Amy Schumer's HBO Stand-Up Special Was All About Embracing Being a Woman

At its base, Schumer's comedy is about the experience of being a woman.

Larry David Does Perfect Impression of Bernie Sanders on 'Saturday Night Live'

"They trample on the middle class. They control Washington, and why do they chain all their pens to the desks?"

Chris Mintz, Man Who Tried to Stop UCC Shooter, Describes Awful Ordeal in Facebook Post

"The shots knocked me to the ground and felt like a truck hit me," Mintz wrote.

Donald Trump Says He Could Have Prevented Sept. 11 Terrorist Attacks as President

This might be one of Trump's biggest claims yet.

1 Killed, 5 Injured After Gunfire Erupts at Fort Myers' Zombicon

The horror-themed event turned into a nightmare as gunfire hit six people, killing Expavious Tyrell Taylor of Okeechobee, Florida.