'Breaking Bad' Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: "To'hajiilee" Goes To 11

Last night, Breaking Bad aired "To'hajiilee," the fifth of its final eight episodes, and ramped the action up to almost unwatchable levels. Thoughts — and spoilers — ahead.

Apple Livestream: Watch Tim Cook Unveil New iPhone Here

Watch Tim Cook unveil the new iPhone here during live stream coverage of Tuesday's release event at 1pm ET.

What '40 Days of Dating' Got Right About Millennial Relationships

Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh's artificial dating experiment had an important message about our 21st-century relationships, but it wasn't the one the couple intended.

This Former TFA Corps Member Thinks You Should Join City Year Instead

But first: ask yourself one really important question.

A "Halo" Developer Called This Female Avatar "Disgusting"

343 Industries designer David Ellis expressed disdain for Hideo Kojima's scantily clad female character design for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Apple iWatch: You're Laughing Now, But Soon You'll Be Wearing One

The tech world is buzzing over rumors of an Apple "iWatch" coming sometime in the next year or two. Watches may seem like a tough sell, but Apple has done it before.

5 Dinner Party Rules For Discussing the Syria Crisis

Over the last two weeks, Syria has become a hot topic of conversation as a possible U.S. military intervention looms. Here are some tips to manage the issue in a social setting.

Meet The Egyptian Veiled Superhero That’s Crushing Sexual Harassment

Qahera, the veiled creation of an Egyptian artist, fights sexual harassment in the city's public spaces.

War With Syria Could Signal Biblical Armageddon, Say Some Christians

Some are pointing to Old Testament passages that predict the destruction of Damascus and a civil war in Egypt as the crises in the Middle East unfolds.

Russia's Proposal For Syria's Chemical Weapons is the Best Solution We're Not Talking About

Russia has made a bold proposal to the Syrian government: turn over all of your chemical weapons to the international community. Assad has not accepted it, but "welcomes" the idea.

7 Photos That Show Just How Long The U.S. Has Been Meddling in the Middle East

Photos of major American diplomats dealing with sketchy leaders should never surprise anyone. It's just how it has been working for the past 60 years.

NYC Mayoral Election 2013 Candidates: There's One Real Choice

The NYC mayoral election candidates leave a lot to be desired. And if you're one of the almost 3 million registered voters unlikely to turn out to vote ... there is another option.

Syria Chemical Weapons Are a "Red Line," and America Must Step Up

The UN claims to be the moral authority of the world, but when that moral authority is compromised by political trading on the lives of civilians, then the world needs America.

Syria War Resolution: Congress Is a Pawn In Obama's Secret Plan

By going to Congress for approval, Obama has managed to extract a few upsides to what had previously been a lose-lose situation for the U.S.

If the NSA Pissed You Off, Check Out This Creepy Project

The conversation on privacy in the United States today and the conversation about the War on Drugs have recently collided.

Rebekah Brooks Trial: 9 Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

As the Rebekah Brooks trial begins on Monday, here's a recap of an issue that has seriously tarnished the reputation of British journalism.

Would You Spend $34,000 On a Fake Van Gogh?

The Van Gogh Museum is trying to make art more accessible by producing 3D replicas of certain paintings in their collection ... for a hefty price. Is this the right way to pursue that goal?

What is Yom Kippur: The Gentile's Guide to Celebrating Jewish Holidays

These three simple strategies will help you to understand and celebrate the High Holidays, and other religious holidays, with your friends and loved ones.

Syria War: 11 Anti-war Celebrities Who Have Been Mysteriously Silent

Something most peculiar has been going on since 2009. For some reason, anti-war celebrities have been silent on the warmongering of the current administration.

War in Syria: Here's What Millennials Could Do To Intervene

It's going to take more than your laptop.

Was Yang Yuanqing’s Gift a Kind Gesture or Reminder Of His Wealth?

Yang Yuanqing shares $3.25 million from his bonus with Lenovo employees in China, Japan, the United States and 19 other countries. Is this a kind gesture or indication of the socioeconomic gap?

Colorado Issues Drone-Hunting Licenses, But Arrests People For Using Them

Drone hunting licenses proposed by a Colorado town are a creative and cheeky way of protesting the use of surveillance drones within the U.S. against its own citizens.

If Obama Were a Data Geek, This is How He'd Decide on the Syria War

Taking hard data, rather than ideals into account leaves us with one option: Don't attack Syria.

Egypt News: 4 Things That Happened While We Were Paying Attention to Syria

As the world is on the edge of their seats to see what will the U.S. and its allies do in Syria, Egypt's military actions have been appalling.

11 Times the U.S. Could Have Been the Target Of a "Humanitarian Intervention"

The U.S. boasts itself as a country of freedom that protects individuals. And yet, it perpetrated many large-scale killings that would have been met by force if done by others.

On September 9, Celebrate This Event — Because China Can't

It's one of the best days in the history of China and humanity, but we don't celebrate it — and the Chinese can't.

PolicyMic Movie Guide: What to See, Stream, and Skip This Week

Gut-wrenching drama, Southern charm, and motherlovers make up our picks for the best movies to see in theaters, stream online, or skip entirely this week.

'Breaking Bad' Toy Set Lets Your Kid Play Pretend Meth Lab, If You Let Them

Should a collectibles company be held responsible for creating a Lego-like toy kit inspired by U.S. TV series Breaking Bad? It may not be suitable for children, but it's up to parents to decide.

Meet the Courageous Comedians Touring America to End to Islamophobia

Muslim comedians Dean Obeidallah and Negin Farsad take their positive message to the main streets of America in the new documentary 'The Muslims Are Coming!'

Things We Could Pay For Instead Of a War in Syria

If we're determined to spend such a huge amount of taxpayer dollars, we should consider the various uses for such funds and not rush to a decision because another country is in a civil war.

George Zimmerman Detained: Wife Says He Threatened Her With Gun

George Zimmerman's wife called police Monday afternoon, claiming Zimmerman threatened her and her dad with a gun.

George Zimmerman Divorce: Enough Media Frenzy, He's a Murderer Not a Celebrity

Why is one man's divorce a source of mainstream news? It's time for the media get back to real business and report things that matter.

5 Obamacare Laws That You Don't Know About But Will Be Glad to Learn

Here are five laws which you may have forgotten but will be glad to know.

The Shocking Stats About Rising Rate of Unsafe Abortions in Africa

A huge contributor to high maternal mortality rates, unsafe abortions are only increasing in Africa.

Obama's Syria War: Why We Can't Trust Him

It is hard to say that the U.S. has the moral authority to chastise Syria for using chemical weapons when we can hardly use our moral compass for our own citizens.

6 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Tolstoy

What's the connection between Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr.? Read on to learn some unexpected facts about the famous Russian author.

3 Stealthy Ways Republicans Are Torpedoing the Obamacare Bill

It's immoral that obstructionists are using these three sneaky tactics to block people from receiving benefits of reform.

Monroe Isadore: SWAT Team Takes Out 107-Year-Old Man

A phone call to local police accused 107-year-old Monroe Isadore of aggravated assault. After tense and escalating event, were the police justified in killing a 107 year old man with a gun?

Syria News: Russia Urges Syria To Give Up Chemical Weapons

In a new twist, Russia changed course from stoic support of the Assad regime to issue a statement urging Syria to hand over its chemical weapons arsenal.

War In Syria: Where Your Representatives Stand On Airstrikes

Members of Congress are quickly settling into their camps on the issue of using military force in Syria.

Amidst the Syrian Crisis, What Role Does the Vatican Play?

As the leader of 1.2 Billion Catholics, does Pope Francis have any influence over the recent developments on Syria?

Party Like It's 1908 With This Rare Footage of Tolstoy's 80th Birthday

Didn't get an invite to Tolstoy's 80th birthday bash? Neither did I. Not to worry, though. This rare footage of his 1908 party makes it feel like you were actually there.

Syria War: Only One Side Of It is the Real Threat to World Peace

A rant at a nation that's undermining peace and posing a threat to the rest of the world.

CNN Crossfire Returns, and Let's Hope It Doesn't Suck This Time

CNN's Crossfire is back. With some new features, including a segment at the end where the pundits have to try to actually agree on something, can it forestall Jon Stewart's prophecies of doom?

Obama Syria Speech: The President Will Have Some Unexpected Allies

The ongoing turmoil in Syria has demonstrated that many Democrats and Republicans are kindred spirits in their views on foreign policy and military intervention. Here’s why.

6 Secrets to the Success of Autobiographical TV

In the Golden Age of TV, the competition is fierce for new shows to find their audiences. But autobiographical shows have a distinct advantage over their more fictitious counterparts.

Toys "R" to Stop Labeling Toys "Boys" and "Girls" in UK

In response to the "Let Toys Be Toys" campaign, UK Toys "R" Us branches will make toys more accessible to both genders.

Would You Trust A Blind Person With A Gun? Iowa Would

Imagine walking down the street and seeing a person with a seeing-eye dog leash in one hand and 9mm gun in the other. Are you scared?

Why Seton Hall Students — and Every Undergrad — Should Write For PolicyMic

I decided to become a PolicyMic intern. It was a fantastic decision.

Syria War: Hillary Clinton Syria Statement LIVE Stream

Hillary Clinton offered several brief statements on the crisis in Syria during an address about wildlife trafficking at the White House, live streaming here.

What We Can Learn From the Most Awkward Meeting in Recent History

A meeting between leaders of the NAACP and KKK branches in August was one of the most awkward in recent history, but it also yielded some important lessons.

Syria Update: LIVE Stream of Susan Rice Address On Syria

National Security Advisor Susan Rice addressed Syria in a live address on Monday, streaming here.

Alexei Navalny, Putin Foe, Demands Recount in Moscow Mayor's Race

Pro-democracy Moscow mayoral candidate Alexei Navalny demnds a recount of the polling data, which indicate incumbent candidate Sergei Sobyanin has earned the 50% of votes needed to win.

Syria War: State Department Skeptical Of Russian Proposal For Syria

The State Department addressed Russia's proposal for Syria to give up chemical weapons for international control on Monday, but insisted the Obama administration will not stall to act.

Mic Check: The Senate Could Vote to Strike Syria On 9/11

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring analysis of the world's top news and a collection of links from around the web.

Syria Vote: Impending Senate Vote Prompting Nationwide Protests

Wednesday's impending congressional vote on Syria is prompting national protests from Washington D.C. to New York, as well as some protests abroad.