People of Flint Want You to See These Images of the Water They Were Told Was Safe to Drink

It's safe to say there's something in the water...

Men Have to Manspread Because of Science, Says Mansplaining Scientist

It's "proportions," not privilege.

Inside the Conspiracy That David Bowie Predicted Kanye West to Be Rock's Next Savior

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To Understand How Toxic the Water in Flint Is Right Now, This Is What You Need to Know

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10 Years Ago, the Oscars Made Their Worst Best Picture Choice Ever: 'Crash'

From even a pure filmmaking perspective, 'Crash' is laughable.

Alan Rickman Gets Touching Tribute From Potter Fans at Platform 9 3/4

A moving tribute to deceased actor Alan Rickman blossoms at Platform 9 3/4 in London.

This Amazing Creature Was Just Brought Back to Life After Being Frozen for 30 Years

This little guy is a regular Rip Van Winkle.

Bernie Sanders Moves to Center Stage at GOP Debate

Invisible no more.

What It's Like To Look For Love On Tinder When You're Polyamorous

They're not cheating, and no, they're not interested in having a threesome. Sorry.

Author of George Washington Children’s Book Defends Portrayal of Happy Slaves

Ramin Ganeshram wants more nuance. So do her readers.

A New Study Shows How Drinking More Water Can Supercharge Your Workday

It's a ridiculously easy way to up your productivity.

James Corden's "Carpool Karaoke" Is the Best Thing About Late Night Right Now

He's combining the best of both worlds.

Women Are Having Kids Later Than Ever — Here's Why That's a Good Thing

The average age of first childbirth has reached a record high.

This Groom and His Groomsmen Wore Lululemon to His Wedding

We declare world domination for athleisure complete.

Trump Just Went After Ted Cruz’s Presidential Eligibility — And Things Went Nuclear

"I’m not going to use your mother's birth against you."

Kendrick Lamar to Receive Key to the City of Compton

A leader of music and leader of the people.

Charlie Sheen Stopped Taking His HIV Meds. Here's What That Means

Activist said Sheen was on a "fool's mission."

This Is What It’s Like to Be Mark Zuckerberg’s Neighbor (And Never Be Able to Park)

The definition of "first-world problems."

The Reason France's Bial Painkiller Experiment Went Horribly Wrong Wasn't Cannabis

An experimental drug trial by pharmaceutical firm Bial has gone horribly wrong.

Hillary Clinton Resume, Age and Professional Accomplishments

Hillary Clinton's resume would have a hard time fitting everything onto one page.

NBC Wants to Do a Live Version of 'Hamilton,' the Hit Broadway Musical

NBC wants to take the smash hit 'Hamilton' to the small screen — in 10 years.

This Bloody Great Period Art Exhibition Wants to Change the Way We Talk About Menstruation

What would it look like if Aunt Flo was literally in town?

Fox Just Ordered 'Pitch,' a Drama Pilot That Follows a Female Baseball Player

It'd be a surprise not to see it on Fox's starting lineup come fall.

This iPhone Game Encourages Children to Bludgeon Indigenous People to Death

Seems pretty suitable for 12-year-olds.

The Tech Revolution Is Increasing Global Inequality — But This Is What We Can Do

The digital revolution has left billions in the dust.

Here's How a Prison Instagram Account Earned 76,000 Followers in A Year

Two journalists are trying to change how and when we talk about incarceration.

In the Future, This Is How Tech Will Take Care of You When You're Sick

And it's coming sooner than you think.

Donald Trump Net Worth: This Is the Extent of "the Donald's" Wealth

Trump says he's worth "TEN BILLION DOLLARS" (yes, he used all caps).

Even Steven Avery's Attorneys Aren't so Sure He's Innocent

Dean Strang says there's "absolutely" some doubt about Steven Avery's innocence.

Is Chipotle Closing? Restaurant to Shutter All Stores on Feb. 8 for One Day — Here's Why

Change lunch plans on Feb. 8 because Chipotle will be closing all stores.

War Widow Sues Twitter, Claims It Did Nothing to Stop ISIS From Killing Her Husband

Measuring the impact of a propaganda war is tough. But one widow is going to try.

Here Are NYC's Real #NewYorkValues, Ted Cruz: Pizza, Bodegas and Lox

Sorry, Cruz but #NewYorkValues are bagels and pizza.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Announce 2016 Album Release, 'This Unruly Mess I've Made'

In the words of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, "What what, what, what?"

Michigan Attorney General Will Look for Criminal Wrongdoing in Flint Water Crisis

Things are getting worse by the day.

Hillary Clinton's Lead Slipping Faster in 2016 Election Polls Than in 2008

Hillary Clinton's loss in the polls is Bernie Sanders' gain.

Mos Def Arrested in South Africa for Violating Immigration Laws

He's been living in South Africa since 2013.

Fox Republican Debate 2016: Full Recap and Highlights From GOP Debate

The first 2016 republican debate happened on Thursday. Here are the highlights.

Everyone's Clueless as to Who Won the Powerball

The winners of the life-changing $1.6 billion lottery is still unknown.

The Primary Elections Are Coming — Here Are the States to Pay the Most Attention to

Here's which primaries to pay attention to.

People Would Rather Watch the Trailer for 'Money Monster' Than the GOP Debate

The trailer for 'Money Monster' was some people's favorite part of the GOP Debate.

Who Won the Powerball? California Nurse Reportedly Among 3 Winners

The big winner may be a 62-year-old nurse from California.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Finally Face Off in GOP Debate in North Charleston

The North Charleston debate featured some of the cycle's most personal exchanges yet.

'Hell's Kitchen' Season 15: Full Preview, Viewing Info, Contestants and How to Watch

Gordon Ramsay and his temper return for season 15 of 'Hell's Kitchen.'

Oscars 2016 Early Predictions for the Night's Biggest Honors

The nominees for the 88th Academy Awards ceremony have been announced. Here's who stands out.

Hillary Clinton Says If She Wins the Presidency She'd Fund Planned Parenthood Even More

"We will have to do whatever we can to provide access to quality, affordable health care."

Who Won the Republican Debate? Twitter Weighs in on GOP Candidate With Best Performance

As usual, there's no clear GOP debate winner on Twitter.

Adam Lambert to Appear in the New TV Adaptation of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'

"Hallelujah, bless my soul! I love that old time rock 'n' roll!"

Tennessee Powerball Winners Confirmed, Making Instant Millionaires Out of Robinson Family

The Tennessee Lottery confirmed the win in a tweet Friday.

Fox Is Bringing Back '24' With an African-American or Latino Lead

Beloved action-thriller series '24' is returning with a whole new cast and premise.

2016 Primary Elections: Where the Candidates Stand Heading Into Primaries

May the odds be ever in their favor.

Here's What the 'New York Times' Really Said About Ted Cruz's Senate Race Disclosure

"The New York Times and I don’t exactly have the warmest of relationships."

Ahead of GOP Debate, Twitter Users Heckled Republican Candidates in Hilarious Ways

Twitter's got jokes for the GOP candidates in the hours before the first 2016 Republican debate.

GOP Debate 2016: Full Breakdown of Who Spoke the Most and Who Made the Biggest Headlines

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Who Is Tim Peake? The Full Story on the First Official British Astronaut to Spacewalk

Tim Peake, Britain's first "official" astronaut, completed his first spacewalk.

Jeb Bush 2016: A Quick Guide to Former Florida Governor’s 2016 Presidential Campaign

Jeb's donors know he's a sinking ship, and it's only a matter of time before most turn to Rubio

Panic! At the Disco: Preview, Tracklist Guide and Album Info for 'Death of a Bachelor'

Panic! At The Disco returns, but with just lead singer Brendon Urie.