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The Good News AND the Bad News About Weed Legalization if You Live in the Northeast

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Canada's Muslim Women Targeted In Latest Example Of Islamophobia

In light of Quebec's proposed charter to ban overt religious symbols in public, instances of faith-based assault has been rising. Is that a step towards tolerance, or a step backward?

This is Not a Misprint. OfficeMax Actually Sent a Man This Letter, Addressed to His Dead Daughter.

A look inside the murky world of bulk business data.

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Trans Woman Commits Suicide After 'Grantland' Story, Editor Outrages Everyone With Tepid Apology

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Unless liberals are actually advocating for slavery, conservatives need to cool it on the slavery analogies.

2012 Was a Good Year For Reddit. 2013 Was An Amazing Year — Check Out This GIF

Watch the 8-year evolution of site that started as mostly porn, but now is one of the biggest news and online communities on the Internet.

Orthodox Women in Israel Are Facing a Difficult Choice

There is a growing number of religious women serving in the military, but chief rabbis just ruled it's against Jewish law.

12 Things We Need in the Brand New 'Star Wars' Script

Please, please, no Jar Jars.

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The Economics Of the Oscars, In Two Quick and Easy Charts

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This Analyst Downgraded Apple For a Good Reason, But He's Being Called Crazy Anyway

By downgrading Apple, Amazon and Philip Morris stock on moral grounds, stock analyst Ronnie Moas has raised the eyebrows of other financial analysts.

A Team of Artists Just Made Something Amazing to Lift Detroit's Spirits

If anything can give hope to this city, it's a badass 10 foot statue of RoboCop.

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This One Paragraph in a Senate Bill Might Commit Us to War With Iran

A bipartisan group of senators is pushing legislation that would help Israel dictate U.S. policy.

Kentucky Lawmaker Wants To Ban Abortion Because It's "Domestic Violence"

Kentucky legislators are coming up with new and weird ways to try to push their anti-choice agenda.