Carrie Fisher Just Gloriously Closed Out 2015, the Year of Clapping Back at Body-Shamers

A banner year for telling the trolls to STFU.

Bill Cosby's Sexual Assault Charge Is a Challenge for Us, Not Just Him

He may finally see his day in court.

Bill Cosby Charged With Felony Sex Crime for Alleged 2004 Assault

The charges stem from a 2004 incident in which Cosby allegedly assaulted a woman at his Cheltenham Township home.

Priest in the Philippines Apologizes for Using Hoverboard During Christmas Mass

One priest in the Philippines added a holiday hoverboard to his Christmas service.

Gun Necklace Worn by Trump Spokesperson on CNN Riles up Viewers

And her response was even worse.

You Know It’s Bad When There’s a Heat Wave in the North Pole

And it's not just El Niño's fault. It's ours too.

This Is What It's Liked To Be Shamed For Having Vaginismus

The pain is real.

These Adorable Cartoons Capture the Unpretty Realities of Trying to Look Pretty

It feels so good to know we're not alone.

No, Khloe Kardashian, the Best Revenge Body Is One That Doesn't Give a Fuck

The best revenge is looking like you just don't care what anyone thinks.

Does It Get Better for Gay Guys Who Happen to Be Overweight?

Shedding shame, not weight.

Kesha Responds to Sony’s Desire to Turn Her Into the Next Adele

"I never wanted to have a 'comeback' because I never wanted to go away."

Bill Cosby's Mugshot Has Been Released

Here's Bill Cosby's mugshot.

How Did Police Find "Affluenza" Teen Ethan Couch? A Domino's Pizza Order Gave Him Away

Ethan Couch made one mistake — ordering Domino's pizza.

If You Loved Oscar Isaac in 'Star Wars,' You'll Love Him in These Movies

He's dreamy, yes, but be careful: That bite of his lip may be bad news for you.

This T-Shirt for Girls Has the Internet Pissed at Old Navy

Why do companies always have to screw it up?

Who Is Andrea Constand? What We Know About Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Accuser

Bill Cosby is facing felony charges for allegedly sexually assaulting Andrea Constand.

Laser-Guided Imaging Reveals California May Lose 58 Million Trees Due to Drought

Even where there is no forest fire, there is devastation.

Drake's 'View From the 6' Could Arrive in January but Fans Want it Now

The year's almost over and Drake fans are dying for 'Views From the 6.'

Congress Just Asked NASA to Build Habitats on Mars

This will be huge — if NASA can do it in time.

10 Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Here are the apps that'll help you stick to your New Year's resolutions.

Nadine Is a Robot That Remembers Your Past Conversations, Unlike Your Real Friends

This "receptionist" may or may not haunt your dreams.

Eating Lots of Healthy Food Will Still Make You Gain Weight — Here's How

When we eat "healthy" foods, we tend to think we're less full than we actually are.

New Year's Eve 2015 TV Specials: Where to Watch the Ball Drop in NYC This Year

New Year's Eve is fast approaching. Here's your TV guide to catch the specials.

Bill Cosby's Sexual Assault Charge Has Twitter Saying "Finally"

Here's how Twitter reacted to Bill Cosby's first sexual assault charge.

Presidential Election Calendar 2016: Key Dates for Voters Deciding US' Next President

Pencil in these dates for the 2016 election calendar.

Lucky Blue Smith May Be the Best Gift Instagram Gave Us This Year

So get ready to see him everywhere (if you aren't already).

5 Times Bernie Sanders Hit Back at His Critics

Bernie Sanders has got guts.

In New Photos of Orion Nebula, NASA Captures Dust of the Constellation — and It's Awesome

NASA captures a trippy image of the Orion Nebula.

Here's How Much Money Japan Is Paying South Korea to Erase a History of Sexual Violence

Japanese soldiers forced thousands of women into sexual slavery during World War II.

Guns N' Roses Will Reunite at Coachella 2016

Guns 'n Roses is confirmed as 2016 Coachella headliner, 'Billboard' reports.

8 Ways to Avoid That Awful Hangover on New Year's Day

Here's how you can avoid that hangover bound to come on New Year's Day.

Transgender Actress Amiyah Scott Says She Was Booted from 'Housewives' Franchise

Reality show drama just went IRL.

Is Rihanna's New Album Coming Out in 2015? She Has Less Than 2 Days to Keep That Promise

Rihanna said she'd drop 'Anti' in 2015, but apparently her track list isn't even complete.

Rob Kardashian Hospitalized: What to Know About Diabetes and Its Causes

Rob Kardashian was hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes. Here's what you need to know about the disease.

This Café in Florida Is Dishing Out Opportunities for People With Autism

Wake up and smell the coffee — people with autism are capable.

Apple News: Here Are 5 of the Biggest Apple Reveals of 2015

Here are the five biggest products Apple put out this year.

Erykah Badu Donated Shelter to Tornado Victims in Dallas

It's why she's a hometown hero.

Trans Veterans Will Now Get Better Health Care Thanks to This Arizona Clinic

"We serve all who have served."

2016 Apple Release Predictions and Product Rumors Could be Biggest Reveals Yet

Here are the products Apple is rumored to release in 2016.

Severe Turbulance Injures 20 on Divereted Air Canada Flight 88

A plane has been diverted to Calgary after "severe turbulence" injured passengers.

Americans Think Christians' Freedoms Are More Important Than Muslims'

Religious liberty for me, but not for thee.

Texas' Updated Abortion Restrictions Will Hurt Abused and Neglected Minors Most

Now it will be virtually impossible for Texas minors to obtain an abortion.

The Problem With Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Latest Attempt at Police Reform

Other changes include encouraging officers to call backup before heading into dangerous situations.

Adele News: '25' Remains No. 1 Album for 5th Week in a Row

Adele is still at No. 1 and it doesn't look like she's moving anytime soon.

New Mexico Rep. Introduces Bill to Legalize Marijuana — Here's Why It's Unlikely to Pass

New legislation has been introduced to legalize marijuana in New Mexico.

New Year's Eve NYC 2015 Is Going to Be Madness — Here Are the Biggest Events to Attend

Here are all the NYE events to attend in NYC that aren't the ball drop.

How to Stream Mac Miller's New Mixtape 'Run On Sentences: Volume Two' Online

Mac Miller surprised fans with a new mixtape, 'Run On Sentences: Volume Two.'