The 14 Pop Culture Events That Will Define 2014

It's going to be a great year.

Watch Macklemore's Unstoppable New Year's Eve Performance

In 2014, "Thrift Shop" still reigns supreme.

$578,000,000 Worth Of Marijuana Sales Start in Denver Today

And Colorado can expect booming sales for years to come.

The NSA Had Access to Your iPhone's Camera and Microphone

Apparently, the only thing more important to national security than watching Americans watch porn is watching them browse Facebook in the bathroom.

40,000 New Laws Take Effect Across the Country Today

Everything from gun control to immigration reform to marijuana legalization.

Florida Will Overtake New York to Be the Third Largest State

New census data is out, and America's population growth is slowing.

Pope Makes a Powerful Call to End War in New Years Speech

Pope Francis continues his Best Pope Ever tour.

Boy Scouts Of America Will Allow Gay Scouts in 2014

The BSA will have its first gay scout on January 15.

Big Business Picks a Side in the GOP Civil War Ahead Of the 2014 Elections

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce will do everything it can to ensure establishment Republicans win big at the expense of Tea Party candidates in 2014.