Elaine Stritch's 12 Best Pieces of Advice for Creative People

Wise words from a female comedy icon, who died Thursday at age 89.

A Mysterious Dark Hole Has Appeared at the 'End of the World' in Siberia

The cause is both unexpected and bizarre.

9 Stereotypes Sex Workers Are Tired of Hearing

Sex work is real work.

Everything We Know About the Malaysian Airlines Flight Downed in Ukraine

A Malaysian passenger plane carrying 298 people was shot down Thursday.

A New Report Reveals a Disturbing Trend With Mass Shootings in America

They're way, way more common than you may have suspected.

Scientists Have Discovered What Happens in the Brains of Sex Addicts

A groundbreaking study reveals remarkable similarities to other serious disorders.

This Is What a "Holy Shit" Moment Looks Like in International Relations

The downed Malaysian Airlines plane in Ukraine will cause a chain reaction across the world.

If You Live in This Country, You'll Have Free WiFi Access Everywhere You Go

The U.S. needs to get this ASAP.

One Tweet Perfectly Sums Up the State of the World Right Now

Quite the day for humanity.

7 Big Problems the World Cup Left Behind in Brazil

The party is over, and the hangover is the worst.

9 Images Show Why Jose Mujica Is the President You've Always Wanted

See how the world's most humble president compares to President Obama.

Marvel Is Making a Big Change to Captain America

The Avengers are about to get even more diverse.

There's a Scientific Reason Why Everyone Thinks Don Draper Is so Cool

And it's definitely not his wardrobe.

This Incredible Lost Footage of a Young Kanye West Rapping Is Going Viral

He was a totally different person.

Israel Has Launched a Ground Invasion of the Gaza Strip

The goal, they say, is to “establish a reality in which Israeli residents can live in safety and security without continuous indiscriminate terror.”

This Is What the Media's Vicious Double Standard Has Done to Ke$ha

Even for 'strong women,' this is unacceptable.

This German Soccer Star Just Set an Example All Celebrities Should Follow

His team won the World Cup. Then he won our hearts.

Meet the Brilliant Indie Rocker Who's About to Break Pop Music Wide Open

This is music everyone can get behind.

The CDC's Unprecedented Health Survey of LGBT Americans Is Missing Something Important

It's a good starting point, but there's a lot more work to be done.

A New York City Firefighter Just Took a Major Step Forward for Women

She's broken through one of the FDNY’s most hallowed glass ceilings.

The Novel That Could Change How Republicans Think About Immigration

Art really can change policy.

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