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Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey aren't getting help from President Obama.

Amandla Stenberg Came Out as Bisexual While Taking Over Teen Vogue's Snapchat

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Here's What It's Like To Have Sex With A Bionic Penis

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The Truth About What It's Like to Have Sex After Having Kids

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What if the Longest Someone Could Go to Prison in America Was 20 Years?

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Hot Yoga Is Bigger Than Ever — But Its "Benefits" Might Be Lies

No matter what Gwyneth Paltrow tells you, you can't sweat out toxins.

This Thai Commercial for a Skin Lightener Is as Dubious It Gets

"Just being white, you will win."

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Says Drug Dealers Named “D-Money” Are Impregnating White Girls

White women in Maine should fear D-Money and Smoothie, according to Gov. Paul LePage.

Jeb Bush Calls for Eliminating Federal Food Stamp Program for the Poor

This is so wrong for so many reasons.

Drake's 'Views From The 6' Gets A Cryptic Video Teaser

A new video that may be a track preview from Drake's upcoming LP is making the rounds on social media.

China's Latest Shoe Trend Is Wearing Slippers Outside the House (and We're Jealous)

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El Chapo, Mexican Drug Kingpin, Has Been Caught

They've caught El Chapo

This Is the First Man to Board a Plane Just by Waving His Hand

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Here's the Best Music From 2016...So Far

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NASA Will Make Flying $255 Billion Cheaper

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2016 US Election Polls: Latest National and Primary Polls for Week of January 4

Here are the crucial figures and polls at the beginning of election year 2016.

Your Body Fights Sickness Like a Caveman — And That's a Good Thing

But we have some bad news, too.

Donald Trump Doesn't Want You at His Rallies Unless You're Already Voting for Him

"I'm taking care of my people," Trump said.

Kanye West to Drop New Music From 'Swish' on Friday, Song Possibly Called 'Real Friends'

A new single, possibly called "Real Friends," could be just on the horizon from West.

State of the Union Address 2016: Here's What You Need to Know About Tuesday's Address

The address will focus on optimism in the year ahead.

Martin O'Malley Might Not Qualify for NBC's Democratic Debate

It may be just Hillary and Bernie.

2016 Governors Ball Lineup Announced — Here’s Everyone You Want To See

Here's your guide to Governors Ball 2016.

Not Enough Doctors Recommend the HPV Vaccine — And It Sends a Harmful Message About Sex

HPV infection can lead to an array of negative and entirely unpleasant health issues.

Amy Schumer’s Boyfriend Ben Hanisch Is An Unreal Photographer and His Instagram Proves It

Ben Hanischs' Instagram account is a must follow. Especially now that he'll be snapping pics of Amy Schumer.

Lena Dunham Is Commandeering Hillary Clinton's Instagram Account Because Youth!

And it's (almost) all about the fashion.

Ben Carson 2016: Latest Polls, News and Updates on Presidential Campaign

Carson asked a group of fifth-graders who the worst student in their class was. Yikes.

This Is What’s Missing From Obama’s Radical Stance on Gun Violence

Violence isn't color blind. Solutions aren't either.

Obama Makes Impassioned Plea for Gun Control in CNN Town Hall

"All of us are interested in fighting crime."

Georgia Prosecutors Will Pursue Murder Charges Against Officer Who Killed Anthony Hill

Hill was naked and unarmed when he was shot.

Who Will Win at the 2016 Golden Globes — And Who Should?

Picking and predicting ahead of the awards.

Carly Fiorina 2016: Latest Polls, News and Updates on Presidential Campaign

Fiorina calls Trump the "Kardashian of politics," while defending her tenure as HP's CEO.

This "Accidentally Caught" Great White Shark Just Died in a Japanese Aquarium

Not so easy to "just keep swimming" when you're locked up...

David Bowie Is Pop's Ultimate "Lazarus" — A Look Back Through All the Lives He's Led

Happy rebirthday to pop's most amorphous icon.

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Paul's numbers are still low, but he produced one of Colbert's finest political interviews to date

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Here are some of the most unforgettable Beyoncé performances.

T-Mobile CEO Tries to Call Out Civil Liberties Group, the Internet Claps Back

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This Syrian Town's Residents Are Dying of Starvation — But Now Help Is on the Way

Twenty-three people have reportedly starved to death.

Philadelphia Cop In Stable Condition after Attempted Execution

A Philadelphia police officer survived a shooting at point blank in Philadelphia. Here's what we know.

Missouri Lawmaker Wants His Colleagues to Report Sex With Lobbyists as a Gift

"Citizens should know if a relationship should exist between a lobbyist and an elected official."

Jeb Bush 2016: Latest Polls, News and Updates on Presidential Campaign

Jeb Bush has failed to gain ground in the polls, and received punctuation advice from Stephen Colbert

Martin O’Malley 2016: Latest Polls, News and Updates on Presidential Campaign

The former Maryland governor missed a crucial Ohio write-in deadline

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Here's how to catch the three-hour long Golden Globe Awards.

Ted Cruz 2016: Latest Polls, News and Updates on Presidential Campaign

Cruz is closing in on Trump in the GOP race, while refuting controversies about his citizenship

Obama Echoes His Gun Reform Speech in an Impassioned 'New York Times' Op-Ed

"We're the only advanced nation on earth that sees this kind of mass violence with this frequency."

Radiohead Has Started A New Company and That Means Their New Album Should Be Coming Soon

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