Oregon Standoff Ends in at Least One Death, Arrest of Leader Ammon Bundy

At least eight others have been arrested.

The #UnderboobChallenge Is the Latest Body-Shaming Trend on Social Media

If an underboob is posted on social media and no one sees it, does it really exist?

This Woman Has a "Don't Touch Me I'm on My Period" Outfit, and It Is Delightful

It's a wearable menstrual fortress.

Kanye West Slut Shamed Amber Rose — And Her Response Wasn't Much Better

Her response was...interesting.

A Major Problem With Colorado's Marijuana Economy Emerged After Weed Went Legal

The state has not dealt with the legacy of the War on Drugs.

New Erotic Novella 'Trump Temptation' Is Probably a Great Beach Read — If You're Into That

"He was a billionaire, I was a bellboy, can I make it any more obvious?"

Why Kim Kardashian Should Defend Amber Rose From Kanye West’s Slut-Shaming

It's time for Kim Kardashian West to stand up for Amber Rose.

Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa Are Feuding on Twitter After Yeezy Changed 'Swish' to 'Waves'

Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa are battling over 'Waves.'

Gabrielle Union Asks #WhoIsStaceyDash and Twitter Is Feeling It

Gabrielle Union threw the ultimate shade at Stacey Dash.

A Bradley Cooper Lookalike Is Crashing Parties at the Sundance Film Festival

There can only be one Bradley Cooper.

These Kids 3-D Printed Their Own Prosthetics — And Turned Themselves Into Superheroes

"It's about finding the superhero in all of us."

4 of the Craziest Harry Potter Fan Theories We've Seen So Far

Harry Potter fans, what do you think of these theories?

Who Is Max B? What to Know About Harlem Rapper Praised by Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa

Here's what you should know about Max B, the rapper Kanye, Wiz Khalifa and others are paying tribute to.

These Are the Racist Facebook Posts That Got Georgia Official Jeremy Spencer Fired

"Freedom of speech doesn't come with freedom from consequences."

Rihanna Releases "Work" Featuring Drake, Lyrics and Meaning for New 'Anti' Single

Rihanna released "Work" featuring Drake, and the "Navy" went wild.

Some Fans Aren't Feeling Rihanna's New Song "Work" Featuring Drake

Rihanna's new song "Work" could use work, according to some fans.

The Truth Behind a New Conservative Attack Ad on Bernie Sanders

Here's what's really going on.

Can You Buy Marijuana Seeds Legally? It Depends On Where You Live

Generally, it's better to be safe than sorry when buying marijuana seeds.

A Brief History of Kanye West's Most Epic Twitter Meltdowns

Twitter rants are serious business, right Kanye?

It Looks Like Zika Virus Might Be Transmitted Through Sex, so That Sucks

Yet another reason to use condoms.

Why the 2016 Newbery Award Is an Important Step for #1000BlackGirlBooks and Diversity

Matt de la Peña is the first Latino man to win in 94 years.

The Powerful Reason Gabrielle Union Has No Lines in Sundance Hit 'The Birth of a Nation'

"It’s only relatively recently that I found the power to have a voice."

Amber Rose Has a Successful Career — And It's Not Because She Was a Stripper

Amber Rose is famous for a lot of reasons — and it's not just because she was a stripper.

The 5 Stages of Helping a Friend Through Grief

How do you help a friend who's hurting?

Enormous Structures Might Be Hiding in the Middle of Our Galaxy

All the matter we cannot see.

Donald Trump Says He's Skipping Fox GOP Debate — But He's Said the Same Thing Before

Donald Trump says he won't be attending the Fox debate, but we've heard this from him before.

Kanye West Changes New Album Title From 'Swish' to 'Waves'

This makes three title changes for "the greatest album of all time."

Calvin Klein's Spring 2016 Ads Are Actually Really Important, Despite Justin Bieber

There's more to Calvin Klein's ads than Justin Bieber.

Here's Who 'Making a Murderer' Viewers Really Think Is Guilty

Steven Avery's culpability is polarizing. Here's what the people believe.

You Can Now Pay for Stuff With Venmo

It's gonna be much more than a way to spot your friends $20.

SpaceX Just Announced Details for Its First Hyperloop Test

The Hyperloop is closer to reality with a new test track.

The Ye and Wiz Twitter Rant Is Producing the Internet's Best Memes

The internet went to town after Kanye West lost it on Twitter.

This Rare Clay Used by Indigenous People Could Trump All Your Fancy Science, Says Science

If our salvation does lie in clay, it cannot come soon enough.

What's Really Driving Donald Trump's Feud With Megyn Kelly and Fox News

"It's quite clever — if you've got the guts to do it."

The Comic World Just Got Its First Gay Mormon Superhero

Drop the coffee, evildoer!

Sen. Ted Cruz: Voting Record and Why Capitol Hill Hates Him

Even Ted Cruz's senate BFF has yet to endorse him.

Bernie Sanders Campaign: Logo, Slogan and Campaign Platform

Design experts believe Bernie's logo is simplistic.

Volvo Is Trying to Make "Death-Proof" Cars — Here's How

This is the technology the automaker will employ to get there.

Why Are Gas Prices So Low? Here's What's Happening With Oil Prices

A barrel of oil costs about as much as a dinner date at Olive Garden right now.

Who Is Travis Scott, the Rapper Releasing Hits With Kanye West, Rihanna and Others?

Travis Scott: One of the most influential hip-hop artists you probably never heard of.

A Musician Stayed Awake and Played Guitar Throughout His Own Brain Surgery

The patient had musician's dystonia, which produces muscle stiffness.

Here's Who Will Play the Kids in Netflix's 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'

The cast for 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' is coming together.

Nobody Wants to Sign Up for Tidal to Hear Rihanna's New Song

Much of the Navy is ready to mutiny.

Here's the Alleged Tracklist for 'Anti' That Twitter Says Was Accidentally Leaked on Tidal

Rihanna's album 'Anti' may have just leaked.

Kanye West New Album: Track List, Guest Artists and Release Date for 'Waves,' aka 'Swish'

Kanye West did it again. Here's what we know about 'Waves,' the album once known as 'Swish.'

Why Did Kanye West Change the Name of His Album From 'Swish' to 'Waves'?

Kanye does what Kanye wants when it comes to naming his albums.

Fox News Republican Debate 2016: Everything To Know About Thursday's GOP Debate

The next GOP presidential debate is Thursday, hosted by Fox News.

Computers Have Conquered the Game of Go, Geniuses Everywhere Overturn Their Boards

The inevitable machine takeover inches ever nearer.

Here's What We Know About the New 'Little House on the Prairie' Movie

'Little House on the Prairie' is making a film comeback.

6 Police Officers Fired In Connection to 2012 Chase That Killed 2 Homeless People

Officers fired a total of 137 gunshots.

Fox News Republican Debate 2016: Start Time, Preview and How to Watch Online

Here's how to watch Thursday night's debate.

"Chelsea Does Silicon Valley" Recap and Why Twitter Totally Relates

Chelsea Handler takes on Silicon Valley in her latest 'Chelsea Does' series.

When Is Rihanna Releasing Her 'Anti' Album? Reports Say It Could Drop Before Friday

Rihanna's comeback might be as slow and torturous as the #ANTIdiaRy campaign.

Kerry Washington and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Receive Hasty Pudding's Highest Honors

Kerry Washington and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are Hasty Pudding's Woman and Man of the Year.

Did Kanye Steal Album Title 'Waves' from Max B? Wiz Khalifa Seems to Think So

Some think Kanye West swagger-jacked Max B.

This Study Just May Be the Best Argument for Anarchy Yet

Welp, this bodes well for no one.

Did Swizz Beatz Work on Kanye West's 'Waves' Album? Here's What We Know

Did Swizz Beatz bless Kanye's 'Waves' with his magic touch?

What Happened to Jason Wilkes on 'Agent Carter'? Here's What We Learned in Episode 3

Here's a recap of Tuesday night's episode of 'Agent Carter.'

Will A$AP Rocky be Featured on Kanye West's New Album, 'Waves'?

Will there be an A$AP Rocky and Kanye West collaboration on 'Waves'?