he still deserve the honor?

9 New Shows Poised To Be Fall's Must-See TV

On both broadcast networks and premium channels, there's plenty of promising content debuting this fall.

James Franco: Renaissance Man or Pseudo-Intellectual Pain in the Ass?

After Comedy Central's 'Roast of James Franco,' we have to ask: Why are we so obsessed with the actor's public persona? And is the Franco we see the person he really is?

Women Are Still No. 2 in Silicon Valley

Sheryl Sandberg and other female tech COOs are showing the power of women executives in tech. So why aren't we seeing more female CEOs?

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 9: 5 Ways the Gang Taught Us to Be Better People

In honor of the season premiere, here is a look at the past 8 seasons and how the gang us taught all of us to be better people.

Inside the Military's Campaign to Make Its Soldiers Christian

Your commander is a Christian, and you're not. Does he have a right to talk to you about finding Jesus?

5 New Songs Every Music Lover Needs to Hear This Week

Summer may be over, but don't fear. These songs will keep you going all the way into fall.

Here's the Proof That Professors Are Raving Liberals

As academics debate intellectual diversity in higher ed, so many residents in the ivory towers across America insist diversity of viewpoint is present. Political contributions prove otherwise.

Syria 2013: Let's Not Get Involved

The United States' best option is to stay out of the Syrian conflict.

War in Syria: We Should Listen to Rand Paul

Obama's willingness to strike Syria is creating divisions among Republicans, but also within his own party, which usually opposes wars. But the anti-war coalition is the future.

The Key to Ending Terrorism is Definitely Not Drones

A new report claims that Al-Qaeda is exploring ways to fight back against the U.S. drone program. This could become a problem for national security in the long run.

Samsung Announcement: New Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, and Galaxy Tablet 10.1 Released in Berlin

Samung unveiled the company's newest technology this Wednesday at 1pm ET at a technology conference in Berlin, Germany.

Mic Check: Obama Just Got the One Vote He Needs to Bomb Syria

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring my take on the world's top news and some of the best links from around the web.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch: Brace Yourself, Really Smart Watches Are Coming

Wearable tech is the next generation for gadgets, and watches are the front running player. If Google and Apple throw their hats into the smartwatch ring, expect some amazing technology.

While College Students Talk Frat Parties, Some Veterans Are Just Struggling to Adjust

More veterans are returning to school than ever. But are colleges doing enough to welcome back these warriors?

Another Study Proves What We Already Know — You Need Your Eight Hours Every Night

A new study shows that sleep boosts the production of myelin, cells crucial in brain support and repair.

Syria Attack: Before We Decide Anything, Let's See How Libya Turned Out

John Kerry is distancing the U.S. role in Syria away from its intervention in Libya. But that country is now defined by the crash of the oil industry and militia violence.

Americans Are Against War With Syria, But Obama and Congress Won't Listen

How seriously should the American people take a new study conducted by Pew Research Center on airstrikes in Syria? Will this influence Congress votes or the decisions of the Obama administration?

John Kerry Wants to Save America's Global Credibility When There is None

American credibility is being used as a criteria for military intervention in Syria. The problem is that you can't save American credibility when there isn't American credibility.

Bashar al-Assad Forces 5,000 Syrians to Flee His Country Every Day

5,000 Syrians flee the country every day. How can the U.S. look at this humanitarian crisis and do nothing to help?

Why Soccer Might Be Part Of the Solution to Peace in the Middle East

There is real potential for soccer to be a driver of peace in the Middle East. These four examples of the sport's peacekeeping efforts in recent years prove that.

Should You Get a Flu Shot? New Study Suggests It Might Put You at Risk

Pigs vaccinated for the flu are more susceptible to infection by H1N1 and have more severe flu symptoms and lung damage. What does this mean for the future of universal flu vaccines?

Pledge Of Allegiance's "Under God" Defended By Evangelicals — But Guess Who Wrote it

A Massachusetts group pleads that using "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance is discriminatory, which conservatives dispute. But do conservatives really know the history of the pledge?

Watch What Happens When You Steal $220 Million From the Middle Class

A recent corruption scandal galvanized the Filipino middle class, which has been outraged at the depth of corruption and misusage of taxpayer money.

Donald Rumsfeld Still Giving Foreign Policy Advice For Some Weird Reason

On the Today Show, Donald Rumsfeld implied that he would like to see the Obama administration take more aggressive action in Syria, further pushing the neoconservative agenda.

Ariel Castro Suicide: Convicted Kidnapper and Rapist Found Hanging in Cell

Ariel Castro has been found dead in his jail cell of an apparent suicide.

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Greatest "Dancing With the Stars" Cast Member, Ever

It's every 90s nerdy girl's dream come true.

Northern California County Voted to Secede: Why Would Anyone Want to Leave California?

California and Colorado counties have embarked on secession efforts to establish Republican states. So far, one California county's board of supervisors has thrown in its support.

This Generation's DREAMers Left Out Of MLK's Dream

Why were two crucial immigration reform organizations cut from the March on Washington 50th anniversary celebration?

Drug Officials Pay AT&T to Spy On America, Because Some Work is Too Dirty For the Government

A government program called the Hemisphere Project teams DEA agents up with AT&T workers to gather data from personal cell phones.

Syria Conflict: There's No Such Thing As a "Limited" Strike

If the Obama administration is serious about limiting Assad's chemical warfare capability, the air and missile strikes will be large in scope and could drag us further into the civil war.

NASA Tests the Limits Of 3D Printing With This Incredible Project

The latest use for 3D printing? Rocket engines. You read that right.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Syria Vote: 10 - 7 in Favor Of War

The U.S Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted on Wednesday to approve President Barack Obama's proposed plan for military action in Syria

Jon Stewart's Triumphant Return to 'The Daily Show'

John Oliver did a stand up job manning 'The Daily Show' helm. But Jon Stewart is finally back, right when we need him the most. The king has returned to his throne.

Syria Latest: Read the Draft Resolution Authorizing Syria Strike

As Syria’s complex story continues to unfold, PolicyMic will be keeping you updated with analysis, reporting, and background information.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Rumors: What the Heck is it?

Samsung is releasing its latest gadgets in a conference at 1pm ET. Here's what to expect for its latest 'Galaxy Gear' smartwatch.

Samsung Announcement: Will Galaxy Gear Smartwatches Be the Next Big Thing?

As Samsung seems poised to unveil its new Galaxy Gear Smartwatch at its Unpacked 2013 event in Berlin today, we may be on the cusp of a new tech industry boom.

Galaxy Note 3 Price and Release Date: Everything You Need to Know About Samsung's New Phone

Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 3 at the Unpacked Live event before the international trade conference "IFA 2013" in Berlin. Check here for updates on the product releases.

Samsung Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 Livestream: Watch New Galaxy Device Updates LIVE

Samung's Unpacked 2013 will unveil the company's newest technology this Wednesday at 1pm ET, live streaming in this video.

Samsung Announcement: Galaxy Note 3 Takes Over Times Square For Smartphone Release

Samsung will be releasing its newest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3, and its newest gadget, the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. Check here for live stream and the latest updates.