Syrian Execution Video: So-Called Moderate Rebels Also Committing War Crimes

Although underreported in the media, Free Syrian Army and its affiliates are complicit in several of their own war crimes. As such, it is flawed to label them as "moderates."

Futurama Finale: Goodbye to Television's Most Heartfelt Comedy

The titular sci-fi cartoon, "Futurama" aired its last episode Wednesday night. The finale represented the cultural landmark that the show is.

Breaking Bad Final Season: Is the Show On the Brink Of Collapse?

“Rabid Dog” is largely an exercise in tedium and melodramatic close-ups, where the characters are always on the verge of action, but never quite get there. Has the show jumped the shark?

Young Lawyers Can't Afford to Work for Those That Need Us Most

The justice system is failing; here's what I'm doing to fix it.

Inside the First Rehab Clinic For Internet Addicts

Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) covers a variety of impulse-control issues including cybersex and cyber-relationship addiction, net compulsions, and information overload.

J.D. Salinger: Five Predictions About His Five New Books

Although the author J.D. Salinger passed away three years ago, he stipulated that five previously unseen books should be published after his death. Here's what to expect.

Obama's War With Syria Would Be As Illegal As Assad's Chemical Weapons

In order to enforce international law, the U.S. is claiming it needs to violate international law by attacking Syria. We've seen this before — and it never ends well.

6 Books You Need On Your Fall Reading List

It's fall reading list time! Get ready for shorter, cooler days with these fantastic books.

How Atheists Are Fighting Back Against Military Discrimination

You'd think we'd make every effort to respect the beliefs of each of our soldiers. (You'd be wrong.)

Syria is Not Iraq - Bosnia and Kosovo Offer the Real Lessons

U.S. intervention in Syria may be the only chance to end this conflict.

Why This New Jersey School Could Start Telling Students "No Money, No Lunch"

A new policy set by a school district in Willingboro New Jersey to motivate parents to file appropriate federal paperwork for school lunch subsidies could have food thrown away in front of kids.

J.D. Salinger and 5 Authors as Reclusive as They Were Famous

In response to the new biography and documentary about J.D. Salinger, here are five other fascinating writers who avoided the public eye.

War With Syria Would Cost How Much?

War is inevitably expensive. But can a "limited strike" present a cheaper option?

E-Cigarettes Are a Loophole to Teenage Smoking

Teenagers have discovered the lack of age restrictions on e-cigarettes, and that's led to their use as a gateway into addiction – instead of a way out.

The Dark History of Chemical Weapons Attacks Proves the Red Line Must Be Enforced

Assad is the last major roadblock to achieving a world free from the horror of chemical weapons. That is why the world, led by the U.S., must take action in Syria.

Are Labor Unions Ready to Stand Up For Today's Working Class?

Fast food and service employees are living in homeless shelters in this country. Something has to change.

10 Works That Prove Art Conquers War

As the drumbeat of war starts to build toward a possible U.S.-led strike in Syria, it is important to remember the powerful art that has emerged throughout times of war.

The 4 Issues That New York's Mayor Race is Really About

Weiner jokes are fun and everything, but this year's mayoral election in the country's largest city is no laughing matter.

What Atheists — and Every American — Can Expect From Our Christian Military

“We will need to press ahead ... not allowing the opposition, all of which is spearheaded by Satan, to keep us from the mission of reclaiming territory for Christ in the military.”

Community Colleges Are More Rigorous Than You Realize

Contrary to popular culture depictions, it can be harder to graduate from community college than to attain a PhD.

Syria Vote: If There's Any Time For a Rand Paul Filibuster, It's Now

Rand Paul's filibuster against drones was inspiring, but the senator can reach new heights by organizing a filibuster to defeat an attack on Syria before it even begins.

The People Have Spoken: 2013's Summer Movies Sucked

2013 was the year audiences finally grew tired of the Armageddon, and searched for something with a little more heart.

Did Iran's President Just Wish Jews a "Blessed Rosh Hashana?"

Several top Iranian politicians tweeted greetings for the Jewish New Year, sending some speculation about their legitimacy while others praise the "Twiplomatic" moves.

NRA Sues Feds to Prevent Secret Gun Registry, But Guess What? They Already Have One

The NRA can create a secret registry, but they evidently have an issue with the U.S. government collecting private data on gun ownership. Do American people trust a business versus government?

8 Reasons Why Busy People Should Make Time to Daydream

Daydreaming can help take you to faraway places, and make your day-to-day goals real. Here's why you should be doing more of it.

What President Obama Won't Tell You About the Syrian Operation

As a military operation in Syria seems almost imminent, there are a number of game-changing facts that Barack Obama didn't disclose, which could contribute to a failure.

Chicago Wants to Teach Your 5-Year-Old About Sex

The Chicago Public Schools announced plans to offer sex education starting in kindergarden. This is a good idea.

Syria Latest: Why U.S. Intel Couldn't Predict Sarin Attack

U.S. intelligence failed to recognize the chemical weapons attack in Syria due to the time taken to process the intel given. With such an extensive network, delays in processing are a given.

3 Sports Events Brought to You By Brutal Dictators Next Year

Over the next year many prominent sporting events will be held in utterly repressive societies. Here's a few of them and some information on the horrible dictators who will be playing host.

This Student Was Tossed Out Of School Because Of Her Dreadlocks

Tiana Parker was forced to change schools because she has dreads. A hairstyle should not determine academic excellence and lifelong success.

This Graph Sums Up the Scary Truth About Our Economy

The labor market remains depressed four years into the economic recovery. We need a substantially different policy approach.

Pope Francis' Letter to G20 Leaders on the Syrian War: Full Text

As world leaders gather in St. Petersburg, Russia for the G20 Summit, Pope Francis is speaking out about the war in Syria. He issued a letter calling for a non-military solution to the war.

The One Economic Number That We Need to Talk About: 47%

The 47% of Americans who do not pay income taxes is a function of changes at the IRS which is progressively managing the implementation of social policy.

U.S. Bombing Syria: It's About Saving Lives, Not "National Interests"

We've heard cries about "national interests" before. Every time we've listened, we've walked away from a massacre we could have prevented.

To Make America Better, We Need to Be Less Democratic

The Seventeenth Amendment, direct election of senators, should be repealed. Here's why.

Syria News: Kerry Takes the Stand — and Insults Every American

During his testimony before the House Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry said three misleading things that should concern every American.

Obamacare Has New Enemies — The President's Biggest Allies

Obama responded quickly to help big business and congressional staff, when it was learned Obamacare would hurt them. However, he ignores labor unions' pleas to fix a law that hurts workers.

How Obamacare Could Hurt Abortion Rights

Obamacare open enrollment begins in October, much to the dismay of Republicans — and women, as usual, are the scapegoats of GOP frustration.

Syria Vote: What Happened At the Senate Hearing On Syria

A run down of the important aspects of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Syria.

Feminist Weekly: Can PolicyMic Save the World?

This week, PolicyMic writers weighed in on the labor issue of our time, how we're failing the mentally ill, why women have stalled in Silicon Valley, Moral Mondays, and so much more!

USDA's Latest Decision Could Bring Tainted Food to Your Table

USDA food safety regulators approved four Chinese poultry processors to ship processed meat to U.S. Given China's mishaps with food safety standards, why would the USDA allow this to happen?

Syria Chemical Weapons: Why the Red Line is Actually a Blurry Line

President Obama has managed to convince some legislators of the need to act militarily in retaliation for the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons. What are the costs?

What is the G20? A Big Mess, That's What

The G20 is supposed to be about international economic policy. But instead, it's become a front for the world's top 20 economies argue about the latest worldwide fiascos.

The U.S. Must Stop Assad — Because It's Not Just About Us

Israel and the U.S. don't always share the same interests, but this is one place where what's good for one is good for the other.

11 Of CODEPINK's Most Unforgettable Protests

CODEPINK has become infamous for its wide variety of attention-grabbing protests. Let's take a look at some of the activist group's greatest hits.

Mic Check: Learn the Complete History Of Syria in 21 Photos

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