Why Aaron Hernandez Will Be Acquitted and Play For Another NFL Team

On Friday, Aaron Hernandez was arraigned for first-degree murder. Here's why he'll probably beat the charges and walk free to whichever NFL team will have him.

If This Model is "Plus-Sized," Then the Fashion World Has Lost Its Mind

Meet Robyn Lawley, a supermodel you probably haven't heard about. She's changing the fashion world.

What This Artist Gained After Losing 110 Pounds

Jen Davis became famous for capturing striking portraits of the struggles of being overweight. Now, 110 pounds lighter, she still employs the vulnerability that captivated us all along.

This Woman Thinks Your Teenage Daughter is a Slut

Kim Hall thinks the world has to protect her sons from seeing young women as sex objects.

Campbell Soup K-Cups: A More Convenient Way to Wreck Your Health

Coming soon to a store near you: Campbell soup K-cups! As the single-serving trend expands beyond coffee, what does it say about our eating habits and constant need for convenience?

Did We Need Alyssa Milano's "Sex Tape" to Learn About Syria?

It's not important how we learn about Syria. What's important is that we do.

This Shocking Frat Video Shows Rape Culture is Alive and Well in College

What does it take to change attitudes around rape culture and sexual violence? Does sensitivity training programs really fix the problem or is it just another way of ignoring the issues at hand?

Syria War News: How to Write For or Against U.S Intervention

Are you a budding Syria expert looking for a quick and easy way to sound decisive on U.S. military action against Bashar al-Assad's regime? Here's a guide to help you get started.

Why Malala Yousafzai Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, Not Just the Kiddie Version

Those who aren't convinced that this young education advocate should receive the Nobel Peace Prize should read this.

Syrian Civil War Is Too Complex For U.S. Involvement

Because of the complexity of the situation in Syria, Obama should disregard the suggestions of Senators McCain and Graham. Instead, the president should follow a more prudent course.

Hollywood Has a Big Problem With Women Over 40, and It's Getting Worse

The film 'Adore,' which comes out today, raises the double standard that confronts older women in film: it's sex overkill or sayonara for the 40-plus crowd.

Forget War With Syria, There's a Massacre Much Closer to Home

Americans are outraged over the scores of deaths in Syria, but aren't we missing something?

Salinger Movie: J.D. Salinger Would Hate the J.D. Salinger Documentary

Shane Salerno's new documentary, 'Salinger,' tells a story that was never meant to be told. Was making it the right thing to do?

BLS Jobs Report: Millennial Unemployment is Up to 11.8%

While unemployment nationwide ticked down to 7.3% last month, it rose for Millennials to 11.8%.

If You Hate Stand Your Ground and George Bush, Then This Story is Your Worst Nightmare

This would almost be hilarious if two people weren't dead.

Is This the Worst Twerk Of All Time?

One girl managed to injure herself twerking in an attempt to create a sexy video for her boyfriend. The boyfriend definitely found it hot ... too hot.

"Guns Next Door" Protest: Gun Owners Take to the Streets to Indoctrinate Children

Gun Rights Across America is staging a nationwide protest called "Guns Next Door," urging gun owners to open carry and to "be heard."

The Sobering Graph That Shows Just How Bad the Economy Continues to Be

The workforce in America only continues to shrink. Recovery? More like cut your losses and move on.

Korean Fashion Designers Are About to Take Over New York

From Fashion Week to boutique stores, Korean designers are increasingly appealing to the American market.

Iran Threatens Retaliation For U.S. Strike On Syria

The U.S. has intercepted messages from Iran that indicate Americans may become a target in the Middle East if the U.S. intervenes in Syria.

Why Millennials Are Opting Out Of Opting Out From the Workplace

The generation before us "opted-out" and now they want back in. But we don't have to make the same choices.

G20 2013: Here's the Most Important Meeting of the Summit

The decades-long dispute between China and Japan over Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands could have enormous global implications.

G20 Summit: It's Time Obama and Putin Stop Behaving Like Children

The G20 Summit has been consumed with tensions over the current crisis in Syria, so much so that its original purpose of focusing on the global economic agenda has become diluted.

13 Infamous Massacres That the U.S. Did Nothing About

Many want the U.S. to intervene in Syria for humanitarian reasons. This is a dubious reason, considering how many other massacres have happened without any U.S. intervention at all.

Pa. Taxpayers Have to Pay For a Gay Marriage Ban They Don't Want

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett is shelling out $400 an hour in taxpayer money to "defend" an anti-gay marriage law. He sould be spending the money on many other things, education being one.

Sorry Rush Limbaugh. Iraq WAS a Mess.

Rush Limbaugh claims that Iraq wasn't a mess. It was the media that portrayed it as a mess. Well, let's look at the facts then.

Obama Syria Statement: "The World Cannot Stand Idly By"

President Obama emerged to issue a statement from St. Petersburg, Russia on Friday suggesting he has further international support in rhetoric for action in Syria.

Hate Group Turns Gay Rights Symbol Into Homophobic Bumper Sticker

In an effort to combat the flagrant display of tolerance that's been clogging up their newsfeeds, this "pro-family" group has commandeered the HRC equality symbol to fit their anti-gay agenda.

Ron Paul Channel Brings Libertarianism Its Own Internet Voice

After being kept out of the media loop during the 2012 election cycle, Ron Paul has decided to take matters of media into his own (debatably) newsworthy hands.

If America Can't Police the World, A Global Standing Army Could

From Iraq to Libya to Syria, we always hear the same, legitimate concern from critics: America cannot or should not police the world. But if not America, then what? A Global Standing Army (GSA).

Boston Public Schools Provide Free Meals to All Students — Other Districts Should Take Note

The Boston Public Schools will serve free meals to all students, regardless of their income status this year. Is the program a basic right entitled to students or frivolous government spending?

Meet Alexander de Avila: California Native, Fiction Writer, & Pundit Of the Week

Every week, we spotlight one pundit to share personal experiences with the PolicyMic community.

Stop And Frisk is Not Based Upon Racial Profiling

Stop and Frisk is not unconstitutional unless people are being stopped illegally.

This Sexist Male Conductor Should Orchestrate Some Respect

Petrenko stated that women should not be conductors, because their sexuality would distract the orchestra. His opinions are commonplace within the industry, but not acceptable.

One Thing That Worries Millennials, But We're Afraid to Talk About

In the backs of our minds, retirement security reigns supreme.

This New Campaign Is the Classiest Fashion Spread You'll Ever See

Cole Haan's fall 2013 ad campaign features the beauty, and individuality, of author Maya Angelou, editor China Machado, astronaut Captain Jim Lovell, and photographer Elliott Erwitt.

Why This Union Boss Wants "Anybody But Quinn" For NYC Mayor

PACs are people, too! And, as usual, they're ruining everything — even if you agree with them.

This New NSA Leak Could Spell the End For Privacy On the Internet

A newly revealed NSA decryption program creates grave dangers in the form of security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit and a diminished expectation of online privacy.

August Jobs Report: 16% of Millennials Still Can't Find Work

Unemployment was down slightly in August according to national figures. But it isn't much cause for celebration. Little has changed for Millennials, who continue to face a brutal job market.

Walmart Protests: Paying Employees More Makes Economic Sense

There is something wrong when the average daily salary of a CEO is higher than the yearly pay of an employee at fast-food corporations and companies like Wal-Mart. Unions are fighting back.

Mic Check: The One Question Everyone’s Forgetting to Ask About Syria

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Mexican Pointy Boots Are a Disgrace to Cowboy Culture

The Mexican pointy boots are a disgrace to the cowboy boot, and yet the fashion trend has caused a wave of fans in the southwest.

Weekly Culture Round Up: Calling All TV Recappers!

All the highlights of the past week! And everything you need to know for the culture section back-to-school season.