Miss Philippines Crowned Miss Universe After Steve Harvey Wrongly Named Colombia Winner

We cannot believe this actually happened — Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner at Miss Universe.

Black Hermione Casting in 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' Sparks Twitter Debate

Some Twitter users can't seem to accept a black Hermione.

You May Not Have Noticed But There Were Almost No Latino Films in 2015

There's a Latino problem in Hollywood.

Here’s What the Media Is Missing About Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Gaffe

He makes no apologies for his sexism.

Woman Knocks Street Harasser Unconscious After He Pinches Her Butt

For those who don't remember the Ali v. Liston fight, here's a reenactment.

This Woman Livestreamed Her Assault at the Hands of Former 'Opie & Anthony' Shock Jock

Former co-host Anthony Cumia is now facing domestic violence charges.

The New Kim Kardashian Emojis Are About to Make Sexting So Much Easier

Of course there's a Kim K. ass emoji.

A Photo of a Brave Mom Breastfeeding on Santa's Lap Is Going Viral

That's one way to spread yuletide cheer.

Steve Harvey Miss Universe Mix-Up Has Twitter on the Defense

Twitter users let Steve Harvey know it's not too late now to say sorry.

This TV Station Offered Underprivileged Kids a Dream Gift — And an Absurd Moral Quandary

Forget the Christmas spirit. This is practically dystopian.

In Kenya Bus Terror Attack, Muslim Passengers Protect Christians by Refusing to Separate

A group from Somalia is suspected to be responsible for the Kenya bus terror attack.

Secret Cameras Allegedly Watched This Woman in Her Airbnb While She Walked Around Naked

Airbnbs aren't hotel rooms. So can you really expect any privacy?

This Defense in Court Has Saved People 1,862 Years in Prison

When communities rally for freedom.

Scientists Just Figured Out Why Fish Oil Is So Good for You

Eat this fat to cut down on fat. Wait, what?!

If We Instagrammed Our Real Lives, Here's What It Would Really Look Like

Enough perfectly arranged tables — where's my Chipotle at?

What Will It Take for the World to Turn Against R. Kelly Like It Did Bill Cosby?

Kelly is in much the same position as Cosby: never convicted, but haunted by the past.

Here's What You Can Buy With the Cost of Funding a Big Wedding

Say "I do" to saving money.

Here Are Some of DJ Khaled's Best Snapchats

How does DJ Khaled bestow so much wisdom in just 10 seconds on Snapchat?

Harrison Ford's 'Star Wars 7' Salary Was Just Announced — And It's Out of This Galaxy

Harrison Ford made an astronomical salary for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens.'

This Body-Positive Nude Photo Exhibit Was Shut Down For Being "Indecent"

The photographer is not pleased.

Meet Kelly Shibari, the First Plus-Sized 'Penthouse' Model

The groundbreaking issue will hit newsstands on Dec. 22.

Who Is Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach? Photos of Winner From Miss Universe 2015

Meet Miss Universe 2015: Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

America's Biggest Shopping Mall Just Filed a Restraining Order Against Black Lives Matter

Officials don't want a repeat of last year.

'Star Wars' Spoilers: 'Episode 8' Is Coming and Here's What We Know

'Star Wars: Episode VIII' is coming.

Hacker Assault on Hello Kitty Fans Leaves 3.3 Million Exposed

First Barbie, now Hello Kitty. Who will betray our trust next?

This 1 Statistic Exposes the Awful Truth About the United States' Ongoing Police Problem

This is not 1965 — it's the way far too many U.S. police departments operate in the year 2015.

Glow-in-the-Dark Hair Might Be the Best Thing From This 'Star Wars'-Themed Hair Contest

Like "galaxy" hair but 1,000 times better.

Drake Has a New Album Coming — Here's Everything We Know About 'Views From the 6'

Drake's "Views From The 6" is coming soon.

While Everyone Was Focused on Miss Universe, Iraq Held Its First Beauty Pageant in Decades

And the winner, Shaymaa Abdelrahman, wants to help refugees.

A New Plane Design May End Jet Lag — Here's How

A new plane design could be the end of jet lag.

Donald Trump Dissed at Miss Universe by Perez Hilton, and the Crowd Cheers

It's clear Donald Trump isn't missed at the Miss Universe Organization.

A No-Bullshit Holiday Gift Guide, for the People in Your Life Who Really Matter

Hello, fellow who delivers me Seamless. Merry Christmas, perfect girl I stalk on Instagram.

The Fitbit of the Future Won't Just Track Your Steps, It'll Save Your Life

And that means the FDA needs to step up.

The Real Enemy Is the ISIS Propaganda Machine — To Win, the U.S. Must Beat It

ISIS knows what it's doing. And it's winning.

Hillary Clinton Calls for End to Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors

Hillary Clinton just made a bold statement against gay conversion therapy.

The 6 Moments You Need to Hear From NPR's Interview with Obama

Don't expect Obama to go full lame-duck anytime soon.

Here Are the Genes You Can Blame for Your Awkward Stage

Scientists hope the discovery can help prevent early puberty in girls.

Adele Used to Smoke 25 Cigarettes a Day — And She Says It Nearly Killed Her

"It's not that f*cking cool when I'm dying."

Here's the Real Reason Martin Shkreli Got Arrested, According to Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli said he thinks the police have it out for him.

Man Who Allegedly Stockpiled Explosives to Use Against Muslims Says He's a Trump Supporter

"I'll follow [Trump] to the end of the world."

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West Donate 1,000 Pairs of Shoes to Soles4Souls Charity

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are in the spirit of giving.

5 Stories That Will Challenge You to Rethink the World

Welcome to MicCheck Daily

'Bridget Jones's Baby' — Everything We Know About 2016 Film

Bridget Jones is back for a third film.

Rolling Stones América Latina Olé Tour 2016: Dates, Info and How to Get Tickets

The Rolling Stones are coming to Latin America.

NASA 3D-Printed a Rocket Engine — Here's How It Works

Yup, NASA is building a 3D printed rocket engine.

Donald Trump Of Course Used the Miss Universe Steve Harvey Blunder to His Advantage

"This never would have happened" on Trump's watch.

Miley Cyrus, Pamela Anderson Fight for Animal Rights at Last Milky Milky Milk Tour Concert

Pamela Anderson joins Miley onstage to "Save the Whales."

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas You Can Buy on Your Way Home

No Christmas present just yet? No fear! Check out these ideas.

Cecil the Lion Lovers About to Get a Long-Awaited Win With the White House's Next Move

Kiss those sick dreams of a stuffed lion for your study goodbye!

CDC Investigating Another E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Chipotle

Chipotle may have another E. coli outbreak on its hands.

How to Watch SpaceX Falcon Rocket Launch Livestream

Catch SpaceX's big Falcon 9 rocket launch on livestream.

Christmas Dinner Recipes That Take 45 Minutes or Less

Christmas potlucks have never been easier with these fast and easy recipes.

China Landslide Video and Photos Show the Aftermath of Shenzhen Disaster

Dozens are missing after a colossal landslide in Shenzhen, China.

President Obama to Be Next Guest on Jerry Seinfeld's 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'

President Obama joined Jerry Seinfeld in 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.'

Lupe Fiasco Announced 3 New Albums and a Tour for 2016 — Here's What We Know

Lupe Fiasco just announced three new albums are coming in 2016.

New Trial Date Set for One Baltimore Officer Charged in Freddie Gray's Death

William Porter, the first of six officers to stand trial in Freddie Gray's case, will appear in court on June 13.