The Aging Of President Obama in 14 Increasingly Grey Photos

Aging is just one aspect of life, but one that appears to accelerate when it comes to presidents.

Matthew Cordle Video: Viral Confession Shows How We Treat White Criminals in the U.S.

When Matthew Cordle confessed to drunkenly crashing into Vincent Canzani, he probably didn't think his video had anything to do with his race. Does it?

Flash Mob Fashion Show Hits Streets Of Manhattan to Kick Off NYC Fashion Week 2013

This fashion company will stage the first ever flash fashion show to kick off New York Fashion Week.

Singer Mary Lambert Says 'Same Love' is An 'Anthem For Allies'

The “Same Love” singer opens up about the Macklemore/Le1f controversy and fat shaming. But she really just wants to give you a hug.

Reports Indicate John Boehner May Skip House Vote on Syria

If John Boehner skips a key House vote on Syria, he will be cheating the American public.

This Ad Proves India's Domestic Abuse Problem is Worse Than Ever

An ad campaign created by Save the Children India has drawn accolades and built awareness of violence against women in the rapidly changing country.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics: IOC Selects Japan's Capital to Host Summer Games

After final day of presentations to the IOC, Tokyo wins run-off vote against Istanbul to Host the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The Real Reason Western Powers Want to Intervene in Syria

They say they want to uphold the Geneva Protocol. But it's actually about sending a message.

Here's the Proof Obamacare is For the Insurance Companies, and Not For You

Obamacare has led to crony ties between the his administration, health insurance companies, and Enroll America. They work together to help each other, not you.

This Report Contradicts Everything Republicans Have Told You About Food Stamps

As the GOP seeks to make $40 billion in cuts to the "wasteful" federal food stamp program, a new USDA report confirms SNAP is actually one of the most effcient programs.

Australia Election Results: Tony Abbott Downs Kevin Rudd

After six years of recurring internal power struggles, Australia's Labor Party has lost power to the Liberal/National Coalition in a landslide to Tony Abbott's Coalition.

The Complex Political Problems Of One Of America's Biggest Issues: Wild Fires

Combating wild fires has become an issue of national prominence in the past couple years. An inside look at the politics of this sweltering issue.

All Members Of the Fed Have This One Surprising Thing In Common

The members of the Fed Board of Governors belong to a special to club within American society. How does this and the Fed's close ties to the financial industry effect how the board operates?