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Twitter defends the Carolina Panthers quarterback.

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This NSFW Banned PETA Super Bowl Ad Claims that Vegans Are Better in Bed

PETA thinks eating meat is bad for your...meat.

Rihanna Breaks Silence on 'Anti,' Posts Photo on Twitter Hinting Imminent Release

Is Rihanna finally back with 'Anti?' Almost.

Zika Virus Map: List of Countries Affected by Dangerous Virus

The WHO expects the Zika virus to spread in the Americas. Here are the countries already affected.

Ben Carson Defended Stacey Dash on BET and Almost Made Sense

The actress had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad weekend.

"They Killin' Us Off": This Is What the People of Flint Have to Say to the World

"They knew. They let us continue drinking it, and now people are dying."

'Making a Murderer' Prosecutor Ken Kratz Wants Steven Avery to Confess for Tell-All Book

Ken Kratz allegedly asked Steven Avery to stop his "nonsense" and tell him the whole story — for profit.

Only 5 of Your Facebook Friends Give a Crap About You, Says Science

"Facebook distorts our perception of reality."

"I Can Breathe Again": Video of Teen Waking Up From Heart Surgery Will Make You Cry

"I feel amazing. I've never felt so good."

Are There Aliens? 4 Theories About Life on Other Planets

Are aliens out there?

Zika Virus Outbreak 2016: Is It Safe to Travel? Latest Travel Advisories From the CDC

Traveling to South America? Here's what you need to know about Zika virus.

The 'Torist' Is a Literary Magazine You Can Only Find Hidden on the Dark Web

*Pushes up glasses* You probably haven't heard of it.

ISIS Has Released a New Video Showing the Paris Attackers in Other Atrocities

"The Islamic State will send fighters thirsty for the blood of misbelievers."

"Chelsea Does Marriage": Full Recap and Reactions to Episode 1 of 'Chelsea Does'

Chelsea Handler unpacks love and marriage. Here's what plays out in the first episode of 'Chelsea Does.'

Kanye and Rihanna Have Finished Their New Albums — Frank Ocean, Where Are You?

The tides are turning on Frank Ocean.

List of Cities Getting UberEats and Why It Makes Other Food Delivery Services Anxious

UberEats is expanding into several major new cities in 2016.

New York's Free Wi-Fi Is Fast, Free and Super-Secure, But It Comes at a Price

It's the largest public Wi-Fi project in the world. Here's what you need to know.

To See What a Feminist Fashion Icon Looks Like, Go All the Way Back to Dolly Parton

Shitting all over the male gaze since 1967.

This Robot Can Write Political Speeches Just as Well as the Human Robots Who Already Do

Sarah Palin's communications team needs one of these.

What Trump Would Mean for America's Image Abroad

The GOP frontrunner could make America hated again.

Iowa 2016 Senate Race: Here's What You Should Know About the Candidates

Four Democrats vs. Chuck Grassley. Ready... FIGHT!

Fox News Republican Debate 2016: Early Preview for Thursday Night Debate

Here's an early preview for the next GOP debate on Fox News Channel.

What Is the Iowa Caucus? Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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This Breakthrough Technology Is Turning Plants Into Electricity

And it has the potential to change the world.

Rihanna's Dolce and Gabbana Headphones in Her New Twitter Photo Are Worth Nearly $9,000

Rihanna's headphones are worth a pretty penny.

Super Bowl 50 Freebies, Giveaways and Sweepstakes for Free Tickets

Here's your guide to Super Bowl 50 giveaways.

Greek Islanders Are Strong Contenders for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize

More than 300,000 signed a petition supporting the move.

Broncos to Face Panthers in Super Bowl 50: Start Time, Halftime Show and Viewing Info

It's Broncos vs. Panthers for Super Bowl 50.

Is There a Zika Virus Vaccine? Here's Everything We Know

Zika virus has spread to some 21 countries.

Full Preview of Uniqlo and Lemaire's Spring 2016 Collaboration

The 82-piece line offers simple yet sophisticated basics.

The iPhone 5se, Essentially a Smaller iPhone 6, May Be Released in March

It may offer iPhone 6 specs and still fit in your pocket.

CNN Democratic Town Hall 2016: Full Preview and Livestream Info For Monday's Event

The CNN Democratic town hall kicks off 9 p.m. Eastern on Monday night.

Rob Hogg 2016: Platform and What You Need to Know About Democratic Senator

State Sen. Rob Hogg has extensive knowledge of climate change.

Marco Rubio 2016: Where Florida Senator Stands on the Issues

Among Republicans, Marco Rubio has a lot of foreign policy experience.

2016 Election Candidates: List of Top Republican Names

Trump's still in the lead heading to Iowa.

Kanye West Reveals His Track List for 'Swish.' Here's Every Track for New Album on Feb. 11

West: "So happy to be finished with the best album of all time."

'Suits' Season 5: Full Preview, Who Sold Out Mike Ross and How to Watch Online

Here's what to expect in the new episodes of 'Suits' season five.

Watch This Haunting New Mashup Video of Sia's "Breathe Me" and Major Lazer's "Lean On"

Bredahl brings new life to Sia's "Breathe Me."

Chicago Is Taking a Significant Step in Reforming Its Police Department

A familiar face with some new ideas.

Sebring, Ohio, Water Crisis: This Village Could Be the Next Flint, Michigan

Flint is one of several American towns with lead in the water.

'Grease Live!' Preview, Premiere Date and More

Attention all T-Birds and Pink Ladies, 'Grease: Live!' is almost here.

Transgender Olympians Just Scored Big With This New IOC Ruling

Gliding towards equality.

Taco Bell Has a Secret Super Bowl Commercial Coming

Taco Bell is going to reveal something big during Super Bowl 50.

This Japanese Robot Will Save Nuclear Plant Workers From Radioactive Materials

Some buildings are too radioactive for workers to enter.

Iowa Caucus Date 2016: When First Round of Voting for Presidential Candidates Starts

The Iowa caucuses are right around the corner.

Explorer Henry Worsley Died Just 30 Miles Shy of a Record Journey Across the Antarctic

Worsley hoped to become the first man to cross the Antarctic unaided.

How Long Is the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Here's how long Coldplay and Beyoncé will perform at Super Bowl 50.

Chuck Grassley 2016: Platform and What You Need to Know About Republican Senator

Chuck Grassley just set a senate voting record. He'll be hard to beat in a re-election.

'X-Files' Recap: Revival Didn't Live Up to the Hype, According to Some Fans and Critics

Some fans weren't satisfied by the first episode of the 'X-Files' reboot.

Is Michael Bloomberg Running for President? Here's What We Know

The rumor mill is churning about a possible Michael Bloomberg presidential campaign.

Obamacare Deadline 2016: The Date to Enroll in Health Care Is Fast Approaching

This year's deadline for insurance under the Affordable Care Act is swiftly approaching.

Steven Tyler Will Be in a Super Bowl Commercial for Skittles

Skittles will be back at the Super Bowl this year.

Long Island Rail Road Status and Delay Updates After Winter Storm Jonas

Jonas was no joke. Here's how the snowfall continues to affect New York's transport.