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I'm Coming Out to My Parents in This Post. Thanks, Ellen Page.

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"You Don't Deserve Our Dollars:" George Takei's Scathing Open Letter to Arizona

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How Meryl Streep Became the True Mother of Hollywood Feminism

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44 School Shootings and 28 Deaths Since Sandy Hook — America Is Failing Miserably on Guns

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Behind the 2014 Winter Olympics Was a Major Russian Mafia Turf War

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This Sobering Map Shows How Many Slaves Are in Each Country

There are approximately 14 million enslaved people in India alone.

All of Frank Underwood's Best, Most Evil Advice From 'House of Cards'

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These 3 Videos Perfectly Show the Downfall of Piers Morgan Live

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A Stunning Map Shows All the Lenin Statues That've Been Toppled in Ukraine

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Banana Republic Thinks Outside the Box With Inspiring Pro-Equality Ad Campaign

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7 Biggest Mistakes 20-Somethings Make When Starting Their Careers

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If California Were Really 6 States, the Last 4 Elections Would Have Looked Much Different

A billionaire wants California to become Silicon Valley, West California, Central California, North California, South California and Jefferson. What would that mean for elections?

The Oldest Holocaust Survivor Showed Us Just How Beautiful Life Is

"Life is beautiful, love is beautiful, nature and music are beautiful."

There Was a Major Step Forward for Women and Tech at Berkeley

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11 Most Outrageous Things We Learned From Alec Baldwin's Epic Rant in 'New York Magazine'

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Vital Startup Lingo for Brand-New Entrepreneurs

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NBC Edited Out a Third of the Closing Ceremonies

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A Republican Lobbyist Wants to Ban Gay Players From the NFL

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Penn State Students Just Raised a Record $13.3 Million With an Epic Dance Marathon

The proceeds are donated to pediatric cancer research.