Mark Zuckerberg Announces Baby Max — And Gives Away 99% of His Shares of Facebook

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GOP Says Planned Parenthood Attack About "Mental Health" — Terrorism Experts Disagree

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Rowan Blanchard Perfectly Explains Why We Need to Stop Telling Women to Smile

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People Are Naming Their Babies After Instagram Filters

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Teens Have Resurrected the Chain Text, and It's Raunchier Than Ever

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Once Again, a Black Man Is On Trial for His Own Murder

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Hillary Clinton's Campaign Officially Dropped Her Maiden Name. Here's Why That Matters.

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Japanese Ship to Kill 333 Whales Per Year for "Research" — And the World Is Not Happy

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Movies Coming Out in December 2015: Full List of Every Movie Release Date in December

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Rosa Parks' Refusal to Move on a Bus Was Not the Beginning or End of Her Activism

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Matt McGorry Just Made a Great Point About Racism in the US Criminal Justice System

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Psy New Album 2015: Full Track List and Download Options for Latest Release

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Saudi Arabia Is Trying to Sue Twitter User, Unleashing Middle-Earth Level Troll Storm

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The James Deen Allegations Speak to a Much Larger Issue in the Porn Industry

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Iraq Looks to Dethrone Dubai as Site of World's Tallest Building — By 1,000 Feet

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There's a Major Problem With How HIV Is Treated — And Here's How It Can Be Fixed

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December Book Releases 2015: List of the Biggest Books Available in December

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New Report Says ISIS Support Growing in the US

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'Hamilton' Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Helped Compose 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

He knows his 'Star Wars' like he knows his own mind.

Ted Cruz Says Most Violent Criminals Are Democrats and the Media Ignores That Fact

"The overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats."

'Top Chef' Season 13: Date, Time, Cast Info and Judges for Bravo Reality Series

Chrissy Teigen will be there. That is all.

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Says YouTube Steals Art "Like Nazis Did"

"Actually, it's like what everyone was doing during the war, even the English."

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6: Date, Special Guests and How to Watch

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'Finding My Father' on Oxygen: Premiere Date, Episodes and Plot Details for New Series

"Even when the outcome is far from what they expected, the risks are worth knowing where they come from."